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The Summer That Was…

Hello everyone, I’m still here!  I blame the crazy heat we had all summer.  You should see my email account.  I feel like I haven’t really accomplished anything.  It has just been so crazy hot and dry.  I’m not sure if we are technically as dry as 2012 but places look dryer than during the drought.

Belinda and Stefan took us to Canada’s Wonderland.  My goodness, it rained so much when we first arrived.  The rides got shut down and we hunkered down trying not to get too soaked.

The rained stopped and the rides started again.  Ella and Auntie B did a couple of the really big roller coasters.  Ella discovered she’s not the wild ride person she thought she was, ‘The Bat’ scared her a lot.  We got her to go on a couple of the smaller ‘coasters (get back on the horse).  Luckily, it stayed fairly cloudy all day because it was stinking hot even with the clouds.  The rain showers helped keep a lot of the crowds away.  Most rides only had a few minutes wait, if any.

My kind of ride!  This carousel is nearly 100 years old.  I think the sign said it was made in 1927.  It was great to get back to the house and soak in the pool.

Remember how our best friends moved far, far, away to Englehart?  Well, we went up for a weekend visit.  WOW!  That was a drive and a half.  Google lied and we got stuck in some construction.  It was close to 5.5 hours!!  We stopped for lunch in Temagami.  The food where we stopped wasn’t worth mentioning, but check out the old train station (and yes, occasionally, my girl will hold my hand in public!)

The train station IS worth the stop.  They did an amazing job on the restoration.

We had such a good visit.  Ella enjoyed having a bit more freedom.  Englehart is very small and feels very safe.  Also, Ella having the kids along makes me feel safer to let her go to the park ‘alone’.  Englehart has a really nice community pool.  It was warm enough to take the kids for a swim a couple of times.  It was so good visiting with Amanda (and the kids).  One day we took the kids to ‘town’, aka New Liskeard.  That left Colin to entertain himself.  He checked out the grain elevator where Amanda’s fellow works -farmer talk.  Then he spent the rest of the day touring.  He’s fairly certain he ended up in Quebec a couple of times.

Colin found this cute little church in Belle Vallee.  It’s got this cool line that runs around the whole building.  He’s not sure how the statue of the Blessed Mother doesn’t get wiped out by the snow plow.

Colin didn’t have to travel far to find this!  It’s right in Englehart, close to the house.  This train has a great history and was really cool.  While he was reading the plaques, Colin could hear voices behind the train and thought maybe it was some “old train guys”.  He went around hoping to hear some old stories.  In reality it was some new ‘white hats’ talking over this mess:

Two modern trains that derailed and were waiting for the crane to arrive.  Colin had a good talk with the guys too.

We came home on a Sunday, so the drive was quicker (no construction delays).  I can’t wait to go back again.  It’s really nice up there and we miss our friends.  A return trip will have to be soon though, because they get early and long winters up there.

Colin has been busy the last week or so.  He’s been working on putting in some tile drainage over at Dad’s.  He’s got a couple of wet spots over there that we often have to leave bare.  Instead of using the tiny little ‘back hoe’ that attaches to our little tractor, he was able to borrow a bigger, proper backhoe from his step-brother.

One day after our field lunch, Daddy gave Ella a crash course on running a backhoe.  Ella did such an excellent job!  She was a natural.  Must be all her video gaming.  If you want to see her in action, check out the video here.

Three-ish feet down and no sign of moisture and no worms.  They must be really deep.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a September post without our back to school picture.  It took some persistence to get a good one.  Some days I get tired of ‘moody teenager’.  But most of the time she’s my adorable girl and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.



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Holidays, Finally

Not sure why it has taken so long to get our holiday pictures up on the blog.  The days fly by and I just don’t get around to it?  Oh well, that’s summer I guess.

We headed off to our usual cottage oasis for the Canada Day long weekend.  Ella has a hard time staying for the whole time, so Grandma came out and got her early.  She’s a funny girl.  She actually misses ‘home’.  It doesn’t matter that Daddy and I are with her, she wants to be home.  Oh well, it’s only 45 minutes from home and Grandma doesn’t mind coming out and ‘rescuing’ her girl.

We were the only ones staying that weekend.  That’s always best because if the other people have kids I always seem to get stuck watching them.  One year the mother just kind of left and didn’t come back for an hour!  Luckily I’m responsible and made sure they didn’t drown or get eaten by a bear.

Ella and Daddy hard at work on their castles.  This is the ‘Kingdom of the Spoon’ and Daddy’s using his trebuchet to attack Ella.

Ella’s castle had a moat and flood protection (we often get a big rain on our holiday ‘weekend’).

Here’s a couple of Ella’s large mouth bass.  She caught a total of 6, plus random perch.

Daddy’s trying to claim this one, but it’s Ella’s.

I think this was her first one.  She was off to a slow start (far too hot) so this was a happy sight.

