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Hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas!!  Belinda and Stefan have been here for a couple of days. They spoiled us as usual, as did Santa.  Having a nice and quiet Boxing Day.  Supper with Colin’s family tomorrow.  I love the Christmas season.


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The Christmas cookies are all done (as many as I’m doing this year anyway) and 3 of the tins are already delivered.  The kitchen is nearly put back in order (ran out of drying space).  I need to start wrapping this afternoon.  It looks like Mom’s sweater is not going to be finished on time (I hate doing sleeves).  Good thing she’s understanding.  I need to work out my cooking menus/schedule for the 24th and 25th.  I wish I had a bigger fridge.  Belinda and Stefan arrive on Sunday.

I thought I’d give you a tour around today…

Our tree just isn’t right until I find a nice strong branch for my Christmas house.  My best friend’s mom made it back in 1977 when we were 6 and had just met.   Hopefully, we’ll get to hang out when I’m back in Bowmanville during Christmas.

This is another one made by Charlynne’s mom, but for Belinda.  Yeah, I know, it should be on Belinda’s tree or Mom’s.  The first Christmas we were married I was feeling alone and missed seeing my sister’s ornaments on the tree. So Mom let me have a couple of these ones.  My sister’s not as sentimental as me, so it works out.

Dad gave us this one after Colin’s Mom died.  It’s an old tin ornament that once belonged to Ella’s great-great-Grandma Fletcher.

This is another one from Charlynne, but is rather special.  It’s made from the leftover candle stubs from our church in Bowmanville!  I thought that was really cool.

This is a new tradition I’ve started.  This is our ‘memory angel’.  I made her for Isobel.

The Advent tree continues to get more festive.

Our Little People nativity.  I think I will miss this once I get my knitted one finished (or started TBH).  Merry’s checking things out too.  What else has she and Faith been up to?

We caught them in the tree one morning.  Also checking out Ella’s stocking -maybe taking measurements?

This morning we found them nibbling on Ella’s gingerbread house.  Yesterday they were getting ready to use cookie cutters on the fruitcake!  Oh what mischief these elves get into when we’re asleep.

Ella’s funny, the older she gets the more shy she acts around Santa.  They had a good chat.  The mall lets you take your own pictures, which I appreciate.

This one is better, but I’m back on my darn inhalers, so it’s blurry  😦

Guess that’s about it.  Time to quit procrastinating and get back to work.  Hope your holiday preparations are going well.  Don’t forget to enjoy the last days of Advent.

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This is why farmers don’t make plans (Colin comes up with ideas, not plans).  Colin bought a ‘new to him’ cultivator and it was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday.  So we planned thought we’d go get our tree on Thursday, before the cold weather arrived on Friday.  We had decided to get our tree a little earlier this year.  The firs last so long and look so pretty, I hate to take them down after the Christmas holiday.  Some years our tree stays up well into January -even though it takes up valuable living room space.   Monday we still hadn’t had confirmation from the trucker so Colin called the salesman.  Well, it seems the trucker didn’t pick up the cultivator until last Friday.  There was no way it was getting to our house for Tuesday, ‘probably Thursday’.  So quick change of plans and we headed out for our tree on Tuesday.

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.  The temperature was perfect (-1C) , just a nice bit of snow on the ground, and picture perfect flakes falling down.

This is a picture from our first time at Cedar Hill Tree Farm, back in 2012.  Look how young Ella looks!

And here’s the picture from this year!  Sigh…

The scenic route to the tree field.

Future Christmas trees.

Apparently it was exhausting finding the perfect tree.  That’s Ella on the sled.

Though, she found energy for tubing.

She’s still moving in this one.  She got a great distance.

And the long hike back up the hill.

Back inside for a hot lunch.

Ella had to be patted-down for bunnies before we left.  The one bunny was adorable.  It would hop over and reach up to Ella, just like a cat!  I’ve never seen one want to be picked up and snuggled.


As usual, it’s hard to get the whole tree in the picture because my living room is so small.  The trunk has a bit of a dip which makes the tree look like it’s leaning towards the corner a bit.  It’s not too noticeable in person.  I think we need more lights.  I also wish they wouldn’t trim the trees so much.  They are getting a bit thick for my taste.

Thursday was St. Nicholas’ day and Merry decided that would be a good day to finally arrive.  She brought a bag of ‘gold’ too.  So far there hasn’t been too much mischief.


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Combine Season

It’s that time of year again…




Rats, I don’t know why I can’t embed a non-youTube video here.  Oh well, just follow the link for the song please.

I was going to tell you we were well under way with our soybean harvest:

But he actually finished up the last of the beans before lunch AND even came in the house and sat down to eat his lunch!!  Yesterday went better than planned and it didn’t rain enough last night to stop him. Finally a time where things not going to planned turned out to be a good thing.

Look what I did yesterday:

I went up to our furthest farm and towed the flex head home for Colin.  It wasn’t too bad.  Just one spot on the back side road where I met oncoming traffic right where a bunch of mail boxes crowd the road.  Even though I’m wider than the lane, no cars or mail boxes were hurt!

At lunch I found out that he wanted the wagons moved further down the field closer to where he’s working.  He actually thought to himself “can I teach Paula to drive the tractor over the phone?”.  I may have started something!

Wednesday we had our homeschool trip to Hugli’s and as per tradition it was cold, and windy, and snowy!  It really came down a couple of times.  But I didn’t mind, snow is much drier than rain.  Ella had a good time.  Her buddies Keifer and Ephraim and Landon were there, they make her less serious.

