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You may have noticed there wasn’t a menu plan Monday this week.  I just couldn’t be bothered this week and I’ve decided to live dangerously  🙂

Crafting On/Yarn Along this week and I’ve got a couple of things to show you.  I was tired of my ‘have to’ knitting so I worked on my purse knitting socks.

The yarn is from Knit Picks and the colour is called Goth Kitty, unfortunately 2 balls isn’t enough for knee socks and I have to wait for more to be available.

I did get some more progress on the custom sweater too.

This colour is really hard to get in a picture.  Hopefully when it’s done I can get outside and get you a much better picture.

I’m reading Why I Didn’t Rebel.  It’s good and luckily we seem to be doing things right so far.


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Almost no point making a Yarn Along post this week.  I discovered a catastrophic stitch count mistake and had to rip out the entire sweater.  I’ve got just about as much knitted again.  It’s so stressful knitting for someone I don’t know.  Especially when I have to count on someone else’s measuring skills.

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Another combo post.  I wasn’t feeling great yesterday and wasn’t online much.  By the way, if you are looking for a small batch French onion soup recipe I found a delicious one last week (and made 3 servings, not one)


French toast -tried a new Ella recipe but it wasn’t as good as the last one

maple glazed ribs





macaroni and cheese

leftover ribs


leftover pizza

pork chops


roast beef


chicken cacciatore

More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie

For Yarn Along/Crafting On this week I’ve started another custom order.  This time it’s a sweater.


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Home from a lovely weekend away with my Sweetie so I’m a day late for


pork sandwiches

oven baked hamburger dinner (new)


French toast   -found another Ella safe recipe to try

pork chops


wieners and beans

leftover hamburger dinner


BBQ chicken roll-ups (freezer)

chicken wings -new recipe for in the Actifry


roast chicken


hot chicken sandwiches

More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Finished up the hat set for my friend for Yarn Along and Crafting On.  Still think she’s crazy to want a white set for a 6-year-old, but it’s pretty.

The hat is the same South-End Knitter’s hat that I have made many times.  The mitts were a basic pattern and I added the hugs and kisses cable.  And the scarf is just a rib (mistake stitch as I call it).










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A couple of things to share for Crafting On and Yarn Along.  My friend from my office days liked the mitten set I made her grandson.  She’s asked for another set for the 6-year-old -but in white!

My yarn finally arrived so I got started on the hat last night.

By the way, I found a new yarn shop for those of us in Canada.  Surprisingly, it’s called Yarn Canada.  Their prices are pretty good, though I still think I like Knit Picks best.


Finished up Ella’s birthday socks.  Just need to sew in the ends.

I knew I had the custom order coming up, so I didn’t want to start anything big after Ella’s socks.  So I pulled out my snowflake socks and got some work done on them.  Ella had a homeschool event yesterday (snow shelters and fire starting) so I got to do lots more knitting.

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Crafting On and Yarn Along this week.  I’m still reading old cook books on my Kindle.  I love the little hints here and there.  A certain someone has a birthday coming up, so I’m making her some birthday socks.  Hopefully her feet have decided to slow down their growing because I used some beautiful sock yarn this time.

We had a foggy, frosty night and this morning we woke up to hoar-frost on everything.  Always makes everything so pretty.

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Happy New Year everyone!  We had a quiet New Year’s eve, in fact we were in bed by 11.

This week for Crafting On, I’ll share my yearly knitting round-up.  I finished my new scarf but it needs blocked before I take a picture.  Hopefully by next week.

pinwheel face cloth

ski-doo balaclava for Daddy

infinity scarf for Ella

face cloth and dish cloth

Cossette sweater for Belinda

Gnome mittens for Maureen

dress for Raven Queen

Ella’s birthday knee socks 

Wonder Woman shawl for Teresa’s friend

skirt guards for my bike

3 more face cloths

2 dish cloths -new pattern

Belinda’s sweater 

Grandma’s Christmas socks

swap scarf

hat, mitts, and scarf set for Anna’s grandson

Creeper fingerless gloves for Ella

new scarf for me

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