Lots to share for Yarn Along, though not all is knitting but it’s knitting related.

My stripey socks all done.

Grey ones are done now too.

Ella had a long weekend at Grandma’s so I was able to sort and organize (and dust) my knitting corner.  I always forget to take ‘before’ pictures.  But I can assure you this corner looks so much better, especially with all my sock projects tucked away in my basket.

Made myself stop working on socks and the afghan.  Grandma’s going to be wanting her sweater coat soon.

I think half the fun of having multiple knitting projects on the go at one time is that you need to have multiple knitting accessories.

So I made myself some cases for all my knitting paraphernalia.  The style is based on the 18th century hussif.  And of course there is no reason it can’t be pretty AND functional.

A spot for everything.  All I need to add is a short pencil.

I also made some needle cases.   I need to get some more knitting pins and a few more darning needles.  The red case includes scissors because it’s for my purse knitting.  I love embroidery and sewing so these were a lot of fun to create.



We had quite a bit of rain last night, not as much as they were calling for so that’s good.  It’s really going to be warm today.  Weather guy said 25C -I’ll believe that when I see it, especially considering they are calling for snow tomorrow??

Palm Sunday yesterday started Holy Week.  I can’t believe it’s almost Easter already.

Very short menu week since Ella and I are heading to Toronto to spend Easter with Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan.  Daddy’s on his own and eats whatever he wants regardless of what the menu says -so why bother?  I’ll make sure there are ‘ingredients’ available and leave the assembly up to him.



grilled cheese

spaghetti and meatballs



boeuf bourguignon -Julia Child of course


potato soup

leftover boeuf


hot dogs

ragout de porc (pork stew) -also Julia


What’s cookin’ over at I’m an Organizing Junkie?



For Farm Girl Friday I thought I’d share some signs of spring from the upper Ottawa Valley.

Monday Colin and Dad were hard at work getting the corn combined on the ‘Killman Farm’ a.k.a. our front field.  There was a bit of frost in the ground and the corn is perfectly dry now, so it was good going.

Why the hurry?  Because this is the spring creek in the morning when they started.  It was 5 rows into the corn by the end of the day.

This is the other side of the road.  Luckily this field was dry enough in the fall, so it’s OK to be wet.  Ella calls this Lake Ella.  That’s Dad’s house in the background.

It’s a fair bit of water that runs through our front fields every spring.  And we didn’t really have that much snow this year, you should see it on wet winters.

And then there is the problem caused by the groundhog that likes to live in the culvert at the driveway…

This is Lake Snugglebug.  As you can see it’s heading over the driveway and is well past our raised beds (another good reason to use the steel rings instead of wood).

I get a little nervous each year when the lake is back.  Between the ditch and the mushy ground, that water is close to 4 ft deep in places.  Ella’s only just now 4 ft.  But luckily…

the lake didn’t stay long this year.  Since the ground didn’t really freeze this winter the culvert let go drained it all away.  Good thing too, because I don’t think Colin’s new apple trees really wanted to swim.

The guys headed over to the corn on the back-end of the ‘Poff Farm’ and had a much harder time.  The top of the hill has a spring in it and the ground was so mushy.  They actually buried the entire combine tire (nearly as tall as me) in the mud.  Unfortunately Colin didn’t have the camera.  What a mess!  Now we’ll have to wait for the ground to dry before trying any more corn.

What is it with farmers calling farms by the family that owned them 50-100 years ago?

Saw the first flock of geese for the spring.  It’s nice to see them, but we hope they just keep moving.  Geese do so much damage on these wet fields.  Their big, flat feet compact the soil and turn it to cement if it dries before it gets worked.

And for a final sign of spring…

Sprouts poking up (now to keep Daisy off them)!  From their location they should be tulips, but it’s so very early for tulips.  Usually my snowdrops make the first appearance.  Maybe they spread?



Thought I’d share a Chickie update for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.  They sure make Ella Happy.  She goes down and checks on them multiple times a day.

They are really starting to feather out.  I like the dark wings on this little one.

The front two in this picture are turkeys.  And that’s a bit of Real, we are down to 4 turkeys  :(

Here is the real Real.

