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On the 8th day of Christmas….

I finally get a chance to do a Christmas post!  We’ve had such a busy Christmas-tide this year.  Luckily the New Year is looking much quieter.

I haven’t many pictures from Christmas day, our camera is acting up and Ella was super excited (i.e., not sitting still) so most are too blurry to share.  I think Ella’s favourite gift was from Santa.

The one thing she asked for from Santa was a reindeer from Build-a-Bear.  She wanted Comet and Santa delivered!  Comet came with a cute outfit and wearing reindeer slippers.  So very cute.

She was also rather happy with the new tiara and feather boa from Momma and Daddy.  Though we’re going to have to make sure the boa is always put away when not being worn.  Zim finds it too interesting to ignore.

MY favourite gift from my Mommy.  New boots (by Baffin).  Now my feet will be warm and dry.  The lacing on the side is the only way these skater legs can wear tall boots.

I had a hard time coming up with a Christmas list this year.  Anything I really wanted/needed weren’t really things other people could get me.  I had been looking at a new winter coat.  I’ve had my current one since Ella was born and I was starting to feel a little dumpy in it and missing having a pretty coat.  But since the ones I was looking at were either vintage or designer, I wasn’t likely going to get one:

I really love the sleeves of this one.  And the embroidery of course.

And a beautiful vintage one.  I love to wear colour in the winter.  Everyone is always so black and grey.  I used to have a beautiful forest green one with a Celtic braid around the bottom.  But I was much smaller then.

So what does my darling husband do?

He got Grandma to pick up this beautiful material (this picture is the closest I could get to accurate)!  I’ve been eyeing it at Fabricland for a while.  It’s Melton and was $22/m !!  I guess the day Grandma was there was one of the 50% off days.  She was able to buy not only the red, but some black crepe for a lining and some flannel for the interlining.  Our Fabricland stinks so they didn’t have any flannel backed satin that would have been a better lining choice.  Oh well, interlining isn’t hard.

This is the pattern I’m using.  It’s Vogue 9040, for some reason the Vogue website isn’t working so I can’t give you the actual link.  I may change the sleeves to be like the grey one.  Grandma also picked out some beautiful metal buttons with snowflakes in the centre -love them!

Belinda and Stefan were up on Boxing day and spoiled us rotten, as usual.  Belinda really liked her cardigan and Uncle Stefan loved the Minecraft inspired t-shirt Ella made for him.

After cooking a giant turkey for Christmas day with Colin’s step family I made a beef roast for Boxing day.  And of course, it wouldn’t be a Rees family Christmas without Christmas crackers!

The 27th saw us across the road at Grandpa and Grandma Lorraine’s house with Colin’s sister and her family.  It was just a short afternoon visit but the kids had a good time together.

Auntie Elizabeth and her family gave Ella some great binoculars.  She loves them.  They came with a book of outdoor adventures.  Ella loves to play spy so will love them for that too.

Ella also really liked this nice cozy tunic sweater from Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher.

Then we piled in the truck and headed south!

First stop was my girlfriends for a great afternoon of visiting and remembering.  Charlynne and I have been friends since we were 6.  We were friends in school and at church.  There wasn’t much we didn’t do without the other (including Guiding and skating).

If you are ever in Bowmanville at Christmas time you must drive up 57 and check out the homes on Old Scuggog Rd.

The show is just amazing.  And the homes are beautiful too.

I’ve always loved this log one.  The one beside it is even better (picture didn’t turn out).  It’s board and batten and looks colonial -my favourite.

I thought we had some pictures of Great-grandma on the camera, but we didn’t.  We did have a good visit with Great-grandma and Uncle Dennis.  Though it’s sad to see how ‘old’ my Grandma is getting.

As usual we stayed with our friends Petra and Martin at Our Valley View.  Enniskillen is a little community just north of Bowmanville and it’s the perfect place.  As you can see, Comet came on the holiday too.  She got to meet Moosey, Ella’s friend who’s always waiting for us in the Canadiana room.

On the way home we stopped at my dad and step-mom’s.  Again, we somehow missed pictures.  It was good to visit with them.  My dad’s having problems with his eyes (cataracts and glaucoma) so it’s unlikely they will be up any time soon.  They got Ella the bedding for her American Girl doll so now she’s all set to go camping.

All in all, it was a fabulous holiday.  Lots of love and visiting.

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Merry Christmas


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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I know I posted this earlier in the week.  I really wanted to share it for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real but couldn’t wait to share.  So I’m going to link it up for PHFR too  🙂

This past Sunday was Gaudete Sunday, the Sunday of Joy, the third Sunday of Advent.  The hangings at church were pink as was the Advent wreath candle.  We were able to go to Ottawa for church again.  It was a very special day for Ella.

My beautiful girl received her First Communion.

Father even had a fancy little pin to give her to remember the day (and a certificate to come later).

