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Crazy Weather

What’s the weather doing where you are? It can’t seem to make up it’s mind. We got so cold last week that Colin actually lit the furnace again! We’ve got the a/c back on and I’m so very glad because they are already talking 35C/95F with the humidity. My asthma is acting up today, so I’m so very grateful that I don’t have to fight the humidity too.

I’ve got a bit of sewing done. So many of my dresses are getting worn out. Far too worn for going to town.

I had a lot of trouble with this dress. The original top didn’t fit, still not sure how considering it was a custom pattern? So I pulled out my old faithful Folkwear dirndl pattern and changed it to fit the skirt, which was already cut out. I hand inserted the side zipper, which was a first for me.

See these happy, smiling faces?? That’s because our whole family is now ‘half’ vaccinated. It has done a world of good for Ella’s anxiety. Colin and Ella had rather sore arms for a few days (couldn’t lift over their heads without pain/supporting the arm). I was fine. We also had really great people give us the needles. I’ve NEVER had a ‘shot’ that hurt as little as this one.

Now if only we could get some gentle rain in suitable amounts, everything would be great.

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Crafting On -19 June 2018

Crafting on this week is a new dress (I have a number of them done, but no one to take pictures).  I had to use a filter to get the dress the right colour.  It made my feet look dirty, but it’s just shadow.  This dress is a little different from my usual.  It’s a fabric I got from the Mennonite fabric store and it’s a soft, silky georgette (instead of the usual cotton).

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I don’t have a real post for Keep Calm and Craft On because I haven’t really done any knitting this week.  I have been doing a lot of research.  I’m getting back into the SCA and need so new garb.  I whipped up some quick garb for the event Ella and I attended last summer.  Remember this:

Late period Russian peasant.  It was cool and easy, but it’s not the persona I really want.  My plan is late period Elizabethan Welsh yeoman farmer’s wife.  This way I get use some of the really cool Elizabethan pieces but made with fabrics I have/can afford.

As with most garb/costumes you have to work from the inside out.  So I need a high neck shift, a petticoat, and a pair of bodyes (Elizabethan for corset).  I’m making the bodyes lace in the front and back for better fit.

Unlike the 1800’s, a pair of bodyes isn’t just ‘underwear’:

Add a pair of sleeves and it’s perfectly good outerwear.

Add a doublet on top of the ‘bodyes’ (minus the sleeves) and you are ready for a trip to Market.

A final option is the gathered kirtle:

Add sleeves and it’s a gown on its own.  Or it would go under the doublet/jacket.  Or it can also be the underdress to an open front Elizabethan.

I’m just not sure what colours to use.  Elizabethans loved to mix colours.  Especially someone of my status who might be making/buying my clothes piecemeal as I could afford the expense.  I have 6 m of red wool crepe, 5 m of fine black wool, and 3 m of very dark green twill (cotton/poly??).  I’m thinking of saving the black for a kirtle.  It’s really nice quality (bought for a suit back in my office days) and it deserves something special.

 So do I make the bodyes (and sleeves) and petticoat with the red? Use the green for a separate skirt/petticoat.  And then buy some other colour? for a doublet?  Man I wish I were creative, I have such a hard time with this.  I need to decide soon because Fabricland has linen on sale for May.

I really like this look.  She has a red petticoat over a pink one (yes pink is an Elizabethan colour).  She’s wearing a green pair of bodyes under a blue doublet (I love that colour).

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Slow getting to Yarn Along this week but no real reason for it.

Just about finished the embroidery.  Made some quick lace for the edging.  I’m not sure what size the thread is??  It’s at Michael’s with the embroidery thread.  It says #12 but it’s much finer than #10??

My book to share this week is a new purchase for Ella.  We picked this up last week at Chapter’s too.  It’s bible stories told with Minecraft pictures!  Weird?  I know, but Ella loves it.  She’s brought it to ‘school’ for days we have bible lessons.

Finally got my new slip/petticoat put together.  The flounce is off a different skirt and the lace on the left is store-bought.  Did a bit more sewing on Sunday (it was Mother’s day after all) but that’s not ready to share yet.

Joining up with Keep Calm and Craft On for the first time.

