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17 Years!!

Yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary!  It’s so hard to imagine it’s been that long already.  It doesn’t feel like it.  We had a bit of excitement leading up to the wedding.  On the 14th there was a blackout that took out Ontario and a large chunk of the north eastern US.  Thank goodness I only had a bit of handwork left to do on my dress.  Though we got our power back quickly, we seem to be on the same line as the Base in Petawawa.  This was great news because we had about 1000 pigs in the barns that need the hydro to keep the fans going to keep them alive!   And man, was it hot and humid leading up to the wedding.  Colin was busy combining the wheat and I was wondering how I wasn’t going to melt -ha ha!  Luckily, there was quite the thunderstorm on the Friday and swept in a glorious cold front.  I always joke and say Mom was chilly at the wedding which meant it was a lovely temperature for everyone else.  The other bit of excitement took place during the service.  Colin and I are standing to the side (must have been the lead up to Communion) and he sees this massive (probably a wolf spider) running across the floor and heading our way.  He holds my hand even tighter because he knows I’m going to freak if it gets too close and I see it.  He send death rays at the spider and the spider decides to change course and run away.  I’m so glad I didn’t see it at all.

Not much of a celebration yesterday.  We’re not comfortable eating inside restaurants yet, especially with as ‘cozy’ as our favourite place.  We had lunch at the Chip Pit like usual for a Sunday and then we headed to Beachburg so Colin could do Mom’s grass.  He took the scenic route and we stopped at the Westmeath Lookout.

This is the view looking towards Pembroke.  It’s kind of cool, they have the “directions” labelled in the gazebo so that you know if you are looking towards Beachburg or Quebec.  It was hot and muggy yesterday but for some reason the haze doesn’t really show up in the pictures.

And of course, he has his hat on…


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Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Well, hazy yes lazy not so much -for Colin any ways.  The dog days of summer are upon us and Colin has been busy combining our hard red spring wheat.  He’s very happy with the harvest so far.  Considering the summer we’ve had that’s a bit surprising.

Lunch in the field at the ‘back end’ of the Poff Farm.  This farm is just around the corner from the Home farm, but it’s easier and quicker to bring lunch to the field.  It’s been so hot this summer without any real breaks (I need more than one decent temperature day to consider it a break), but you probably know that already – ha ha!  Colin had a thermometer in the combine yesterday (a decent day temperature wise) and it read 100F!  Imagine, 8+ hours in the combine at 100F.  No wonder he comes home with heat stroke some days.

We had an unexpected visitor Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.  We were woke up at 3:30 by Ella pounding on the bedroom door with a blanket over her head.  There was a “giant” bat dive-bombing her in bed.  I peaked in her room and yes, there was a large bat hanging off the wall!!  By now Colin’s dressed to come and investigate.  He sees the bat and heads downstairs for weapons (broom and dustpan).  Unfortunately, by the time he comes back upstairs we can’t find the bat.  We search around Ella’s room and can’t make it stir, so Colin assumes it’s left by however it got in (we still don’t know how).  Ella and I sleep the rest of the night downstairs on the chesterfield.  There was no way she was going to sleep in her room not knowing where the bat was hiding.  After breakfast we went up to have another look around and fix her bed (stuffies were everywhere).  I told her to take everyone off the bed so we could straighten up her blankets too.  Nearly everyone was off the bed when Ella picked up Lula

Lula has been Ella’s best buddy for most of her life.  She enjoys snuggling and a good game of chess.  But I digress…

Ella picks Lula up off the bed and guess what drops off Lula and onto Ella’s foot?!  One large, terrified, screaming brown (I think) bat!!!!!

Ella’s screaming, bat’s screaming, I scream because she startled me.  Ella runs for my room and I grab the dust pan.  I corral the bat and Ella runs outside to get Daddy because I can’t handle this on my own.

