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A Hairy Situation

The other day, Facebook reminded me that ‘On This Day’ my hair looked like this:

In case you missed it, this is what happened when I tried to donate my hair.  Hairdresser was given a measuring tape and told ’10 inches’.  She cut off 16 and then kept cutting to ‘make it straight’.

Three years later and it’s finally back where it belongs.

Colin is much happier now too.  He loves my long hair.  And NO, I won’t be donating again.


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Crop Tour

Sunday (after cutting grass at Grandma’s) we went on a bit of a crop tour over on ‘the other side of the lake’.  People around here are so funny.  Those that live on the Cobden side of Muskrat Lake almost look at those who live on the Beachburg side like they are strangers/aliens.  I remember when all the little Anglican parishes joined together a few years ago people were up in arms because sometimes services were going to be held in Beachburg -“the other side of the lake”.  Good grief.

The landscape is very different over by Westmeath/Beachburg.  The fields are so nice and flat.  The farms tend to be a little bigger over there and in bigger chunks.  We’ve got 500 acres, but it’s in 5 different locations.  Over on this side of the lake, chances are, it would be one chunk.  That would be so nice, then I wouldn’t have to worry about Colin driving on the highway with our big equipment.  One downside over there is the land is very sandy.  Their crops get off to a great, early start (and make Colin feel behind).  But unless we get perfect rain (yeah like that happens often) their crops, especially the corn, really start to suffer by the end of the season.  It’s kind of funny, when I took this picture we could see a deer out there eating all the soybeans, but you can’t see it in the picture.

I love our house in the summer (from the outside anyway).  The trees hide it so much that you really can’t even see it from the highway.  From this distance even the garden looks good.  I need to get more summer plants.  I wish all those seeds I bought had grown this year.  😦

And there’s Miss Daisy on the step waiting for us.

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Happy 4th of July to my American friends!

vintage fourth-of-july postcard                              …                                                                                                                                                                                 More:


We had a great time at the ‘cottage’.  I love that the B&B is its own separate house.  It’s bigger than our house!  The weather wasn’t the greatest.  The first day was very wet.  That didn’t stop Ella and Daddy from fishing.  Luckily, there’s a screened in ‘shade shack’ (complete with ping-pong table).  I set up my tunes and my reading and had a great afternoon.

Lots more sunshine on Friday (though still had some rain).  Colin and Ella caught lots of bass.  Ella’s funny, she’ll cut up worms and such for bait, but she doesn’t want to hold her own fish yet.

Daddy almost landed a 2+ft pike.  It was just in front of Ella in this picture, but just as I clicked it jumped completely out of the water and spat out the hook.

This is the fairies’ creek that is usually just a little babbling brook.

Daddy did manage to land one pike -thanks to the great help from his ‘net girl’.

Lots of wildlife this year.  There were swarms of dragonflies.  There was a garter snake in the canoe with Daddy when he had to paddle out to get the line off the dead tree.  There was a dinner plate sized snapping turtle -maybe that’s Snappy who we found a few years ago?  Ella caught this little guy, this is Sheldon the painted turtle.

Something really cool, there were lots of tadpoles in the weeds along the shore.  They were in all stages of development.  Some barely had any legs starting right up to almost no tail left.

The fireworks were fabulous.  It really is amazing how a little village of 600 can put on such a show.

We didn’t want to go home.  Colin and I could stay there forever.  Ella gets homesick.  It’s funny how Ella misses home after only a few days, even when she’s with Colin and I.

Found a beautiful double rainbow.

What’s cooking this week?





leftover subs

McDonald’s -Ella’s last day of swimming


pizza (likely on the BBQ)




roast beef on the BBQ



pork chops


leftover roast beef



Don’t forget to check out I’m an Organizing Junkie for more ideas.

A bunch of Ella’s new school books arrived while we were away.

I didn’t do too much knitting while we were away.  My elbow is still acting up (I may have to give in and see the RNP).   Some times it’s nice to have a whack of uninterrupted (except for fish pictures) time for reading.