Not only that, but she was in her first Christmas pageant too.  When we turned up for Sunday School everyone was getting in their costumes.  I told Ella she would have to come sit in church with Grandma and me and our friends.  Kate, the great Sunday School teacher, said it was no problem.  She found Ella an angel costume (fit her like it was made for her) and Ella got to be part of the heavenly host.  Ella was rather nervous but did a great job.

I didn’t get a picture of the sheep.  They were so adorable.  They were only 2ish years old.

After church we went home with our friends to celebrate an early Christmas/Yule.  And guess what they gave me??

A pure-bred Siamese cat!  She’s about 1 1/2 years old and so well-mannered (so far).  Her people were moving so they were giving her away.  She looks so much like the Siamese I had when I finished university (and we just lost a couple of years ago).  Her name is Zim -apparently some anime character.  Rather dumb name if you ask me. But she answers to it, so I guess it will have to stay.  She has really taken to Ella.  This is what we found when we went to bed and checked in on Ella:


Guess the ‘no cat in bed’ rule didn’t last long.  Zim sure is cute though.

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Today we celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings.  Epiphany marks the end of the Christmas celebrations.  Down come the decorations and we get back to regular life.

I also want to wish a very Blessed Christmas to one of my readers Elizabeth as she and her husband celebrate Christmas on the ‘old’ calendar.

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We are still in the swing of celebration.


Mr. Turkey is smelling delicious already.  I’m cooking him early because he’s not quite thawed all the way.  I forgot to plan a day for Lorraine to start thawing the turkey while we were away, so he didn’t come out of the freezer until the 26th.

We had such a great visit with everyone in Scarborough/Bowmanville.  Luckily, my sister and BIL got their power back on the 23rd.  It was a quiet Christmas day at my Grandma’s because most of the aunts and uncles were busy elsewhere this year.   Sadly, my Grandma seemed a lot older this year, even from July.


Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!!

After a busy week in the kitchen, our Christmas treats got finished just in time.  Cookie tins delivered to friends and family.


The presents are wrapped and under the tree waiting for everyone to wake this morning.

Christmas 1

Wishing you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas with all your loved ones.

Christmas 1.2

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With all the business yesterday I forgot to share the links for this week’s Christmas Countdown.  We are in the bathroom and Ella’s room this week.  I think the bathroom is the hardest to keep clean.  But then Colin comes home dirtier than most husbands.  It’s really bad when he gets gear oil in the white sink.

I’ll share this post from Facebook yesterday, just as some encouragement to get planning:


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Happy New Year!

“Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have a vision now and then
Of a world where every neighbour is a friend
Happy new year
Happy new year”

New Year

Sending everyone Wishes and Prayers for a happy, healthy 2013.

And in the immortal words of Col. Sherman Potter of MASH:

“Here’s to the new year. May she be a damn sight better that the old one”.

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I doubt there’s a Yarn Along today, but I thought I’d start with that anyway.  I haven’t any real knitting to share today, a sock here and there maybe.  I’ve had a cold since last week and didn’t even feel like knitting.  But I wanted to share what will become a Yarn Along post some day.  Look what my lovely Mommy got me for Christmas:

Yarn Along -26 December 2012

FIVE beautiful balls of Knit Picks’ Preciosa!!  It’s really hard to get a proper picture.  It’s much more ‘purply’ in person.  The colour is called ‘petal’ and it is soooo soft and squishy.  It’s 100% merino.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my local yarn shops, but Knit Picks have such beautiful yarn (at good prices too).  I’ve never been disappointed.   I’m not reading anything right now, but look what Ella got from Grandma -we’ll be reading for a while.

Christmas santa

Our day got off to a great start.  Santa brought Ella the pillow pet she’s wanted for years.  A crazy rainbow unicorn  🙂

Christmas Olivia

Someone got spoiled this year.  Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan got Ella an Android Tablet.  Her Explorer is dying and for the cost of replacing it, apparently, they got a Tablet.  You should see her using this thing!  She’s an expert already.  Ella’s best gift was from Momma and Daddy.  We got her her American Girl doll.  Ella was almost in tears opening the package.  She was so happy.  The doll is now named Olivia and much loved.

Christmas kite 2

This is the kite Daddy got Daddy Ella.  You can’t even see Daddy holding it!  Of course we had to take it out yesterday morning.

Christmas kite

Colin’s Dad could see it from his house.  And a raven came over and checked it out too.

Christmas pots

Momma got well spoiled too.  We got a great new camera from Belinda and Stefan (Nikon touch screen).  Ella and Grandma got me a great new set of pots and pans.  And Colin got me a pasta maker (that I’ve wanted for years) and a beautiful necklace.

Christmas helmet

Colin’s gifts were mostly useful but he liked them.  Here he’s reading the instructions while wearing his solar powered welding helmet.  He’s also got on his new winter barn coat.  He was very happy to get that since it has a zipper that actually zips.

Santa also gave us a new mail box.  Daddy has wisely decided to wait until spring to put it up.  That way the snow plow can destroy the old box instead  🙂

Christmas sleeping

Daddy and Uncle Stefan all Christmassed-out!


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Merry Christmas!



Wishing everyone a very Blessed, Merry Christmas!

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