Daddy takes care of the bat but Ella’s freaking out because it was in her bed.  She made my Lysol her whole room.  Even after all these years Lula is still taking care of Ella and protecting her from things that (literally) go bump in the night.  To be fair to Ella, it was a really good sized bat.  We’ve had a few in the house over the years, but this one was about 8 inches, which is bigger than most.  We still have no idea how it got into Ella’s room.  Hopefully that’s the last one.

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Holidays 2020


Hi!  We’re back!  Did you notice we were gone?  We were very happy to discover last week that we could still go to our B&B/cottage for our annual Canada day holiday.  It was very last minute, but luckily I had already done the pre-holiday grocery shop.  And yes, I packed my air fryer -ha ha!  We often have trouble with the BBQ out there.  The air fryer does such a nice job (even on steak), so along it came.

Ella came out for the first day and a half.  She such a homebody (especially now), she’s also very lucky Grandma doesn’t mind driving 2 hours to get her and take her home.  As usual, Ella had a great time fishing with Daddy.  I hung out in the screened in gazebo, safe from the sun and the black/deer flies doing my knitting.  Even though she was only out for a day and a half, Ella caught 8 good sized small mouth bass!!

Not to be outdone, Daddy caught a nice pike with his first cast into the lake.  I lost track of Daddy’s bass/pike total after 15.  I caught 2 nice bass, but we didn’t have a camera handy.

Our traditional holiday selfie with my girl.  Another tradition for our holidays is really bad weather.  One year there was even a tornado warning!  This year it was hot and sunny the whole time.  The first evening we were there we did see this gorgeous rainbow.  There was rain somewhere, we were hoping it was at home but, no.

The rainbow was beautiful.  At one point it was a double and then the clouds moved some and it became a complete rainbow.

Before Grandma arrived, Carol took Ella out to the barn to meet the new additions.

Colin and I had a really nice time after Ella went home.  It was our first time apart in 108 days!  I think we are all (Ella included) starting to miss Ella’s weekends at Grandma’s.  For a treat, we ran into Killaloe to get lunch.  We shared a chicken fingers and fries and I got a Beaver Tail.  Just behind the Beaver Tails chip truck is a really nice park where the train station used to be.  The old bridge is still there:

There’s an old farmer saying here in Ontario.  They want the corn to be ‘knee high by the 1st of July’.  Even though we are really dry things are still looking good.

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Better News…

One of my favourite pictures from last year (for Merri).  We don’t know if we are going to be able to go to the ‘cottage’ this year.  The last time we spoke with Carol they were shut down (as per the provincial government).  As of this Friday, short term rentals can start opening but I’m not sure Carol will feel confident enough to open yet.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Thank you for all your prayers last night.  Things went well at the hospital.  For starters, it was only a 3 1/2 hour visit.  The good news is that the pneumonia is completely cleared up (chest x-ray).  Bad news (sort of), is it has set off my asthma. So I’m on 10 days of Prednesone this time, and the doctor has added a new inhaler for a while. I’m glad to have some answers.  It’s ridiculous that I have to keep going to the hospital to find doctors that actually want to find out what’s wrong with me instead of just saying “allergies”.  And unlike last time there was no ECG or blood work -hurray!  Let’s hope this is the end of all this lung troubles.

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Guess What?

Guess what?  I haven’t been just a lazy and bad housewife for the last 2.5 months, I actually have pneumonia!!  My friend’s husband is a doctor at the local hospital.  She texted me to say he was working the walk-in there and there was no one waiting – perfect time to go.  So I headed up there last Wednesday at 5.  Got through triage and they were so shocked by my coughing for 2.5 months and the fact that I could feel rattling in my lungs they actually sent me to emerg. instead.  Five hours later (a chainsaw accident came in after me at obviously took priority) I’d had an EKG (no idea why they did that), blood work, and a chest x-ray and finally some answers.  So now I’m on 2 different antibiotics and more Prednesone.    I started feeling better by Saturday.  I haven’t had a nap for a few days now (instead of an hour ever afternoon!).  It feels so good to finally find a doctor that cares.  I tried to get help from my usual clinic but they insisted on doing phone appointments.  Not sure how you are supposed to treat a lung problem over the phone??

