Yarn Along this week doesn’t have too much knitting to share.  We were away and then had company so not too much knitting got done.  But I did finish the Dr. Who scarf socks (the knitting part any way).  Now just to sew in all those ends.  Good thing Michelle is a really good friend.

I was a bit bored, so I picked up the crochet insertion again.  I’m working on the last metre and then have to work the ‘side’ bits.  Sometimes it’s nice to change projects.



Hot weather is coming, so I think we’re going to be having a lot of crock pot suppers.  It’s so hard to menu plan in the summer.  It’s hard to know what to make or what we will feel like -so much depends on how hot and humid it’s been all day.  Lots to do this week before Ella heads to Bancroft for a holiday.


grilled cheese

hot beef sandwiches


?? groceries

pork chops on the BBQ



buttermilk herb chicken



snow pea beef from 365 Slow Cooker Recipes


tuna sandwich

leftover chicken



leftover beef


roast pork on the BBQ

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Guess what we got to do on Friday??  Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan took us to Calypso water park in Limoges (just outside of Ottawa).  It was so much fun.  Daddy and I have decided we must be getting ‘old’ because we much preferred the ‘ride on a tube’ type rides to the ‘shot down a tube’ type rides.  I was amazed how brave Ella was.

She was just a little excited!  Being a Friday the crowd was very reasonable.

Ella went on these slides (except the white tube one).  In fact, Ella went on just about every slide at the park.  These cabanas were extra, but they were worth every penny.  It gave you some where to sit that was out of the sun and out of the crowd.  Also, the doors closed and you could lock it.  No worries about your stuff.



Yarn Along this week finds me in a bit of a funk.  I can’t find any energy to do anything.  The other day I even took a nap!  I’m not that happy with any of my knitting projects.  Though I need to get to work and finish Michelle’s socks and make her at least one dress before Ella goes for her visit at the end of the month.  I have the feeling it’s the beginning of a case of startitis.

Made another pair of socks for Christmas.  Dragged Michelle’s Dr. Who scarf socks out to get working on them.  I had a moment of panic because I couldn’t find my pattern and wasn’t sure where I was.  Luckily I found the page with my notes (numbers needed).  The second half of my book order arrived the other day so I now have knitting reading. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting is really good so far.

And just because I’m still not over my hair  :)  Here’s one of our engagement pictures.  It’s going to be a while until my hair is this long again:



We’ve had a few very lovely days.  Thursday it was almost cool.  Such a nice change for July in Ontario.  I think the heat is going to return this week.



roast pork on the BBQ with Memphis dust


French toast

BBQ chicken on the BBQ


egg salad sandwich

leftover pork


pork tacos

leftover chicken


chicken sandwiches

pork souvlaki



roast beef on the BBQ for Uncle Stefan’s birthday



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Ella has been bugging to get her hair cut and I finally gave in.  One good thing with this plan is she can now easily learn to brush her own hair.  It’s hard to learn when your hair is waist length.

So we went with a cute little bob.  Even with short hair it’s still girly.

Of course, we donated Ella’s pony tail to Locks of Love.  I decided I would donate too.  They only need a minimum 10 inches and since my hair was below my waist I figured it would be a good trim for the ends.  I expected my hair would be bra-strap length.

Well you know the saying ‘no good deed goes unpunished’??

The woman at the First Choice (never going there again) cut off 16 INCHES and then of course had to keep cutting ‘to make it straight’!!!!  I haven’t had my hair this short since the 90′s when I was at university.  I had a hard time not bursting into tears.  It’s so short I can’t really braid it or do anything with it.  And no, short hair is not cooler!  My braids were much cooler than all this hair prickling at my neck.  I’ve given up on hairdressers here in Renfrew County.  I’ve lived here for 11 years and have never found one I could trust with my long hair (not even for trims).  I’m going to go back to my hairdresser in Bowmanville.  Jane would be horrified at what happened to my hair.  She always loved it long.  So now trips home will include a stop at Tina’s yarn shop and a stop at Jane’s when I need a trim.  Boy, I sure hope my hair grows quickly…



Yarn Along this week shows very little progress.   I messed up when I re-knit the beginning of the shawl (calculated the increase wrong) so I had to rip it out a second time.  This time it’s right.

As you can see, my knitting time was also used up for some new reading.  I used some of my election money to splurge at the book store (or Chapters in this case).  Not pictured were a couple of novels Ella needs for school this year. Fairy House Handbook is for Ella too.  I wish we had a bit of bush around the house, it’s so hard to find building material. 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet: A Collection of Beautiful Blooms for Embellishing Garments, Accessories, and More is a book I’ve wanted for a while.  Ever since I saw this on Ravelry:


A Continual Feast: A Cookbook to Celebrate the Joys of Family & Faith throughout the Christian Year this book was suggested by Elizabeth.  I find it quite interesting.  It’s mostly recipes, but it gives historical information and it doesn’t forget that we Protestants celebrate the liturgical year too.  It’s a bit fish-heavy though.  Not only would I go broke buying that much fish up here, we’re just not fish people.  Also, the author gives a really bad piece of advice near the beginning.  She tells the reader to let kids help (good advice) but to make sure to give them a very dull knife because “children are always falling off a stool”.  REALLY?!   If the child can’t reach the table, maybe cutting isn’t a good job.  No one should ever cut with a dull knife.  Dull knives are DANGEROUS.  You have to press harder and it increases the risk of cutting yourself.  Ella has always sliced and diced with my sharpest knives.  A sharp knife does the work for you.  OK, I’m off my soapbox now -ha ha!

