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I was hoping to show off my finished shawls for Yarn Along this week, but I just didn’t get them blocked.  Maybe next week.

I’ve got some good progress to share with my February Lady’s Sweater.  I’m just finishing off the garter on the bottom and ready to head into the sleeves.  This blue is so hard to get a good picture of, I’ll have to get a picture of it outside when finished.

For our nature journals, I picked up The Burgess Animal Book.

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Yarn Along time again this week.

Three sides of Grandma’s purse all sewn up.  I had enough brown.  Just need to knit up the handles.  Finally got all the ends sewn in too.  That took quite a while.

Whipping up a baby surprise jacket for one of the girls at the Renfrew Farmers’ Market.  Haven’t heard whether she’s having a boy or a girl, so it’s unisex.

Pulled out Fairy Houses of Maine.  It’s soon time to start working on Ella’s fairy garden and I wanted to get some inspiration.  We really need some rain though, the ground is too hard to pull out the weeds.

I forgot to mention that we’re starting our February Lady’s Sweaters at Knit night this week.  I know some of you girls have started already.  Can’t wait to see them!

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I forgot to mention yesterday that I’m thinking of starting a Knit Along.  My friend Meagan and I are going to make February Lady sweaters and wondered if any of you ladies would be interested in joining us.

It’s knit from worsted sized yarn so it’s a fairly quick knit and a fairly easy pattern.  I love that it’s top down, so you stop the sleeves and the body when they fit you -not the ‘perfect’ standard size.

Leave me a quick comment if you’d like to join us and I’ll try to figure out how to make a ‘linky’ thing.

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So, my shawl is at Grandma’s house waiting to be frogged (I hate doing that with a completed project).  Yarn Along this week has me I’m working on a few new things to add to my store.  By the way, if you girls have any suggestions I’d love to hear what you’d like to see in the store.

The top is a cute little baby/toddler hat that makes little cat ears when it’s worn.  I’ll have to find one of Ella’s dolls to be the model.  Pretty baby sweater in my favourite pattern.  It’s a new yarn (to me anyway) by Red Heart.  Very soft and some pretty colourways.

We’re reading A Day at the Sugar Bush since that’s where we are heading this week.  We’re going to Fulton’s Pancake House for a homeschool field trip.

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You may have noticed I don’t read too much.  I just don’t seem to find the time to get lost in a book any more.  I get so involved in my reading that I have a hard time listening to what is going on (which is probably why I loved reading so much when I was young, but I digress).  So I don’t usually read while Ella’s up.  I’m still reading All Wound Up, it’s such a funny book.  I just finished the chapter about the water balloon fight -you’ve got to read this book!

I’ve got the mittens all finished and they are ready to felt.  Ella’s leggings are coming along nicely.  Just finishing off the bum.  They are actually a little long, but I can fold up the ankles and they will last the season and maybe next year too (if I’m really lucky).  Even with her long legs, these take no time to knit.  I’m actually almost out of knitting projects.  I might have to give in to the startitis I feel coming on and get some new projects ready to go.

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Yarn Along this week is still Grandma’s 10-stitch blanket.  I thought I was finished but found 3 more balls of yarn.  I now have one ball left.  Looks like an ‘in-progress’ gift this year.  Oh well, I’ll have it done by new year’s  🙂

Grandma had to go to Ottawa yesterday to get a final Christmas present.  She stopped by Chapters and picked up a great Hanukkah book for Ella.  It’s just  right for a child Ella’s age.  It gives that facts without going into too much details.  She’s getting so sensitive lately, I never know how much to tell her.  Like on the 28th, the Massacre of the Innocents.  I think we may just forget that day this year, I don’t want to spend a week of Ella not sleeping.

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Wow, there are so many links over at Ginny’s Yarn Along this week and it’s only 11 am!  It’s so much fun to see what the other knitters are working on.  Here’s my contribution:

We’ve had some lovely cool weather for a few days.  I’ve picked up Grandma‘s blanket again.  It’s only supposed to be a lap blanket, but I’m not sure how big to make it.  Any suggestions?  I really like the Bernat Mosaic.  I may have to get some more and try a Baby Surprise Jacket  I bet it would be beautiful.