Speaking of home school friends, tonight is ladies’ night for the home school moms.  We’re going to get wild and crazy without the kids.  I made pie  🙂

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Still too hot for much knitting.  I tried working on Mom’s socks but got bored, so I started another pair of socks for Mom.

It’s called brioche-stitch.  Does it ever make the knitting soft and squishy!  These are tube sock style because they won’t fit in Mom’s shoes.  They’ll be more ‘wear around the house and be cozy’ socks.  That’s all I’ve got for Yarn Along and Crafting On this week.

Saturday we had fun (well the girls anyway, Daddy was combining wheat).  My Grandma was up at my Uncle’s cottage so we ran over (only 2 hours away) for a visit.

Any guess what Ella did all day?

She caught two ‘giant’ small mouth bass.  Uncle Dennis went down and saved her from having to touch them.  Ella’s so funny, she will cut up worms and put them on the hook but won’t touch her fish.

Grandma and Uncle Dennis have some really friendly chipmunks.  They kept us amused all day.

One brief moment of quiet.  That’s the problem with Uncle Dennis’ lake.  There are so many cottages on the lake and everyone needs big boats and noisy ski doos there is rarely a moment of peace during the ‘season’.

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Holidays -2018

As expected, we  had a fabulous time on our annual Canada Day holiday.  It would have been nicer if it wasn’t the start of a ridiculous heat wave, but at least that made the lake nice and warm.

We dropped our stuff at the cottage and headed for the lake.

Ella started off the fish catching, with a nice large mouth bass.

Daddy was quick to catch up.  You can see where I spend my time, knitting or reading under our tent canopy.

Next day we headed to the lake bright and early, trying to get some fun in before the sun got too ridiculous.

Uh oh, Daddy’s on a roll with number 5.  The oppressive heat was really affecting the fishing and Ella couldn’t cast out quite far enough (to the cooler water).

Never fear, here’s number 2.

The bullfrogs were really noisy this year.  This fellow was lucky he was too big for bait.

Ella’s third fish came fast on the heels of number two.  Daddy was on the other dock so I was the net girl.  Reached in and pulled up a nice big bass, but…

IT WASN’T THE ONE ON ELLA’S LINE!!!  Yep, I caught my first bass of the holiday with just the net!

HERE’S Ella’s third bass.

Number 4 was a good size too, but somehow I missed most of it.  I love Ella’s smile!  She’s a funny girl, she’s ruthless when it comes to bait, but she still wants nothing to do with holding the fish.

Well, OK, I guess she gets that honestly.  I don’t like holding them either.

Daddy rounded off the evening with number 6.

Our hosts have a pair of peacocks (noisy, annoying things).  Every year they hatch out a few little ones.

It’s hard to get a good picture.  Mom wasn’t too impressed with us this close (they were in a feed box in the barn).  They sure are cute.

We found a surprise at the lake this morning…

A large pair of loons.  We don’t see too many loons around here.

Daddy’s off to a good start again.  We stopped counting after number 10.

Ella didn’t get any more fish today.  As you can see from this picture, I was trying to escape from the oppressive heat and sun, I was in the screen house and Ella’s wearing her towel for sun protection.  I know I’ve used ‘oppressive’ too many times in this post, but that’s just how terribly hot and sunny it was that weekend.  In fact, it was so crazy hot that we decided to stay ‘home’ and not go to the fire works in Killaloe.  After supper we put on some Harry Potter and just relaxed.  From the sounds of things, a lot of people decided it was just too hot to sit out in the sun waiting for the fireworks (you have to get there early to get a good seat).

We always have so much fun out in the hills of Brudenell.  It’s only 45 minutes from home (if you don’t take the scenic route) but it feels a world away.

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For Today

Looking out my window
things are starting to look dry.  The crops are really wanting a nice, gentle rain -soon.
I am thinking
that I’m not too impressed that it’s going to get really hot again today.  I’ve enjoyed the last 2 days of reasonable summer weather.
I am thankful

for the folks at the Baptist church in Pembroke.  They welcome Ella to their soccer camp and don’t care that she’s not a member.

One of my favorite things

laundry hanging on the clothes line blowing in the breeze.  The breeze is the important part of that sentence because it helps my dresses dry without any wrinkles.
I am creating/I am wearing
Another new sundress.  This is the same material as the jumper dress from the other week.  It’s the same pattern as most of my dresses.  The only difference is I didn’t use the elastic in the front neckline.  I used self-bias tape.  As usual, the opening is on the side, but I used hidden buttons instead of a zipper.  Two pockets of course.  
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to
I’ve been reading some of the books that have been sitting around on my Kindle.  Most recently it’s “Our Holocaust“.  Unlike most holocaust books, this one is written by the child of survivors as he tries to piece together what happened to the people in his family.
I am hoping
mostly, just for a nice, gentle rain this afternoon (after soccer camp)
In my kitchen
I was informed that there were no cookies left in the house.  So first thing this morning I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Hopefully I can get them put away before they are all eaten.
In the school room
on hold until soccer camp is finished.
In my garden
see ‘out my window’
A moment from my day
not from today, but Ella and I had a girls’ day out on Saturday.  We hit up the library for some unlimited internet fun, lunch at A&W, and then the theatre for Jurassic World.  Top it all off with some Greek to go for supper.

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