I finished my sweater.   I made the body a little longer and the sleeves a little shorter.  This is the best part of a top-down sweater, it’s easy to make it fit my 5 ft frame.  I need to wait for Fabricland to open to get some buttons, but then again I don’t usually wear my sweaters buttoned.  I’ve worn it a few times already and I love it.  I must be feeling better, I organized the giant mess that is my knitting corner in the living room.  I even sorted through my knitting needles and used an inventory sheet so I can see what I need and which ones I have lots.  I actually think I may have enough that I can get rid of all the hideous old circulars from the 80’s-90’s.  You know, the ones with the plastic cable that never uncurls.  The likes of Chiagoo and Knit Picks have spoiled me and I no longer want to fight with my needles.

Cropping is coming along well.  Colin is just about done.  Only a few places to fill in that were too wet earlier.  We are still in need of gentle, appropriate amounts of rain.

What are your thoughts on masks?  We aren’t required to wear them, but some of the stores around here are going to require them.  Fabricland for sure wants masks.  For some reason the thought of making them gives me anxiety.  I don’t know what to do.

This is an older picture, but I don’t have a willing model today to show you the wild plum trees.  They are finally starting to flower.  I guess spring has decided to arrive!  I’m looking forward to turning the heat off and opening the windows.  We tried yesterday, but the house got really chilly.  The temperature got down to 65F and Colin gave in and put the fire back on.  This is the only problem with a fire based heat system.  It’s hard to keep the fire going this time of year without overheating the house.  Has spring arrived where you are?

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Day 46, and Counting

I feel like I’m failing at this pandemic protocol.   Every one else seems to have so much time and energy.   I haven’t even been doing a lot of knitting.   I did finish 99% of this sweater, but I really didn’t like how it turned out.  So I ripped it all out and found a new pattern.   It’s another top-down pattern.   Whoever figured out how to do set-in sleeves this way was a genius!  I like how it’s turning out.  I’m using the one bunch of yarn Colin gave me at Christmas.

I did re-organize the chest freezer and I organized (but didn’t clean) my kitchen cupboards.  Now my canned goods are upstairs instead of rusting in the basement.

Seed cleaning season is finished for the spring.  Colin has been busy out in the fields this week.  Today I had to take lunch to the field.  Colin is planting our spring wheat.  We could actually use some gentle rain, the fields are very dry.

Yesterday was a special day

It was Mom’s 72nd birthday!!  And before you say anything, Ella hasn’t been around anyone for 44 days and Grandma has only been to the pharmacy (she waits till it’s empty).  Also, there is very little virus activity up here in the County (thank God).  We’ve decided that it’s safe for Ella to hug Grandma again -which is what both of them needed.  Ella’s hair looks so red in the sunshine.  She wants to make it even redder, we’re looking into using henna.  Any one here use henna before??

I guess that’s about it for now.  I have more organizing on my to-do list, but we’ll see.



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Spring has finally arrived in Renfrew County.  My snowdrops are slow this year, but the crocuses are great.  It’s funny, I always watch for the snowdrops, but seem to forget about the crocuses.  Then one day, I look out the window and ‘bam’ purple wonderness!!

I finished Mom’s fair isle cardigan.  It’s acrylic but I made it in the round and used a steek.  It looks a little big, but that’s because Mom lives in sweatshirts (until at least June) and I don’t want her to struggle with her sweater.  It’s also longer than I would have made it, but that’s how Mom likes to wear them.

It’s dull and cloudy today.  I think I might spend the day baking (but not bread, it doesn’t rise properly on cloudy days).  Ella’s really tired, so I might give her a holiday.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

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We weren’t really planning on taking March break off.  In fact I’d made a deal with Ella that we would only do ‘half’ days instead.  But in the light of everything we’re actually taking March break off school.  So what did I decided to do instead?