Daddy caught 9 from the dock.  He also caught a bunch out in the boat and a couple of nice sized pike.  But he was out on his own, so there’s no photographic evidence.

I caught 6 nice large mouth bass too.

This was Ella’s last morning at the cottage.  Daddy went out in the boat and she didn’t feel like it.  So we hung out, snuggled, and talked in the shade shack.  I spent lots of time in there on holidays.  It was nice to be able to knit/read without being covered in sunscreen and bug spray.  There was a nice enough breeze that make it fairly comfortable too.  BTW I love my new phone (Samsung A8), it has voice activated picture taking.  That makes selfies so much easier.  It was very hard to push the button, hold the camera still, and hold the camera out as far as my little arms will reach.

Last weekend the girls went to Uncle Dennis’ cottage in Tory Hill.  He needed Grandma to come and watch Great Grandma while he went to a cottage association meeting.  It’s only 2.5 hours from home, so why not!

If you remember, Saturday was ridiculously hot.  Ella brought her bathing suit.  The lake is really deep, but it was so hot it felt wonderful.

My Grandma (Great Grandma) is really changed since Christmas.  We were lucky and she remembered everyone during our visit.  That was my biggest worry.  It’s a good thing I came along, because there’s no way my Mom would have gotten Grandma out of her chair by herself.

Great Grandma turns 89 on Sunday.

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Ta Da!

I found the business card from one of the professional photographers from the weekend.  Here’s a good picture of the girls and Ella’s full length.

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It’s been a busy few weeks.

First we had Grandma’s 71st birthday.  My sister and brother-in-law came up for the weekend.

Last weekend was my birthday -48!!

I’m still getting used to the selfie function on my new phone.

Yeah, nothing to add…

I wish this one wasn’t blurry.  It’s so hard to get a good picture with Mom.

Why haven’t there been many Yarn Along posts lately?  Well, besides trying to keep the house ready for company, I’ve been busy finishing up Ella’s costume for Comic-Con in Ottawa.  Here she is with her friend Hannah.  Ella is a ‘gender bend’ Inuyasha.  That means we’ve taken a boy character and made it into a girl costume.  Inuyasha is one of her favourite anime.   Boy, did she get a lot of compliments and pictures taken -even the professional photographers wanted her picture.

I didn’t realize I forgot to get a good full-length picture of her.  We’re supposed to be going to the comic-con in Niagara Falls in June, so I’ll have to get a good one then.

Lots of cool things, as usual.  It was great to see my friend Teresa and all her beautiful things.  She makes the prettiest circlets, but Ella’s not little and doesn’t play princess anymore.

Gaming station where we could ‘take a load off’ check out some new games.  They could make a fortune if they had a “moms area” -you know; some comfy places to sit, have a drink, and still keep an eye on the kids.

So what’s up for this week?  Well, hopefully Colin can continue getting some cropping done.  He did some cultivating on the weekend.  We had a bit of rain today and since we have clay, it’s slowing things down.  Tonight hopefully the other home schoolers will show up and we can start filming their Shakespeare play.  Other than that, no real plans.


Hamburger Helper -beef noodle, Ella’s favourite


cracklin’ chicken

German potato salad and Parmesan cauliflower -two new recipes




pork chops


sweet and sour chicken


Not sure what to make on the weekend.  Hopefully, Colin will be too busy out in the field to stop for supper and I’ll just grab something easy.  Please God!  It’s getting late.

I almost forgot to show you the Mother’s day gift I bought myself at Comic-Con.  It’s the moon on the night Ella was born.  It glows in the dark too.  It’s a Canadian company called Moonglow.


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For Today:  25 April 2019


Looking out my window:  the river is in the field again, I think it’s actually gone down a bit

I am thinking: we need some sunshine, not the rain they are calling for tomorrow

I am thankful: the water has gone down near the house and in the basement

One of my favorite things:  Ella and Colin

I am creating: Ella’s fingerless gloves are the last thing I finished
I am wearing: my denim sundress with a t-shirt
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to:  we’re finishing up Robinson Crusoe
I am hoping: for 2 weeks of sunshine so Colin can start cropping on time
In my kitchen: made the Dutch oven chicken pot pie again this week, still rave reviews from the picky people, will have to put this recipe in my book
In the school room: we are loving our new curriculum.  I wish we had found A Gentle Feast back when we first started our Charlotte Mason journey

In my garden: more snowdrops, lots of crocuses, and the blue bells are almost open

Board room: some dresses on my Pinterest page
A moment from my day

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Still Winter

Yeah, this would be why we had to postpone Ella’s party on Tuesday:

Keeping in mind, Ella’s 5’2″ now.  It’s a good mid-thigh on me.  We’re running out of places to put the snow.  Especially at Mom’s place over in Beachburg.

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Happy Birthday Ella!!


How has she gone from this:

To this grown-up young lady:

Ella makes me smile every day.  Thank you God for our beautiful girl.

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