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Happy Thanksgiving every one!  Colin’s family has a big thing to be thankful for this year.  On Thursday his sister’s husband had a heart attack.  Luckily he wasn’t alone and they are close to Renfrew so the ambulance was quick to arrive.  They rushed him off to Ottawa to the Heart Institute and they put in a stint.   He recovered quickly and was even home on Saturday!!  I’m taking Thanksgiving dinner to them today.  Colin and Dad are spending a second day down there getting their wood prepared for the winter.  Sure makes me glad we heat with corn, so much less work.

I’m not sure what’s up this week.  The bike park is closed so one of the other moms is trying to find the kids an indoor place.  I hope we can because Ella had so much fun on the ramps.


turkey, dressing, mashed potato casserole, biscuits, corn, peas, Caesar salad, apple pie, and lemon meringue pie


hot turkey


turkey and biscuit casserole


stew -freezer


leftover casserole


leftover stew


breaded pork chops

I’m an Organizing Junkie is taking a holiday today, so you’ve just got me.



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Wishing everyone a very blessed Christmas!

 christmas tree

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Halloween party at Guides last night.  I made some caramel apples.  Really easy and doesn’t need store-bought caramels.


Caramel Apples

makes 12

1 cup butter                                            1 cup corn syrup

2 1/4 cup brown sugar                         1 can condensed milk

2 tsp vanilla

Put everything (except vanilla) in a large pot.  Stir to dissolve the sugar.  Boil without stirring until it measures 248F on a candy thermometer.

Let cool 2 minutes.  Add vanilla.  Dip apples and place on a lined cookie sheet.

I found a really good sticks to use for the apples.  They sell them at the dollar store and call them skewers.  They worked great and were much cheaper than ‘official’ candy apple sticks.


This is called ‘steak’ spice but I use it just about any time some meat needs some seasoning.  I used it on the chicken I made on Monday.  Just take your chicken pieces, sprinkle them with the seasoning and toss them on a shallow pan and roast for an hour at 350F

Steak Spice

10 tsp salt                                   3 tsp black pepper                               4 tsp onion powder (NOT salt)

2 tsp thyme                                2 tsp rosemary                                     4 tsp garlic powder (NOT salt)

I mix it up and keep it in a glass jar so it’s always ready.


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I actually can’t share my knitting with you guys this week.  I signed up for a Christmas swap on Ravelry and my partner might be snooping around here.  Unfortunately, I’m not completely happy with the way it turned out, so I’m starting over again.  I hope my partner likes it.  It’s a little bigger than she’s probably expecting, but it takes less knitting than say a pair of socks  🙂  I’ll be happy to share the project with you guys in December.

I haven’t been doing much reading this week (been busy knitting), but I have started the 4th book of the ‘To a Degree’ series.  It’s called Partners to a Degree, it’s a little slower than the others but it will hopefully pick up soon.

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A day late for Crafting On, but you’ll see why soon.

The sharp-eyed among you will see there is something different with my purse knitting too:

Do you notice anything different with my sister’s Christmas sweater?

Yep. I had to rip the whole thing out and start over.  My gauge was a bit off because I was using worsted instead of aran.  By the time I was able to get a really good, accurate gauge measurement I realized it had to come out and start over.  Move up a size and starting over.

Yep, my knee socks have become ‘regular’ socks for my Mom for Christmas.  I just wasn’t ‘digging’ the patterning of the yarn when made into knee socks.  Oh well, Mom loves knitted socks, and these are washable so she won’t shrink them like she did the part cashmere ones.

I found some fun, Little House on the Prairie type books to read.  I read a bunch of the books that tell us about the ‘Rose‘ years.  They start just after “The First Four Years”.  Last night I started the ‘Martha‘ years, it’s about Laura’s great-grandma back in Scotland.

Now, why is my post late?  Last week Mom fell (tripped over the dog because she didn’t let Ella hold the leash).  I didn’t mention it because she was OK (cracked little finger on left hand, but OK).  When she got home from taking us to Ella’s “not back to school” picnic there was a message to go to the hospital for a splint because she cracked her right thumb.   So we head to Renfrew and drop Grandma at the hospital.  Ella and I went to the library (free wifi) to kill time since waiting in the ER for a cracked thumb could take a while.

We eventually got kicked out of the library at 8 (the ladies wanted to go home).  We moved over to the Tim Horton’s/Wendy’s and used their wifi (and had a snack).

5 hours later, we swung by the hospital to pick up Grandma:

Yeah, 2 half casts!!!  Thank the good Lord that Ella is 11 and home schooled.  I left Ella at Grandma’s to take care of things for a few days until Grandma can figure out what she can and can’t do.  She has to go back next week and have everything looked at and then maybe changed.  Hopefully that means something more useful.  If her hands weren’t so messed up with arthritis/fused she would likely have been just bruised but fine.

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Testing, Testing…

Thanks Elizabeth for the picture hosting help (and the great phone call -I needed that).  I’m going to give Flickr a try since I’ve apparently already got an account with them through Yahoo.


So, can you see the pictures of my sweeties?

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Photobucket Sucks

I don’t know whether any one else has heard, but Photobucket has decided it doesn’t want to host our photos for free any more.  I’m not really sure where this leaves my poor little blog.  I really don’t have $60 (US probably) to spend a year just to host pictures.  There is still some space on my ‘account’ here at WordPress, so going forward I can post fewer and smaller pictures.  But I don’t know what’s going to happen to all the old pictures (from 2013).  I have a feeling they are just going to go ‘puff’.  I’m really upset about all this because I love sharing our lives with all of you and I’ve made some really good friends thanks to this blog.

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