I decided to defrost the house freezer yesterday.  It went pretty well.  I also had a 10 lb chicken in the oven (right beside the freezer and the reason the door only opens this far).  All that extra heat really helped.  I did well this time around, I only found one ‘dead’ doughnut that needed to be thrown out.  Usually there’s quite a pile of stuff to feed the barn cats.   Today it was finally cold enough to put everything back.  It’s so nice when it’s clean and organized.  For how long?

Spring is coming.  Colin has already had a few seed cleaning jobs.  It’s a pretty solitary job so he should be able to continue through the spring without a problem (fingers crossed, we need that income).  Seed and fertilizer should be arriving shortly too.  We’ve still got about a foot of snow, but some days the yard is pretty muddy.  Colin was down towards Smiths’ Falls the other day for a job and he said there was no snow at all!

Ella and Grandma – why not!  I love “cheese face” and miss it some days.  14 is a hard time apparently??  I don’t remember and what I do remember had more to do with our family dynamic than actually being 14.

About 3 weeks ago I had what I thought was a bad allergy attack for a couple of days.  It must have been a cold because I now have an asthma ‘flare’.  I went to the walk-in clinic on Monday.  They are doing appointments for walk-in right now.  I kind of like that because I didn’t have to sit in a room full of sick people just for my asthma.  As expected I got some prednasone and now I’m finally starting to feel better.  I was starting to get dirty looks with my cough when I did groceries.

Ella lost her cool ‘Jack Skellington’ beanie.  She asked if I could make her a “Legend of Zelda” hat.  Luckily, Ravelry did not fail.  I’ve got it just about done, I need to have Ella try it on for size.  She’s so excited.

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I’m Back

Hello!  That was some Christmas break!!  To be honest, I think I got a bit depressed after Christmas.  It was so hard and saddening to see the condition of my Grandma.  She has dementia (I guess, we seem to get a different diagnosis with every doctor).  She just sits in her chair and cries for my uncle if he is out of sight (aka, making Christmas dinner).  It’s so sad because my Grandma really isn’t there any more.  The only good thing is she remembered Ella, I was so afraid she wouldn’t.  I know that pain from when I was Ella’s age.  My Grandma’s cousin, Marie,  (like a great aunt) suddenly forgot everything, it was the early 80’s so we never had a reason.  She forgot me completely.  She called Belinda her ‘little friend’, we figured she remember her a little because Belinda had Marie for her middle name.  Grandma also remembers my Mom.  Mom calls every Friday and Grandma looks forward to her calls.

I want to thank Elizabeth for checking up on me and encouraging me to come back.  Some times it feels like I haven’t anything interesting to say.

Hmm, I just checked my Ravelry list and you can tell I’ve not been my self lately.  I haven’t finished any projects since the new year.  Now that large gatherings have been cancelled for the rest of March, I’ll have to get back to my knitting.

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe (and calm).  Talk to you soon!

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Christmas is quickly approaching.  I think I’m done (OK, to be honest I have a couple of presents to wrap for sister and BIL).  I boxed up all the cookie tins and they are ready for delivery.

I still have to clean up all the nonpareils that are coating my floor.  But I’m happy that I had Ella’s help with the cookies this year.

I’ve missed her help these last few years.


As usual, Ella did a great job on the tree.  It’s nice not to have to climb up and down on the chair any more.

And of course, with Merry here for her Christmas visit, we never know what we’re going to find.

The night before we got the tree, the elves thought Ella missed a spot when we moved the cubby.

Then hanging out with Ella’s new gnome decoration that we found at the Pakenham General Store on the way home from the tree farm.  By the way, if you watch the Halmark Christmas Scavenger Hunt movie, you’ll see ‘our’ tree farm a number of times (including their covered bridge).

Then last Saturday while Ella was at a sleepover with her girlfriends in Arnprior, the elves had a serious looking meeting with all the stuffies!

And finally, last week we FINALLY got some snow.  It looks like Christmas.  Everywhere looks like a Christmas card.  Though we didn’t need the sudden drop to -32C (-25F) windchill that we had the other day.

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