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Combine Season

It’s that time of year again…




Rats, I don’t know why I can’t embed a non-youTube video here.  Oh well, just follow the link for the song please.

I was going to tell you we were well under way with our soybean harvest:

But he actually finished up the last of the beans before lunch AND even came in the house and sat down to eat his lunch!!  Yesterday went better than planned and it didn’t rain enough last night to stop him. Finally a time where things not going to planned turned out to be a good thing.

Look what I did yesterday:

I went up to our furthest farm and towed the flex head home for Colin.  It wasn’t too bad.  Just one spot on the back side road where I met oncoming traffic right where a bunch of mail boxes crowd the road.  Even though I’m wider than the lane, no cars or mail boxes were hurt!

At lunch I found out that he wanted the wagons moved further down the field closer to where he’s working.  He actually thought to himself “can I teach Paula to drive the tractor over the phone?”.  I may have started something!

Wednesday we had our homeschool trip to Hugli’s and as per tradition it was cold, and windy, and snowy!  It really came down a couple of times.  But I didn’t mind, snow is much drier than rain.  Ella had a good time.  Her buddies Keifer and Ephraim and Landon were there, they make her less serious.

Speaking of home school friends, tonight is ladies’ night for the home school moms.  We’re going to get wild and crazy without the kids.  I made pie  🙂

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Even though we are still boiling and counting down the days until the nice weather comes back, we’re heading into Fall fog season.

All fogged in at 8 am Sunday morning.

It actually got a bit foggier after the pictures.

Three hours later and we can see the trail, the highway and all the way back to the next side road.

Ta da!  The neighbours suddenly appear.

Our mornings will look like this for about the next two weeks.  It also coincides with the start of duck season.  It’s a little disconcerting to be out wandering around in the fog listening to the sound of gunfire.  It’s a weird, muffled sound, sort of like the play for Remembrance day.

Not really sure what’s up for this week.  We have a ‘park day’ planned but we don’t always make those, especially when they are up in Petawawa.  I have a new dress cut out, so hopefully I can get some sewing done.  If the promised cool weather arrives I can get some baking done too.  I’m tired of buying cookies from the store.



everyday meatloaf -new crock pot recipe


Cesky goulash and crispy German potato pancakes


leftover meatloaf


leftover goulash


roast chicken


venison steaks


hot chicken sandwiches

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I guess I shouldn’t have complained about the heat last week because yesterday was miserable and today is even worse.  The house/outside was already 77F/25C when I got up this morning at 7, of course it feels even worse because of the ridiculous humidity.

Happy Simcoe Day (or Civic holiday if you want to be ‘modern’).  As per usual, the Farmer is working on a holiday weekend.  In fact, it’s so hot that Colin got up at 5:30 to do this…

Some days we could really use a cherry picker.

They are trying to finish the outside work before it gets ‘too’ hot.

And of course, after days of stagnant weather, the wind picks today to start to blow (from the wrong direction).  I got roped into holding a corner (get it ‘roped’) while they tied down the sides.

Blah, look at the haze hanging over the fields.

Thank goodness for the pool, too bad you can’t work and sleep in it.

Look what Colin brought in for me last night.  The first tomatoes of the season.  This dry weather has not been good for the garden.



steak souvlaki 


grilled cheese -need to order Ella more cheese from Great Lakes Goat Dairy

honey garlic chicken (freezer) and crockpot mashed potatoes



leftover souvlaki



crockpot meatloaf (new recipe) and baked potatoes (toaster oven)


pizza on BBQ

leftover meatloaf





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The Big Event

Last Thursday we had a ‘microburst’ go through.  If you don’t know what a microburst is, it’s like a tornado but without the actual twister.  It’s a good thing there was no twister because we literally couldn’t see out the window to see if it was coming.

Ella and I don’t like those kind of storms.  Here she is all ready for the run to the basement (we didn’t go).  She’s got her laptop packed up and on as well as her favourite Pokemon stuffy and of course Dasha -her ducky from her first Easter.  She was trying to be brave with her nervous smile and giggle, but if you knew Ella you’d know those weren’t real.  I’m so glad we live in a place where we don’t have to worry too much about tornadoes.

I tried to get a picture of the wind and rain, but it’s so hard through the screen.  We couldn’t get an accurate rain measurement -hard to catch in the rain gauge when it’s raining horizontally!

Tree through the back door and wiped out my clothes line.  Luckily it didn’t destroy my new laundry stoop and table.

These are the trees on the west side of the house (“back side” where the clothesline is).  There’s a lot on the ground too.  These branches are stuck up there until Colin can find a ‘man-lift/cherry picker’ to get up there because they are still attached a bit.  Hopefully he can get them down before we have another big storm.

