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I have a new project to share for Yarn Along/Crafting On.   We just found out that one of Ella’s favourite teachers at swimming is having twins!  So I’m whipping up a couple of Baby Surprise Jackets (and likely bonnets).

I’m not a fan of putting babies in green.  But it was Grandma’s idea and she was buying, so I guess it’s green.

Remember back in 2014 when the hair dresser chopped all my hair off instead of just the 10 inches for the donation?  And then the happy day in 2017 when it was finally long again?  Well, here’s today’s picture.  It’s fresh from the shower, so this is the length before it shortens with the bit of curl I have now.  This length is called ‘classic’, basically ‘butt-length’.  I now have to be careful when sitting down.  I think I may let it keep growing and see how far I can get.


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Yarn Along/Crafting On a little late. Somehow yesterday got away from me.  Oh well, this week’s progress isn’t that exciting.

Just about to the armpits on Mom’s sweater.  Though I’m beginning to worry about the amount of yarn left.  I’ll have to make it do because I like the firmness of the ‘material’.  I don’t want it any stretchier.

I got a couple of books for Christmas, but right now I’m reading a school related one.  It’s called Know and Tell and it walks you through the narration process.  It’s something we’ve been weak at over the years.

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Hey look a Yarn Along/Crafting On post -and it’s not socks!

It’s the impossible to photograph sweater for Grandma!!  I forget which filter I used on my phone to finally get a decent picture.  I think I’m just about done the body and ready to start the bottom edge, then on to the sleeves.  Not sure it’s getting finished before Christmas.  Good thing Grandma doesn’t mind a present on needles.

I was going to show you what I made for my swap partner, but somehow I forgot to take any pictures.  Not sure how that happened.   I made her a sock baggie with some of the blue from Ella’s afghan.  I also made a small flurry of snowflakes like these.  I made a small shawl -good for tucking in a winter coat.

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A couple of things for Crafting On/Yarn Along:

Did I show you the progress on Mom’s sweater after I ripped out all the patterned body part?

Sorry for the too much flash.  I was trying to get the pattern to show up.  It’s a charcoal colour, but with a black base, not grey like in this picture.  I really need to start doing some focused knitting.  I hate giving half-made presents.

Ella having book club every Monday morning is really helping my purse knitting.  First sock is done, just finishing up the casings/bind off at the top.  I love making socks.

I know I haven’t mentioned it this fall, but I hope you all have been working on your Christmas countdown preparations.  I’m behind on the cleaning, but I’m done shopping (I think) and have lots of ideas ready for the Advent season.   Don’t forget, this Sunday is ‘Stir-Up Sunday‘, get all your ingredients ready for your Christmas pudding and cakes.  Follow the link to grab my recipe or just to see my adorable little helper.

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OK, I’m not sure what’s up with this week.  Somehow I managed to forget about Monday and Tuesday.  So I guess it’s a catch up day today.


Crockpot Thanksgiving dinner -using a turkey quarter.  Colin said it was the best turkey ever, but doesn’t know if that’s because of the recipe or the turkey -it’s ours


New England corn chowder

leftover turkey


perogie in my Actifry 

vegetarian pot pie -I’ll use chicken broth and Ella milk of course



shipwreck casserole -looks interesting, I’ll do it in the oven.  I don’t really like CP potatoes


leftover casserole

leftover pot pie


breakfast for dinner -not eggs because Ella’s home this weekend since Grandma is in Bowmanville babysitting Great-Grandma so Uncle Dennis can go hunting  🙂


honey garlic chicken wings

Go check out what’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie


I do have some projects to share for Yarn Along.  I got some purse knitting work done.  My sock is almost to my calf.  I also did a bit of work on my pillowcase lace.  Of course, I’m working on a few things for my swap partner too.


I’m even behind with the Halloween pictures.  This is the very first year that Ella has done all the pumpkin gut work.  She figured out that my wooden spatula can do most of the work for her.  She then used the ladle to scoop out the guts.

Ella drew the face of Innuyasha, her new favourite manga show.  Luckily the pumpkin wasn’t too thick this year, so I let Ella do the carving.

Daisy’s not so sure…

Pathfinder enrollment last week too.

Ella’s a school girl vampire.

I guess that’s about it.  Of course, the menu is just ‘ideas’ since it’s combine season and we never know when Daddy will need lunch in the field or come home for supper.  How’s your week going?



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Mondays are so busy here this Autumn.  We’ve got book club in Pembroke in the mornings, the kids are doing Diary of a Young Girl (did I tell you that already?).   Home again after lunch and then back to Pembroke for Pathfinders (which Ella loves).  I don’t seem to get anything done on Mondays.  This week I didn’t even get my menu up.



store roasted chicken


grilled cheese

leftover chicken



cracklin’ chicken



smothered hamburgers


Daddy feeds himself

What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?


My Crafting On and Yarn Along posts might be a little sparse for the next few weeks.  I’m participating in a Christmas swap on Ravelry again, so sssssshhhhhh!!!

I do have some purse knitting progress to share.  I used a filter to try to get the colour right.  The yarn is blue and burgundy.

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I had a bit of startitis this weekend, so I’ve got a few things to share for Yarn Along/Crafting On this week.

Started another pair of socks for Grandma for Christmas.  She’s getting to that age where it’s hard to find her presents.  She really doesn’t need things.  But she loves my knitting socks, so socks it is.  I really like this yarn, not a surprise since it’s Berroco and the same brand I use for Colin and Ella’s thick socks.  I’m thinking of ripping these out and just making a plain sock.  The pattern is getting lost in the colourway.

I started a pair of black socks for me.  I’m definitely going to rip these ones out.  For some reason the math has failed me and they are too loose.  That’s half the point of making my own socks -to have them fit properly.  I might actually use this yarn to make me knee socks with the Ceilidh pattern.

Then I decided I needed to knit a project bag for my knitting projects.  It fits nicely in my purse.  I used some of the leftovers from Ella’s afghan.

And of course, a new project bag requires a new project.  So I started a new pair of knee socks.  These are just plain knitting because it’s a funky stripey yarn that sort of looks like snowflakes.

I think that’s it for the new projects this week.  Oh yeah, I didn’t show you Grandma’s last pair of finished socks.  I took the picture without the flash and the colour is better.

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