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What’s This?

Look at this:

And this:

Woo Hoo!!  Colin has gotten a fair bit of our corn and wheat into the ground.  He’s done about 3 days work in the last two (without a/c in the tractor).  Things are looking up.  Though it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and Friday…

Not that things are dry yet.  Here’s the back field we were canoeing in for my birthday.  Still really, really wet.

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No one seems to be doing Farm Girl Friday any more.  Oh well, here’s my post any way.

Spring has sprung!

Colin and Dad are busy planting the spring wheat.  It’s rather dry out there and we could use about 3/4 inch of rain (gentle rain!).  At least with all the sunny, dry weather Colin’s not having to work too hard and actually comes in for supper most nights.

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Not sure why this didn’t post on Friday, but here it is.


Oh look, a Farm Girl Friday post!  Must mean spring is coming.

This is what our neighbourhood looked like on Tuesday (before we were buried in snow).  Colin was over a few side-roads doing a big cleaning job.  He likes cleaning for these guys because it’s a family and neighbours who pool their cleaning.  So Colin has one big job instead of half a dozen smaller/little jobs.  Since it takes about 45 minutes to set up and take down the cleaner, it’s much nicer to make it one big job.

This set up is a bit different than usual.  Often Colin pulls up to grain bin and the seed loads from there.  That wasn’t the case at this farm.  The new bins have unloading augers that are too big for the cleaner and risk breaking the beans (won’t grow if you break them).  So they ran the auger at full capacity into a holding wagon.  The fuller the auger the less damage to the beans.

From the holding wagon (left), Colin was able to use his loading auger to move the beans to the cleaner.  From there the soybeans are then loaded into the ‘weigh-wagon’.  When the right weight was reached for each farmer, the soybeans were loaded into their personal grain wagons.  It was a very long day -almost 12 hours.  Colin cleaned 35 ton of soybeans and 3 ton of oats.

Farm Girly has had some fun this week too.  Figure skating has come to the end for this year (so early compared to at home).  They had a big carnival and Grandpa and Grandma Lorraine came.  Grandma Hattie was there of course too (she drives us every week).  Daddy was even able to come.

The Future Star kids did their competition routine.  Taylor wasn’t there so Ella got put in the centre of the pinwheel since she’s the next biggest (in muscle mass not height).

She made a great cheer leader!

My very happy Farm Girly has finished her CanSkate program in only 2 years!  She got such lovely comments from her coach in her report card too.

I forgot to share this one on Wednesday:

Last Saturday was Cookie Day in Renfrew.  Wow, what a miserable day!  On the way to Renfrew we hit a wall of snow and could barely see the vehicles in front of us.  Luckily we were almost to Renfrew or we should have turned around.  The snow stopped, mostly, after 10.  Then the water started dripping off the roof.  We took the tablecloth off soon and had to use it to mop up puddles.  Then the snowballs/pellets started.  The lovely folks at Metro let us come inside the doors for the rest of the day.

You know the most common comment/question when people hear you homeschool?  “What about socialization?!!”  Well guess what?  If it wasn’t for my ‘poor’ home schooled child we would have sold 0 cases of cookies.  We had a Brownie and Spark member ‘helping’.  Ella was the only one to actually stop people and ask them to buy cookies.   We were there for 4 hours and we sold a whopping 10 cases of cookies (12 boxes in each case).

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I actually didn’t have anything planned to share for Farm Girl Friday this week.  That is until this podcast turned up somehow on the computer this morning.  This song says it all (I’ve even put it on the iPod).  It’s a perfect description of what life is like this time of year here on the farm.  I love the ‘please, bake for me’ and ‘when I get back, I’ll need an O ring’ lines.  That really is my life.

Leaving on the Combine

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Weekend Fun

Saturday was the Renfrew County Plowing Match.  Colin assured me it wasn’t going to rain.  And if it did it would only be sprinkles because they were only calling for 1-4mm.  Guess what?!  Halfway through the skies opened and it poured!!!  Twice!  Luckily we were able to get under shelter both times so only ended up a little damp.

plowing competitions of course

Riding on the fancy wagon (luckily with a roof) that belongs to Daddy’s cousin.

Still not too big for the bouncy house!

This one is for all the other farm wives.  This is the best shirt ever!!

An old haybinder, I’ve actually got an old picture (glass negative) of my German family using one of these.  I should dig it out one of these days.

Look who we found on our wagon ride -Grandpa and Grandma Lorraine.

Daddy checking out the old threshing machine.  He was impressed with the job it was doing.  It’s the precursor to this:

If anyone has a spare million dollars, Colin would love one of these.  He’d only need to use it about 8 days a year so it would last him a long time.

Speaking of expensive things on Christmas lists:

Ella would really love to find this under the Christmas tree!

She looks so at home on the big machinery.  I wouldn’t mind.  She can make great money running heavy equipment (especially if she learns the specialty stuff) AND she’d find work around here and not have to go to the city.

We had a good time.  Daddy did visiting with the neighbours -the plowing match or a fair is about the only time farmers see each other.

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For Farm Girl Friday this week I have a puzzle for you:

What does a farmer do when the ‘professional’ barn salvagers half tear down a barn and steal all the good stuff?  And then all the people on Facebook who promised to come and take the rest don’t show up or take just the remaining good stuff??

You take care of it yourself – farmer style!!

Keep shoving stuff into the fire to try and keep it ‘under control’.

Lunch with the pyromaniac Colin.  He wonders why Ella gives us goofy faces!?  I had to move the truck, it was getting a little too warm.

Colin kept the fire good and hot so there was minimal smoke.  I was lucky.  Even though it was blowing towards the house, it headed more toward the barns.  I couldn’t even smell the smoke in the house.

Most of it was gone by 3:30.  Colin could finally come in to warm up and dry out.

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Last year I used some of my ‘egg money’ to buy a dehydrator and a pressure canner.  Life got so busy I didn’t get a chance to try them.  This year, since we aren’t busy with Market, I finally got a chance.

6 pints of yellow beans ready to go.

The pressure canner wasn’t as scary as people make it seem.  Though I did have a problem keeping the pressure at 11.  Will have to watch that more next time.  I also made some dilly beans for the first time.  Just made a half recipe to see if we (me and mom) like them.

Colin processed a few of our meat birds.  Once he got the water hot enough he was able to do 1 bird in 20 minutes (I won’t tell you how long the first one took).  They were 9-11 lbs each.  I love a big chicken.  If you are going to the trouble/mess of roasting a chicken make it a big one.  Then you have meat for a long time.

And a final first for Farm Girl Friday this week – TOMATOES!!!   I made these into toasted tomato sandwiches and they were so yummy!

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