The garden took a bit of a beating.  The corn stood back up, but it’s not too happy.

Want to know the weird thing about microbursts?

This tote and the 5 gal. pails were empty during the entire storm.  They didn’t move an inch!

The tarp building out back didn’t fair so well…

About 2/3 of the rafters broke.  You can guess what Colin has spent this week fixing?

Luckily the equipment was spared.

Out checking the damage.

It’s too bad the double rainbow didn’t show up in my cool panoramic picture.  The rainbow was so bright and at least the storm left the air feeling so much better.

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Last Week, Event Two

Overcast and really humid today.  It’s already 23C in the house at 10 am.  Not the ideal day for Colin to be processing our chickens, but it has to be done today.

Last Wednesday was crop tour day.

Here they are …

Did you notice what they are standing in?  That’s right PUDDLES!!!!!!

We got such a nice amount of rain on Wednesday.  You could hear the corn smiling!  We got a couple of inches that day.  Good thing the Farmer took an umbrella.

Here the soil and crop specialist is talking about the different layers in the soil.

 New type of tillage being demonstrated. Rather then till the entire surface of the field only narrow strips are. This is done in the fall, also mixes in fertilizer. Seeds are planted into these strips in the spring. The object of this tillage is to reduce soil erosion and leave undisturbed soil for microbes and worms to do their thing.

Local seed grower showing his new equipment. It is used to put fungicide or insecticide treatment on seeds. This new equipment will also be able to handle the newest technology, using biological solutions to solve fungus and insect problems.


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‘New’ Tire

So what happened last week?  I guess I’ll start at the start and work up to the big event.

The combine needs a new tire.  New tires this size cost about $2800.  I’ll let that sink in a moment.  2800 dollars. Per. Tire.  Yeah.

Now, you’re probably saying that there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the old tire.  You are sort of right.  As of right now, it was still holding air and had a ‘decent’ enough tread left.  So why replace it?  Because it has a LOT of vertical checks around the centre that flex and open while driving.  Now consider how much a combine weighs empty, then add the weight of the grain/corn.  On top of that you have to consider the amount of driving we have to do on the Trans Canada Highway to get from field to home.  Not exactly the place you want to be with a blown combine tire.

Colin made a few phone calls around and managed to find a decent used one.  He thinks the tire store didn’t realize the value of the tire because they only wanted $300 (plus installation).

The guy came on Tuesday and it took most of the morning .


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Still fighting with the weather and the soy beans.  Colin is out there this afternoon trying again -fingers crossed.

My best friend from my stock broker days is going through some really tough times.  She lives about 3 hours away (everything seems to be 3 hours away from here).  She needed cheering up, so Ella and I hopped in the car and headed to Frankford to visit Tammy and her hubby Ray.

They took us to see the local hockey team, the Trenton Golden Hawks.  The Hawks played Stouffville Spirit (and won!).  We left before the end because Ella was getting tired.  It was my first hockey game.

Tammy has a stuffed friend named George who goes everywhere with her.  He wanted to help with my knitting.  I got about 2 inches done on Grandma’s Christmas socks while at the game.  I started my sweater that I got for Christmas (my sister gave me the ‘ingredients’) but it was such a fabulous visit that I didn’t even take it out of my bag.

The weekend was much too short.  I don’t think Tammy realizes how much I miss her.  It’s very lonely for that kind of companionship up here some days.  We had a good drive home and got home ahead of the crazy wind and rain.  I dropped Ella off at Grandma’s for a couple of days and Colin took me out for supper.  Look what I found in the parking lot:

Isn’t that the cutest?!

Oh yes, look what I found when I got home?  Besides the dishes and eggs washed:

When I left the light above the sink was an ugly, florescent bar light that was broken and didn’t work.  I now have a LED light that is positional and dimmable.  Being able to dim it is handy because we leave this light on all night.  Some of us don’t like the dark.  I know it really doesn’t go with the decor, but options are limited when you have no wiring to connect with and you are attaching to a cupboard.

Almost have both sleeves finished.  Looks like I’ll have enough yarn to take out the bottom and make it better, so it won’t roll.  Pretty sure I’m winning this came of yarn chicken.

On a very happy note:

Grandma’s casts are finally off -and it only took a couple of hours at the hospital.  She’s still not supposed to drive for a week or so and no long drives for a month.  The doctor also suggests she wear her wrist braces for a while because her wrists will be week.  She seems to be able to move all her fingers, that was my big worry after being immobile for 6+ weeks.



pork pie (going to use my Bavarian beef pie recipe)



McDonalds because Grandma wants her hair done



leftover pork pie



?? Ella’s got a Halloween party so who knows



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