Book of Negroes” was really good.  We didn’t get a chance to watch the mini-series this year, though I like to read the book first.

Last weekend you’ll remember was A&S day.  I’ve been wanting to have an impressive project to take, but most times it’s just been knitting.  This time I got my act together and had some embroidery to take.  This is the ruffle for my new petticoat.

Sorry for the poor lighting.  Next time I’ll make sure to find some sunshine.



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That’s what it feels like the days are doing this week.  I’m trying to finish getting ready for our annual Canada Day vacation.  I’m not packed (aka no one is packed) and we head out tomorrow.  Luckily Grandma was willing to take Ella to her orienteering course today.  So you all will have to make do with a picture of Ella with her new summer ‘doo.

She regrets asking for bangs, so she’s growing them out.  My rule is they can’t be hanging in front of her face.  So instead of barrettes Ella is ‘swooshing’ them to the side.

If anyone’s looking for eggs while we are away, Grandma will be babysitting the house.  Call, because she’s not online.


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You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about the flooding going on around here.  Though if you listen to the news you would think it’s mostly in Gatineau (Quebec).  There is flooding all over the Ottawa Valley.  Pembroke and Killaloe have actually had mudslides!

The town of Renfrew hasn’t had any actual flooding yet (their big river is in a deep valley).  The river is just amazing!  That’s they Hydro Electric generating station on the left.  It usually has about a 20-30 foot drop from the building to where the river usually runs.

The museum is on the right and used to be an old mill.  Luckily there is still a bit of wall from its mill days and that’s helping to break the water before it hits the museum’s retaining wall.  It was rather scary being on the swinging bridge (just a couple of feet above the wall) with all that water roaring underneath.

This is the little community of Deacon.  Not much is there any more but this campground and the general store (the store went under water the day after we took this picture).  It’s on Golden Lake.

This is our place.

We went for a birthday canoe.  It was really windy so we stayed off the river and just paddled in the fields.  There was about 4 feet of water under us.

Not exactly the way Colin likes to check his fields in May.  But we are certainly far better off than a lot of other folks in the Valley.  Though it really needs to start drying soon or we’ll be really cash-strapped next year.  That or Mother Nature has to promise to add an extra month of summer in the fall.

The weather doesn’t slow Ella down any.  She’s been out there working on her house and baking (though no sun makes that harder).  She’s very proud of her house.

Sunday and Monday we actually got SNOW!  It doesn’t feel so bad as all that rain, but it was melting and added to the water.  Today we have this weird glow in the sky coming through the clouds???  I seem to remember something like that in the past?  I think it was called ‘the sun’  🙂

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Oh look, two weeks in a row and I remembered to make my Crafting On post!


I finished Belinda’s sweater.  Though I think I’ll wait to sew in the ends until Belinda tries it on and is happy.  This still isn’t quite the right colour, but at it’s closer than the other pictures.

I also need to get buttons, but I will definitely wait until we’re back in the city and I can get to the better Fabricland.

I’m not sure what to start on next.

I know the Crafting On group don’t really talk about books, but look what I found at Coles/Indigo the other day:

Big, thick, hard cover, $30 a book, history books.  Not only were they marked down, but they were 30% off on top of that.  The Robinson Crusoe is for school next year, it was $5.99 and 30% too.  Now I need to find some reading time.

I forgot to share our birthday pictures from the last couple weeks.

Ella and Grandma.  Hard to believe Mom is 69 this year.  It was her birthday on April 27.

Las Thursday was my birthday.  It’s hard to believe I’m 46 either.  I really don’t feel that old.

Not sure why these pictures are so grainy looking.  Usually my phone does a better job than that.

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Look!  I’m getting my Keep Calm Craft On post done on time.

Belinda’s sweater is really coming along.  AND I learned a new way to cast off -tubular.  It was easy and it doesn’t seem to want to curl, which is a real bonus for a top-down sweater.

This is Ella’s favourite.

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