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You may have noticed the project pictures on the side of our blog.  Well, I have given up on Etsy (no traffic) and have opened my own online store.  It’s called Bella Ella Creations.  Right now I have a few knitted things listed, but plan to add lots more.  Stop by and have a look around.

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Well, this week’s Yarn Along post isn’t going to be what I thought it was.  We were going to head to Ottawa to see Santa today.  Luckily (for  me) Ella begged to go to Grandma’s overnight (since she was driving today) because about midnight Ella started throwing up.  Grandma says she’s never seen Ella so sick.  I have a very weak stomach so it’s best for everyone that she’s at Grandma’s.  I was talking with them at lunch and Ella was sounding much perkier than she was this morning and was going to try some toast and applesauce.  I sure hope she’s feeling better soon.

But, it’s like Ella knew what she was doing because the weather has decided to do this:

Yeah, I know this is minimal snow when you live in northish Ontario.  The potential problem is it’s arrived on top of 24 hours of near record rainfall.  Seeing Santa today isn’t worth the risk of ice/black ice and the fact that everyone seems to forget how to drive in the first snow  🙂  Oh well, this is the beauty of homeschooling.  We can go on another weekday and avoid the crowds.

So for today’s Yarn Along I have my nearly finished mittens.  Just a bit of thumb left.  This is my favourite felted pattern.  I’ve made at least 4 pairs of these mittens so far.  I just hope this yarn felts well.  I like the colour together, though maybe the variegated could have been a little brighter.  Too much to do right now for fun reading. My ‘reading’ this week is our list of ‘Christmas’ stories that I need to put into reading order for our Advent fun.  I know I haven’t made any Advent posts, but I will get to that soon.

No news on the Knit Along.  I’m really thinking I may rip the sweater out and find something on Ravelry to make with the yarn.  It cost too much to make a sweater that will only fit Ella for a month or so.  I really like the pattern and it’s super easy, there just seems to be measurement issues (and yes I’ve checked the gauge again).

I forgot to mention that I’ve got a new item up in the Etsy shop.  It’s a cute little red shrug.  Ella has one just like it and loves it.  When I can’t get her to put on a sweater she’ll wear the shrug.

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New Etsy Shop

I’ve taken the leap into the Etsy world and opened a shop.  That’s where you’ll find the listing for the Danish shawl and any other hand work I’m selling.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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