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I don’t have a real post for Keep Calm and Craft On because I haven’t really done any knitting this week.  I have been doing a lot of research.  I’m getting back into the SCA and need so new garb.  I whipped up some quick garb for the event Ella and I attended last summer.  Remember this:

Late period Russian peasant.  It was cool and easy, but it’s not the persona I really want.  My plan is late period Elizabethan Welsh yeoman farmer’s wife.  This way I get use some of the really cool Elizabethan pieces but made with fabrics I have/can afford.

As with most garb/costumes you have to work from the inside out.  So I need a high neck shift, a petticoat, and a pair of bodyes (Elizabethan for corset).  I’m making the bodyes lace in the front and back for better fit.

Unlike the 1800’s, a pair of bodyes isn’t just ‘underwear’:

Add a pair of sleeves and it’s perfectly good outerwear.

Add a doublet on top of the ‘bodyes’ (minus the sleeves) and you are ready for a trip to Market.

A final option is the gathered kirtle:

Add sleeves and it’s a gown on its own.  Or it would go under the doublet/jacket.  Or it can also be the underdress to an open front Elizabethan.

I’m just not sure what colours to use.  Elizabethans loved to mix colours.  Especially someone of my status who might be making/buying my clothes piecemeal as I could afford the expense.  I have 6 m of red wool crepe, 5 m of fine black wool, and 3 m of very dark green twill (cotton/poly??).  I’m thinking of saving the black for a kirtle.  It’s really nice quality (bought for a suit back in my office days) and it deserves something special.

 So do I make the bodyes (and sleeves) and petticoat with the red? Use the green for a separate skirt/petticoat.  And then buy some other colour? for a doublet?  Man I wish I were creative, I have such a hard time with this.  I need to decide soon because Fabricland has linen on sale for May.

I really like this look.  She has a red petticoat over a pink one (yes pink is an Elizabethan colour).  She’s wearing a green pair of bodyes under a blue doublet (I love that colour).

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Look!  I’m getting my Keep Calm Craft On post done on time.

Belinda’s sweater is really coming along.  AND I learned a new way to cast off -tubular.  It was easy and it doesn’t seem to want to curl, which is a real bonus for a top-down sweater.

This is Ella’s favourite.

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We really need a Keep Calm Craft On button thingy!

Well, as you can see I forgot about posting again yesterday.  I just can’t seem to wrap my head around posting on Tuesdays.  I did think about it on the weekend but by Tuesday it was gone again.

Belinda’s sweater is coming along nicely.

I’m loving my new book My History: A Memoir by Antonia Fraser.  If you have any interest in history you have to read her biographies.  They are so well written and researched.  Even though they are packed full of information they feel like ‘real’ books.  Mary Queen of Scots, Marie Antoinette, The Six Wives of Henry the VIII, The Lives of the Kings and Queens of England (that one is currently on our school shelf), and many more.

Tree guy being lifted up into the poplar.

Can you see the large branch ‘flying’ through the air?

The “after” picture.  Not so nice looking, but all the hollow pieces are down and now, hopefully, if the tree falls it will fall away from the house instead of through it.  AND they saved the tire swing.

Ella scooped up a few pieces for her kitchen.  Including a new tea table.

Ella’s made an addition to her house too.  Now she has room for her fire pit to be inside and some storage.

They had to take down a big tree at Dad’s too.  Wow, no wonder the raccoons have been hanging out in there.

Did NOT know about this!  Colin says they are about 4 ft long.  Luckily, no sign of the bees (Dad is anaphylactic  to bees).

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I’ve been working on Belinda’s sweater some more.  I’ve got the sleeves separated out and am working on the body.  I definitely like the slightly thicker yarn.

I got some new ‘dish cloth’ yarn from Knit Picks and couldn’t resist whipping up a couple new face cloths.  I really love the Knit Picks Dishie, especially their multi-coloured yarns.  It knits up so much nicer than the Bernat cotton I can buy locally.

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After 6 years of hosting Yarn Along, Ginny has decided to stop.  I guess we’ll have to join up with Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On Tuesdays.

We had such a great time in Toronto I actually didn’t get a lot of knitting done (Grandma’s ‘new’ car is awkward for knitting).

Worked a bit on my poncho.  I wish the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes were a little softer.  At least I used the really soft Galileo for the neck -I’m not sure I could wear it otherwise.

I’ve also got my socks started.  The unfortunate part is I have to do them one sock at a time.

I also did some negative knitting:

I finally had to admit that the sweater for Belinda just wasn’t going to work.  I really don’t know what the designer was smoking when she decided you could knit a sweater at  sport gauge with fingering sized yarn.  It was so fine, nearly shawl-type fine!  It was also going to need blocked every time it got washed and my sister just isn’t that kind of housekeeper.  Belinda picked out a new colour in the Brava Sport yarn.  It’s a new colour so we have to wait for it to be released.

So, what did I do this weekend instead of knit?

Comic con of course!  Ella is Nurse Joy from Pokemon.  She takes care of any injured Pokemon.  Ella looked so good that she got stopped a number of times to take pictures and she received lots of compliments.

The convention centre is always so hot I decided to wear my hair up.  I really should have taken a picture because it looked pretty cool.  I wore my Steampunk outfit again -we were very under-represented this time.

Look who we found!  Ella was so pleased because the father in line after us asked Ella to stay in the picture with his daughters.  Ella could barely contain herself.

One tuckered out girl!  We like to go Sunday morning for the show.  We’re usually done by the time everyone else turns up.

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I don’t have any real projects to show you guys this week for Yarn Along.  I have a couple ‘to-go’ projects bagged up and ready for the weekend.

Working on a pair of knee socks for me.  They will have snowflake patterns up the sides.

I’ve also got everything ready for a cool poncho that I’ve wanted to work on for a while now.  I’ve knitted a number of things by Mary Gildersleeve before and I love her work.

I’m sure I’ll have lots to show you next week.

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A day late for Yarn Along this week again.  We ran over our 20 GB again this month.  We really need the ground to thaw so we can get the ‘better’ internet (50 GB).

I’m “done” the Gnome mittens.  As you can see I still need to do ends, but I need some decent sunshine/daylight first.  I was bored so I made a few more new face cloths too.

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