I did have one other book The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays: 135 Step-by-Step Recipes for Simple, Scrumptious Celebrations but I decided to return it.  There just weren’t enough recipes that I would actually make.  It’s very much an American book, I think.  All dips, drinks, and hot stuff.  Not our kind of foods (unlike her other books).


Off to our usual cottage escape in the hills around Killaloe.   We always take the bigger cottage when we bring Ella.  It has a TV (for rainy days) and has more play space for days we can’t get to the beach.  This cottage is bigger than my house!!  And shows how much calmer our house would be if I could get my addition and we weren’t on top of each other all the time.

Once we had the food unpacked it was straight to the beach!  Every year Ella and Daddy build a bigger and better sand castle.

This year they even built Daddy a castle.  It was a great competition to see who’s castle would be stronger.

Ella’s favourite spot on the way to the beach.  This is the Fairies’ Pool where all the Fairies play and cool off.  We didn’t see any of the Fairies, but we did see lots of their dragonfly friends.

We took Ella’s kite along, but it was actually too windy.  The kite had to come down after this picture (actually it crashed).

It wasn’t long before worms started swimming.  This is Ella’s first fish.

Fish number 2.  There was a third one, but I seem to have lost that picture.  To be honest most of Ella’s fish were caught on Daddy’s line with his spinner lure.  The fish just weren’t biting with a hook and floater.  Ella was getting so discouraged.  So Daddy let her land some and since she landed them she gets to count them.  Ella did hook a fabulous fish with her pole.  It was a really nice 5+lb large mouth bass.  We all saw it coming in, but for some reason Ella’s pole didn’t have a steel leader.  Just as it got to the dock and Daddy was reaching for it, guess what, the darn fish broke the line.  We were able to save the float but the fish was long gone.

Ella got to go for her first real horse back ride.  Before this she was only walked around.  Her horse is on a long lead attached to Joe’s horse, but she has full control over her horse.

I was so annoyed with myself.  I forgot to bring my leggings and running shoes, so Daddy had to go on the ride with her.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Daddy caught 4 fish himself, including this giant one:

Most of the others were nice size bass and a pike.

Luckily the wind died down one evening so that Ella and Daddy could roast marshmallows.

See I was there too  :)

Ella and Daddy took a tour around the lake.  She did much better in the boats this year.  Last year she lasted about 5 minutes and then was bored with sitting still.

The morning of Canada day we had one heck of a storm go through.  We were at the beach and I was watching the clouds rolling in.  At the first crack of thunder I packed everyone up and we went back to the cottage.  We were barely in the cottage when the skies opened!  According to Ella’s sand castle bucket, we got about 2 inches of rain in 20 minutes.  We also lost power.

Beautiful clear skies so we headed back to the beach.

Luckily we stopped on the way to the cottage and warned the fairies about the coming storm.  This is the Fairy Pool!

Unfortunately the castles weren’t weatherproof.

Even though Daddy built between the ‘rivers’, his castle didn’t survive the deluge any better than Ella’s.

The good thing about the storm is that it cooled down the air and calmed down the wind.  We were trying to prepare Ella for the fact that the fireworks were going to be cancelled.  But after the storm the weather was perfect.

After supper (on the BBQ since we still had no power) we headed into Killaloe to stake out a good seat for the fireworks.  It’s at the Catholic school in town.  Ella and Daddy played for a while on the play structures.  Then the music started.  Her name is Olivia Charette, I hadn’t heard of her but she was really good.  The high school kids in Killaloe are so different from any others, we’ve noticed this other years too.  They get along so well and dance and have wholesome fun.  This year Ella joined them in their dancing in front of the stage.  They took Ella right in and made her one of them.  They encouraged her to jump into the centre of their circle and dance.  One time she jumped in and did some highland -you should have heard the cheer they gave her.  One time the broke out into square dancing.  You should have seen the 6 ft high school guys bending down to link arms with Ella!

And then the fireworks started!!  So much better than last year.  Ella stayed awake almost all the way home.  When we got back to the cottage the power was back on.  The sky was so clear so Colin got out his telescope.  Wow!  There are so many stars visible because it’s so much darker than at home.  Then when you look through the telescope there are almost too many stars!  It’s kind of hard to orient yourself.  Colin really needs to get his telescope out more often.



We’re settled back into our normal life again.  How is it you come home from holiday so tired?  Daddy and I would go back tomorrow if we could, Ella on the other hand has apparently had enough holidays.


chicken sandwiches

sweet and sour meatballs



sesame chicken


chicken quesadillas

leftover meatballs



pork chops


tuna sandwiches

chicken burgers





pork cacciatore (crock pot)

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