Just a quick Throw Back Thursday post this week.  Lots to share but no time right now.

I love this old picture.  It’s my great auntie Ella, she’s about 8.  My grandpa Burt Rees is in the middle and my great aunt Belinda on the right.  This picture would be about 1904 because Belinda died in 1905 at 6 from bronchitis.  My Mom didn’t know any of this when she named my sister Belinda (she just liked the name in the baby book).  And she didn’t find any of this out until Belinda’s christening day.  It turns out that Belinda is actually a very popular name in the Rees family tree.

Do you see the face Auntie Ella is giving the camera?  Well I can’t tell you how often we see that face on our own Ella when she’s frustrated/getting angry.  I think Ella is very much like Auntie and how pleased Auntie Ella would be with her namesake.

This is my great grandma Jessie Skeffington Rees, Auntie Ella, May Brown Richards (auntie’s cousin) and Grandpa.  This one is likely 1905-6.  It’s taken on the front steps of their home in Bonavista.  This was great grandma’s hometown and she moved the children back here after great grandpa Rees died in 1901 (they were living in Channel, Nfld).

I’m very proud of my Newfoundland ancestors.  We’ve lived in Newfoundland (Bonavista, Lance Cove and Bird Island Cove) since at least the 1700’s.  Guess that makes me about as Canadian as it gets.


A while ago I did a ‘pay it forward’ on Facebook.  I only got 2 takers, so I thought I’d better get at it before I forgot.  So here’s this week’s Yarn Along.

So I’m making a couple cowls.  I’m using Stroll by Knit Picks and the colour is called ‘punky’.  It’s a very quick and easy knit, memorized in no time.

Reading up on the Fairy House Handbook, since we’re coming up to the best time of year to find home building supplies.



Got some fun stuff to share this week, but not till later.  So here’s the plan for this week.


French toast

crock pot lasagna


fried potatoes and eggs

shepherd’s pie


French onion soup/mac and cheese

chicken Parmesan


buttermilk apple pancakes

leftover shepherd’s pie



leftover chicken Parmesan


potato soup


chicken and dumplings

More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie



For Farm Girl Friday this week I’ll share some pictures from the neighbour’s hay field:

Take note of how tall they are standing beside the round bales of hay!  Round bales are about 6 ft.

It’s going to be very hot here on the Farm today.  Can already feel the humidity creeping into the house.  So I’ll share an easy lunch.  It’s very easy to increase to the amount you need.  It’s like a Mennonite version of French toast and I can see why.  Could you imagine a Mennonite mom trying to make individual French toast for a family of 8 (or more).  This way you get the French toast taste but can make if for everyone at once.

Oiya Brote (multiply as needed)

2-3 slices of bread per person, cubed
2 Tbsp butter, per person
2 eggs, per person
2 Tbsp milk, per person (just to loosen the eggs)
salt & pepper to taste

Brown bread cubes in butter, till they are crisp but not hard as croutons. Beat eggs and milk together. Pour over bread and cook until desired consistency. I don’t like ‘wet’ eggs so ours are well done.

I’ve also added leftover potato slices (cook them with the bread) and bits of crumbled bacon.

And yes, pickled beets sometimes function as a vegetable for me  :)


This is Colin at 1 month old (therefore it’s April 9, 1970).  This is what the east side of my kitchen used to look like.  See that beautiful window with the great windowsill??  Yeah, it’s now an ugly, 80’s sliding glass door (that’s only used as a window not a door).  It’s a huge gaping hole in my wall, shows off the back side of my sideboard to everyone and lets in so much cold wind in the winter.  How I’d love to fill in the wall and put in a nice window like this one.


First Yarn Along of September!  Nothing too exciting to share this week though.

My Dad asked me to make his some ‘funky’ slippers.  I hate knitting with yarn this thick.  My hands don’t like it.  But they are nearly done.  Hope Dad likes them.

I also did some negative knitting.  Remember the yarn that was going to be one pattern then I decided to design my own pattern?  Well, I decided it’s only going to use up half of the lace weight yarn and that’s not good because I’ll then have to find something for a little bit of lace.  So I’m going to save this lace and pick up another bit of lace yarn for my lace stole.  I have three choice in mind for this blue lace yarn; this, this, or this.  Any suggestions?  I’m almost out of knitting so I need some new projects.



How on earth is it the start of September??  Even Colin doesn’t know where the summer has gone.  With no pigs and no markets, we were supposed to have so much extra time this summer.  I think we were busier than ever.

Supposed to be really hot this week.  Good for the crops, less good for me.  At least it is still cooling off over night so I can get the house cool.  We may or may not get back to school again this week.  I have a few things I want to get done first.


tuna melts



oatmeal pancakes

leftover wings


shirred eggs

meatball Stroganoff


pizza roll-ups (or on the BBQ depending on temp.)

KFC chicken 



leftover meatballs



leftover chicken


pork chops

More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie


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