I’m reading Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff.  I got it from the library for our holiday but didn’t get around to reading it.  It’s off to a slow start and needs to pick up soon.  I don’t have time for reading books I don’t enjoy.

Here’s an easy meal to toss in the oven so you can have more knitting/reading time.  It uses a butterflied chicken, our grocery store has been carrying them lately at the same price as a whole chicken.

This chicken comes already seasoned.  They call it wild garlic and herb.  Cut up some root vegetables, I used potatoes, onions and carrots.  Cut them into largish pieces.  I left the carrots whole, just cut in the middle.  I love carrots fresh from the garden.  Sprinkle the vegetables with some oil and toss to coat.  Pile the veggies in the middle of the roasting pan and top with the chicken.  Now you have  a choice here.  You can roast the chicken at 450F for 30-40 minutes or 350 for 45 minutes.  I like the lower temperature because it makes less mess of my oven and less chance to burn the vegetables.

Ella loves dressing, so I made my usual recipe and cooked it in a foil baggie.  To make the baggie, cut off a piece of tin foil twice the size you think you need.  Fold in half lengthwise.  Then fold in half again.  Fold over the sides 2-3 times to make an envelope-type shape.  Spray with a bit of oil and fill carefully.  Fold the top closed and bake with roast for about 30 minutes.

For minimal prep time and just 45 minutes unattended in the oven, you end up with a yummy roast chicken supper.  By the way, the carrots were delicious this way.  They had an almost sweet taste to to them.  Will definitely be doing this again.

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Just home from a mini-vacation and a few things to share with Ginny’s Yarn Along this week.  Admittedly, these aren’t things I’m working on.  But they are things I’ve finally finished  🙂

My girlfriend is having a baby girl, so I am able to make my favourite baby sweater.  And thanks to Ravelry, I was able to find a bonnet to go with the February Baby Sweater.  The yarn is Baby Kashmere from Mary Maxim.  The yarn is so soft.  One word of warning, be sure to check your yardage.  I had to order extra (and was SO lucky to get the same dye lot).

Ella’s February Little Lady sweater is finally finished.  Well, ok, I still need buttons and to sew in ends, but the knitting is finished.  It is a much prettier blue in person.

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Busy trying to tidy-up the kitchen, we’re having the in-laws over for supper.  I almost forgot it was Yarn Along day!

I’ve slowed down a bit with my knitting.  It’s just been so hot.  I’ve put away the blanket and the other project just for now.  Luckily, I have a girlfriend who’s having a baby in the fall.  So now I’ve got the perfect excuse to make my favourite baby pattern.  I love to knit Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February Baby Sweater.  It’s so quick, easy and pretty.  This is about an hour’s worth of knitting.  It’s from EZ’s <a href="Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac""“>Knitter’s Almanac, a book I can’t recommend enough!  We’re not reading much, just bedtime books really.  We’re just taking it easy and enjoying the summer and trying not to melt (though the last two days have been just gorgeous).

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I have a new project to share this week for Ginny’s Yarn Along.  I know what you are thinking, Paula really doesn’t need a new project.  But next week I’ll share with you the reason why I needed to start this project.

This is a really cool version of an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern (big surprise I know).  It’s a blanket made from the centre out and with short row corners.  I really love the way it is knitting.  I could see making a lot of these  🙂  And yes, those balls are the same colour/dye lot.  They were just wound from different spots in the colour pattern.  If I was using these for socks I would have picked two balls that looked more matched.  But for this pattern it doesn’t matter.

I’m reading a sewing book, Sewing Clothes Kids Love.   Ella would absolutely love anything in this book.  It also shows how I’m not creative.  A creative person would look at a book like this and think of all the wonderful things they could make.  I look at it and see pictures to copy and wonder how I will ever find material like the picture.

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