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The End of Summer

No Menu Plan Monday this week.  Colin and I are off for a few days to celebrate our anniversary (just a month late).  If you are looking for eggs, don’t worry Grandma is here babysitting everything.

Wow, it was 30C yesterday and will be again today.  But fall is definitely on its way.  The fields and ditches are full of Michaelmas daisies (which are really asters), one of my favourite flowers.  Found this surprise in the garden yesterday:

The last of the roses.

Have a great week.

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Nothing too exciting for this week’s Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

Happy birthday Auntie Belinda!!!  Usually we go to Toronto in February, but this year we had a crazy February.  So Auntie B came to us (Uncle Stefan too).  Ella got to show Uncle Stefan all the cool Minecraft stuff she’s been building.  Ella made chocolate cake and chocolate fudge glaze for Auntie B.  We’ll be seeing them again in March in time for Comic-Con.

Here’s the funny for this week.  Timmy’s favourite place to hang out.  We call it the ‘kitty hammock’.  It even works when Daddy is sitting here (it’s Daddy’s end).  Colin’s knees hit right about where the kitty hammock is, so there’s room for Tim too  🙂

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For Today…  23 November 2015
Outside my window…feels like winter today.  It’s only -8 C (17.6F) this morning.  But since it’s only 7:30 it will likely warm up.
I am thinking… about Christmas and working on my shopping list.  I want to get it finished before the stores get crazy.
I am thankful… that Colin got all the corn combined and we won’t have to worry about it all winter.  Now just to wait and hope prices go up so that we can sell our stored corn at a profit.
I am wearing… my nightgown  🙂
I am creating… need to get working on a skirt for my Guide uniform.
I am going… no where, it’s an ‘at home’ day today.
I am wondering…if I have time to knit a present before Christmas??

I am reading… school books.  After being off a while being sick, we need to get back to school.

I am hoping… it snows soon.  Ella really wants to play in the snow.  And since Daddy’s done, it’s OK to hope for snow.
In my kitchen…Christmas pudding -or will be soon.  Yesterday was Stir-Up Sunday.  Ella was at Grandma’s yesterday, so we’re doing it this morning.
In the homeschool room… cooking and then back at the ‘regular’ stuff.
One of my favorite things… getting ready to start my Christmas baking.  Already been to Bulk Barn so I’m all set!
I’m not this good.  I wouldn’t even try to do fair isle work while walking and carrying buckets.  But I love this picture.

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For Today…  16 November 2015
Outside my window…bright and sunny today.  It’s nearly 8C (46F).  Not exactly warm, but you can’t complain in the middle of November in Ontario.  Colin and Dad are busy up the highway at our last corn field.
I am thinking… I need to get off the computer and get to the housework.
I am thankful… that we’ll be able to get the corn off before winter this year.  It’s always a risk to leave it out over winter.
I am wearing… my black tiered dress.
I am creating… I need to make a skirt for my Guide leader uniform.
I am going… town and then up to the field with lunch.
I am wondering…what the clinic will say about Ella’s cold.  I sure hope it’s still ‘nothing’.

I am reading… the Guide program book to make plans for the rest of the year.  I need to make sure our 3rd year girl finishes her program.

I am hoping… Colin can come home before it gets too dark.
In my kitchen…maybe cookies later today.
In the homeschool room… need to get back to school.  With both of us being sick we’ve been off for a while.  Hard to read lessons when you can’t stop coughing.
One of my favorite things… Ella LOVED  “The Hobbit”.  We ended up watching all 3 of the movies.

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For Today…  2 November 2015
Outside my window…wow, it’s a beautiful day.  17.6C (68.6F) on the second of November is nearly unheard of!  Sunny too.
I am thinking… about my menu plan for the next month.  No ideas at all…
I am thankful… all my blood work came back good.  Well, cholesterol is a little high, but my ‘good’ cholesterol is high and since I’m a young woman there isn’t much worry.  Need to get my butt moving and start walking more.
I am wearing… my purple tiered dress.
I am creating… just sewing one more thing for the Advent swap.
I am going… no where!
I am wondering…if it’s a good idea to let Ella watch the first part of The Hobbit?  She says she’s old enough.  I think she will be OK.

I am reading… nothing.  Finished up Lark Rise to Candleford.  Actually not true.  I picked up the new Jane Austen Knits magazine.  I love the articles and there are some beautiful patterns.

I am hoping… Colin gets all the plowing done before the ground freezes.  With the weather forecast this week, he’ll have a good shot at it -if it doesn’t rain.
In my kitchen…beef stew -yum!!  May make some tea biscuits to go with the stew.
In the homeschool room… Ella is liking the Handwriting Without Tears.  We’ve only done a couple of lessons, but that’s good.
One of my favorite things… introducing Ella to movies that I love.  Especially ones that do well to follow the book (or the spirit of the book any way).
Christmas Countdown continues this week.  We’re in the Bathroom and Children’s rooms.  This is the week I’m glad our house is small and only has one of each.
Today is a special day on the Church calendar.  The end of Hallowtide brings us All Soul’s Day.  We were going to go visit Grandma Isobel, but Ella’s fighting off the cold Daddy shared and I’m not sure I’m feeling that great either.  Today we remember all our dearly departed and look to see them again.

I can’t seem to embed videos on the blog, so here’s the link you need for a song for today.

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Happy Thanksgiving



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Farm Girl Friday this week is our first week of fairly heavy frost.

Surprisingly, our bushel gourds are doing great this year.  With the lack of heat I didn’t think they would grow well.

They are so big and heavy that this is about as far as Colin can lift one.  Gourds are always much heavier than they look.  Unfortunately, we completely forgot about them and the frost last night.  We’ll have to see if they got hit too hard.

Colin’s giant pumpkins didn’t do so well this year.  But then again they didn’t get too much attention and had to swim for a while.

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