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Wow, the difference between knitting the slippers and knitting socks.  I put the slippers aside this week and my wrists/arms feel so much better.

My TARDIS socks have become my ‘swimming pool’ knitting.  That’s what I knit while I watch Ella swim.  The pool is warmish, but not Momma-swimming warm.

Starting the gussets on my other pair of socks (I turned the heels last night).  I’ve got the pattern memorized (including the changes I made) so it’s ready to become ‘purse knitting’.

I’ve also done some sewing this week.  This is a ‘lunch bag‘ but it’s going to be my purse knitting bag to keep my yarn safe in my purse.

I left the handles off because it’s going to be in my purse and not carried around.  I’m thinking of making another bag, padded, to carry my camera.

Monday we did our milk test (lactose free of course).  That hasn’t gone well.  I have a feeling we’re going to stay on the allergy diet permanently.

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Not too much actual knitting to share for Yarn Along this week.  I’m still working on Ella’s afghan.  I’m also working a bit on my gingerbread house.  It’s handy for car travelling.  It’s at that funny gauge that hurts my wrist so I can’t work on them for too long.

I have been working on some other things.

My Christmas dress (please ignore the breakfast dishes).  The skirt has 3 tiers.

I love jumpers!  The material is almost a black toile on the blue background.  I need to make an under-dress (pettiblouse as they call it).

Here’s a dress I designed.  I call it my ‘Schrodinger‘s’ dress -Big Bang fans will know what I mean.  I’ve taken a long time to finish this dress.  Because I’m worried it won’t look nice.  So if I don’t finish it, it will both look great and look bad.  But once I finish it…

I know, I know, I’ve got the wrong bra on.  I forgot I was taking pictures today.  Obviously I won’t be wearing a dark coloured bra in future.

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Well, yesterday’s Midsummer plans were a wash out -literally.  We received 1.8 inches of rain!

Today is 6 months till Christmas!!  I was shocked when I realized that.  I have only one item made and another on the needles and then I’m out of ideas.  I don’t know whether Colin’s family likes the things I make so I’m really having a hard time this year wanting to make them anything.  But I really don’t want to slip into the ‘you buy us gift cards/we buy your gift cards’ habit.  What’s the point of that?  I know my Mom loves the stuff I make, but I’m stuck at what to make for her too.

This week I have sewing to share.  I had a couple of dresses ‘die’ in the last few weeks, plus the hot weather will be arriving soon.  I was getting desperate for some decent ‘wearing in public’ dresses.

I love this material.  I should have bought more.  If we go to London to visit friends like Colin keeps saying, I’ll get him to swing through Floradale and get some more.

Wish you could see the print on this one.  It’s so light and summery.  Small white and yellow flowers and it’s so soft too.  Carefully keeping an eye on Daisy because she decided the manure pit would be a good place for a swim!  Don’t need her jumping on me.

And yes, this is about as ‘tanned’ as I get.  My family is Welsh, German, English and Scottish, none of which are known for their tanning ability  -ha ha!

Whipped up a quick one for Ella.  It’s hard to see here, but it’s a pinafore style dress.  It has a pale pink underskirt.  Ella is in a bit of a mood today, so I didn’t press for any better pictures.

Also made a couple nightgowns.  Ella likes to match.

Got some stuff coming up that I can’t talk about yet, so I haven’t really had time to read.  I did a bit of knitting on Ella’s afghan.  That is until the knitting needle put a hole in my knitting finger.  Yeah, don’t ask.  I guess I need to drink more, my skin is too dry.  So I had to stop knitting this week so it would heal.

Hopefully next week I’ll have lots to share for Yarn Along

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Yarn Along this week shows little actual knitting progress:

yarn along -27 march shawl

But I have been busy sewing some things for me:

Yarn along -27 March

Outside and here’s the inside:

Yarn along 27 march

And I made a circular needle case:

yarn along -27 march case

I’m not sure how many needles will fit in this case.  I may have to make one for each needle length -just to keep them organized better.

Ella is back to asking for Little Girls Bible Storybook for Mothers and Daughters for her bed time story.  It’s got nice short little bible stories, perfect for bedtime.

Sharing this also over at Deborah Jean’s Sewing Party.

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