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Thought I’d share a Chickie update for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.  They sure make Ella Happy.  She goes down and checks on them multiple times a day.

They are really starting to feather out.  I like the dark wings on this little one.

The front two in this picture are turkeys.  And that’s a bit of Real, we are down to 4 turkeys  :(

Here is the real Real.

My best friend Teresa is a disabled single mother.  She also has a special needs son (he has PKU).  She tries her best to get by on the pitiful amount that Ontario pays for disability insurance.  But recently her van has died.  They live in a little village in the middle of no where.  Even groceries/prescriptions are 20 minutes away, let alone the specialist appointments for her son at CHEO in Ottawa.   On top of it all, just after Christmas Teresa suffered a blood clot in her lungs!  She’s now on blood thinners and all sorts of other medications (many of which she’s found she’s allergic to).  Her situation is so dire, that the other day she had a bleeding episode but decided to risk staying home because she didn’t have the $40 for the taxi ride back home from the hospital.

I never ask for money on this blog, but if you could help Teresa you would be doing a great thing.  And if you can’t financially help, please remember them in your prayers.  We all know the miracles prayer can work!

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I’m a bad homeschooling mom!  There I said it!  I really hate when Ella decides to get into something that makes a giant mess.  I try to steer her to crafts with minimal mess.

My wonderful Mother-in-law (and Dad) got Ella a pottery wheel.  Ella has so much fun with the wheel.  If you’ve ever done pottery on a wheel you’ll have an idea of how much splatter is involved.  Ella is just getting started in this picture.

This is my table after it’s been ‘cleaned’.  I had to wash the table twice myself to get all the clay residue off the table.  Maybe it wouldn’t stress me so much if we had a bigger house and I could keep the mess to it’s own room  :)  The mess starts again today because her flower (on right) and vase (on left) are dry and ready for painting.

But it makes my Pretty, Funny girl Happy.

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Just a short Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.


My Pretty, Happy, Funny girl camping with Olivia and Boulder.  Ella used her birthday money to buy the tent from Maplelea.  They are so much more reasonably priced (and better shipping) than the American Girl site.

Here’s a Momma Selfie for the Real:

Actually, I don’t have a picture of the real Real -we are stuck in the house on this first day of spring because the yard is an absolute skating rink!  Ella got her Girl Guide cookies last night so we’re waiting for the salt to kick in to go sell cookies to the neighbours.

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pretty, happy, funny, real


Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week is some pictures from our trip to Toronto.

Ella’s favourite place to visit in Toronto!  Not only does Ella love the dinosaur exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, but right now they have a very special display.  We were very lucky to see the special treasures from China’s Forbidden City.

 Unfortunately photography wasn’t allowed in that section of the museum.

The Museum is so beautiful, this is the ceiling of one of the staircases.  Just don’t look at the monstrosity they built on the front of the building.  Luckily the rest of the building retains its Victorian style splendor.


Momma and Auntie Belinda wanted to go see the Medieval/Europe floor but Ella wanted to see the dinosaurs again.  Luckily Uncle Stefan took Ella to the dinosaurs so Auntie B and I could enjoy the other exhibit.


Everything is behind glass.  I had a really hard time getting a decent picture.  The lights caused too much reflections.  Wow, I love medieval things.  I really love the big, heavy, dark furniture with the thick ‘rope’ legs.

Sunday Uncle Stefan had a surprise for Ella.  He took us to Laser Quest!  I’ve played before when I was at university in London, but we’ve never taken Ella before.  I wasn’t sure how she would like it, it’s darkish with flashing lights and loud music.  They opened the door to the game and woosh! Ella was off!  She had so much fun.  We played two games which exhausted Momma and Uncle Stefan.

We picked up Grandma and Auntie B and headed for supper.  There is a show on the Food Network called ‘You Gotta Eat Here‘ it’s like ‘Diners, Drive-ins and Dives‘ but the host goes to Canadian restaurants.  We went to one place called Dangerous Dan’s.  It’s almost downtown Toronto in one of the rougher neighbourhoods.  I’m not sure what I thought of the place.  The burger was OK, but was pink inside and I spent the whole time worrying that we would all get sick.  In Canada we usually eat our burgers cooked through.  I know what you are thinking ‘just ask for it more well done’ -not at Dan’s.  They pride themselves on their rude attitudes and I would be afraid to send anything back.  I don’t need to be sworn/yelled at.  Ella really loved the homemade deep-fried perogies.  She loved them so much that Uncle Stefan got her another order to take home (which she nibbled on the entire trip back to the farm).  And the way the cook/owner treated the staff -made for a very unpleasant meal.  I’d be tempted to try again (my sister and BIL like it there) if we ordered the burgers better cooked and got it as take-out.