My best friend Teresa is a disabled single mother.  She also has a special needs son (he has PKU).  She tries her best to get by on the pitiful amount that Ontario pays for disability insurance.  But recently her van has died.  They live in a little village in the middle of no where.  Even groceries/prescriptions are 20 minutes away, let alone the specialist appointments for her son at CHEO in Ottawa.   On top of it all, just after Christmas Teresa suffered a blood clot in her lungs!  She’s now on blood thinners and all sorts of other medications (many of which she’s found she’s allergic to).  Her situation is so dire, that the other day she had a bleeding episode but decided to risk staying home because she didn’t have the $40 for the taxi ride back home from the hospital.

I never ask for money on this blog, but if you could help Teresa you would be doing a great thing.  And if you can’t financially help, please remember them in your prayers.  We all know the miracles prayer can work!



A quick Yarn Along post before Ella and I have to head out the door for Brownies.

The afghan is still grabbing my attention most of the time.  I really should get back to Grandma’s sweater, especially since spring seems to be coming finally.

Whipped up this cutie the other day.  It’s a Pocket Pet from one of my favourite designers.  It wasn’t as much fun to crochet as the rest of her designs.  I found it very fiddly.  I should have put something in the picture for scale, Miss Bunny fits easily in my hand (which isn’t very big either).

I treated myself to a whack of knitting needles from Knit Picks.  Most of my needles are Aero circular needles from the 80′s-90′s and I am SO TIRED of fighting with the stiff plastic cables that just won’t hang properly and are such a pain in the behind.  The Knit Pick cables are lovely and don’t have a ‘memory’.

The yarn is all for one project, any guesses?  The skeins came from Webs and the balls are Knit Picks.  I am making my friend Michelle a  pair of Dr. Who scarf knee socks!  How cool!  Even better is that there is enough yarn to make two pair (lucky me).  And it’s all arrived in time for my ‘going to Toronto’ knitting project for Easter weekend.  Ella decided she wanted to spend Easter with Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan so that’s where we girls are heading.  Colin’s family doesn’t ‘do’ Easter so it’s not a problem.



Another Monday, at least it’s bright and sunny and ‘warm’.  Mud season has arrived and  I think winter is finally finished.  Colin and Dad are heading out to the front field to try to get the corn combined before the river comes up too far.  Ella and I are working on school and I need to get started on an Easter dress for Ella.  Nothing else too exciting planned this week.  We’ll have to see what happens…



Shanghai noodles

leftover meatballs


macaroni and cheese

steak salad


stuffed chicken breasts


steak pizza

chicken Parmesan


French toast

sweet and sour pork chops


cookie day

spaghetti and meatballs


potato pancakes (Mennonite Girls Can Cook -cookbook)

What’s cookin’ over at I’m an Organizing Junkie?



Farm Girl excitement this week!  The Farmer and the Farm Girly headed into town to M&R Feeds to pick up our new chicks.  I had to stay home because Daddy decided to leave in the middle of the bread baking.  I wish I had gone.  Ella jumped right into the pen with the layers and started grabbing them for Daddy to put into the boxes!  This from the girl who didn’t want anything to do with chickens until a couple of weeks ago.

2 different kinds of meat birds, 1-2 days old.  And…

5 turkeys!  We’ve never raised turkeys before so this will be fun.  All the chicks are so soft, you almost can’t feel them.

Also picked up 40 new ready to lay hens (excuse the mess, pick-up day sort of snuck up on Colin and he had to just stick them in where there was room).   They are just ‘regular’ chickens.  My Harco Blacks don’t come in the ready to lay size.  Hopefully, now that we have some new hens and that spring is finally coming, my egg production will improve.

Want to know how to annoy the Grandpa Farmer?  Say ‘there is a chicken and rooster’!  It drove Grandpa crazy when Ella was little and most of her books said ‘chicken and rooster’.  You know why, of course??  Because roosters are chickens!  All roosters are chickens but not all chickens are rooster.  The books should say ‘hen and rooster’.  Sure can tell how far removed everyone is from their food production.

Remember the beautiful portraits of Ella from last fall?  Well Courtney saw the chicks on my FB page and wanted to use them for her Easter advertising.  She came up yesterday (got to be quick before they feather out and don’t look cute).

I brought up (from the cellar) 3 of the chicks.  They were so calm and well-behaved (no one pooped on anything/one).  Ella loved posing with them, but it took quite a while to convince her to bring the chick to her face.  She was afraid she’d be pecked.

And as you can see, mud season has started.  It’s not too bad yet because we’re still quite cold.  But it’s coming!


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