Happy perogie face!

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pretty, happy, funny, real

Hold on, hold on, hear me out before you start to throw things at me  :)  Those of you who know me, know that I only let people complain about summer or winter.  I’m not really complaining about the winter.

  I am so very tired of being so very cold (as is Auntie Leila).  For it to snow, we would have to warm up a whole lot.  So our Real looks like this:

Ella has been stuck in the house for days.  It’s just been so cold and very windy I’ve been afraid to let her out to play.  Today is supposed to be better, so maybe I’ll bundle her up and send her out for a little while.

I had a bit of a spring cleaning urge this weekend.  So I sent Ella to Grandma’s.  I had to do this because to clean the craft room I have to pull everything out and stuff it somewhere else (Ella’s room).

Finally I have all my yarn sorted by size and in one room.  All the plastic boxes (on the dresser) and a couple of the paper boxes -wow.  I’ve also got my other craft supplies (embroidery/tatting/etc) in labeled boxes.  This is as much of the room as I can share right now, but you have no idea what an improvement it is, which makes me so very Happy.  Now to tackle the fabric boxes…

Cleaning you never know what you will find.  I knew I had a drop spindle somewhere.  I found it and it is now in a labeled box.

Speaking of long forgotten things…  I found 2.3 m of this knitted lace.  I have NO IDEA what I was making it for??  Now what to do with it.  I don’t like to cut knitted lace, it’s not as easy to cut as crocheted.

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pretty, happy, funny, real


Daddy’s cake stand was empty, so Ella decided to make Daddy a marble cake.  Daddy snuck up on us:

Then he got caught:

I love baking with my girl.  Soon she’s going to be able to bake on her own.

Every morning we find out what mischief Merry has been up to.  But this morning we discovered she’s been very helpful and boxing up eggs:

Today’s Real is a sad anniversary.  It’s been one year since we lost Colin’s mom.  It’s still hard to believe she’s gone.


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pretty, happy, funny, real

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week is about my happy girl.

Ella and Daisy are very happy Daddy has started building Mt. Ella.

Daisy is loving the snow.

Guess who’s come for her annual Advent visit?

Ella’s little elf friend Merry has come for Advent.  She likes to play and she’s gathering ideas for Santa.  Ella doesn’t usually have much of a list for Santa, so Merry keeps her eyes open for the little things Ella likes.  Mostly she’s just some fun company, though elves do get into some mischief when no one is looking:

Last week we visited the Big Guy.  It’s so great to be able to go during the day mid-week.

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pretty, happy, funny, real

We have lots of Happy to share this week with everyone for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

The first is Colin’s dad got married on Saturday.  The weather was gorgeous, chilly but bright and sunny.  Which in November in north-eastern Ontario is something to be happy about.  I don’t have too many pictures, our camera is dying and the lighting in the church is terrible.  But here’s a few:

Look at this handsome couple.  Look how tall she is even compared to Daddy’s 6 feet!  She was so good during the service.  No fiddling or anything.

And this is the happy couple.

These are the Pretty centre pieces made by the UCW ladies.  The candles surrounded by the oats is a really cool idea.

I’ve also got a very Happy girl here too.

Last night was Brownie Enrollment.  Ella was so proud of herself.

Lost of yummy goodies.  Our cupcakes went over well.  We only brought a few home out of 4 dozen.

And this is Ella’s section of the Rainbow Path.  Even Daisy was part of the enrollment.

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pretty, happy, funny, real

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week is our Daisy.

Daisy had a trip to the vet to be spayed, so she’s getting to hang out in the house while she recovers.

Daisy is getting lots of Ella love.  She is behaving so well.  So nice and calm and is even ringing her bell to let us know when she needs outside.

And of course, being a typical dog, she’s got a brand new bed and sleeps on the floor  :)

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pretty, happy, funny, real

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week is full of Pretty with a little Funny.

My beautiful girl.

Happy (Funny) Ella using her ‘binoculars’ to watch a hawk.

My Funny Girl.

And Real -even for a photo shoot, Ella can’t sit still for long.

These pictures were taken by Courtney at Getting Started.  She’s a former co-worker of Colin’s sister and did a fabulous job.  She’s just starting out and has very reasonable rates.  I got a disc with so many great pictures it’s going to be hard to chose which ones to print.  We shot it at the Swinging Bridge park in Renfrew.  It’s usually very beautiful, but right now they are installing a water treatment plant, so it was hard to keep the constrution out of the background.

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