I don’t have a real post for Keep Calm and Craft On because I haven’t really done any knitting this week.  I have been doing a lot of research.  I’m getting back into the SCA and need so new garb.  I whipped up some quick garb for the event Ella and I attended last summer.  Remember this:

Late period Russian peasant.  It was cool and easy, but it’s not the persona I really want.  My plan is late period Elizabethan Welsh yeoman farmer’s wife.  This way I get use some of the really cool Elizabethan pieces but made with fabrics I have/can afford.

As with most garb/costumes you have to work from the inside out.  So I need a high neck shift, a petticoat, and a pair of bodyes (Elizabethan for corset).  I’m making the bodyes lace in the front and back for better fit.

Unlike the 1800’s, a pair of bodyes isn’t just ‘underwear’:

Add a pair of sleeves and it’s perfectly good outerwear.

Add a doublet on top of the ‘bodyes’ (minus the sleeves) and you are ready for a trip to Market.

A final option is the gathered kirtle:

Add sleeves and it’s a gown on its own.  Or it would go under the doublet/jacket.  Or it can also be the underdress to an open front Elizabethan.

I’m just not sure what colours to use.  Elizabethans loved to mix colours.  Especially someone of my status who might be making/buying my clothes piecemeal as I could afford the expense.  I have 6 m of red wool crepe, 5 m of fine black wool, and 3 m of very dark green twill (cotton/poly??).  I’m thinking of saving the black for a kirtle.  It’s really nice quality (bought for a suit back in my office days) and it deserves something special.

 So do I make the bodyes (and sleeves) and petticoat with the red? Use the green for a separate skirt/petticoat.  And then buy some other colour? for a doublet?  Man I wish I were creative, I have such a hard time with this.  I need to decide soon because Fabricland has linen on sale for May.

I really like this look.  She has a red petticoat over a pink one (yes pink is an Elizabethan colour).  She’s wearing a green pair of bodyes under a blue doublet (I love that colour).

I picked up KFC for supper last night so I’ll have to make some changes to the planned menu for this week.

Still praying for cropping weather up here.

Good news, Ella passed her Level 5 swimming this time around.  On to Level 6!



leftover KFC

Tuesday:   homeschool bowling!

tomato soup

Asian steak salad


hot dogs

leftover chicken



cauliflower chicken chili -new recipe



sesame chicken

Saturday:   A&S day at Cate’s

tomato beef soup -new recipe in the crockpot



What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?

Did I tell you about Comic-Con last week?  It was in Ottawa this weekend so that’s what Ella and I did on Sunday.  Wow, people in Ottawa wake up way earlier than the folks in Toronto.  We usually go first thing Sunday morning so that the crowds aren’t too bad.  That works in Toronto.  I think there were more people in costume in Ottawa, there was certainly more Steampunk folks.

Nurse Joy was a hit like always.  Ella got stopped a number of times for pictures.

I think she’s fighting off a bit of a head cold and had a rough night, so she kind of passed out on the way home (something she rarely ever does).

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know about the flooding going on around here.  Though if you listen to the news you would think it’s mostly in Gatineau (Quebec).  There is flooding all over the Ottawa Valley.  Pembroke and Killaloe have actually had mudslides!

The town of Renfrew hasn’t had any actual flooding yet (their big river is in a deep valley).  The river is just amazing!  That’s they Hydro Electric generating station on the left.  It usually has about a 20-30 foot drop from the building to where the river usually runs.

The museum is on the right and used to be an old mill.  Luckily there is still a bit of wall from its mill days and that’s helping to break the water before it hits the museum’s retaining wall.  It was rather scary being on the swinging bridge (just a couple of feet above the wall) with all that water roaring underneath.

This is the little community of Deacon.  Not much is there any more but this campground and the general store (the store went under water the day after we took this picture).  It’s on Golden Lake.

This is our place.

We went for a birthday canoe.  It was really windy so we stayed off the river and just paddled in the fields.  There was about 4 feet of water under us.

Not exactly the way Colin likes to check his fields in May.  But we are certainly far better off than a lot of other folks in the Valley.  Though it really needs to start drying soon or we’ll be really cash-strapped next year.  That or Mother Nature has to promise to add an extra month of summer in the fall.

The weather doesn’t slow Ella down any.  She’s been out there working on her house and baking (though no sun makes that harder).  She’s very proud of her house.

Sunday and Monday we actually got SNOW!  It doesn’t feel so bad as all that rain, but it was melting and added to the water.  Today we have this weird glow in the sky coming through the clouds???  I seem to remember something like that in the past?  I think it was called ‘the sun’  🙂

Oh look, two weeks in a row and I remembered to make my Crafting On post!


I finished Belinda’s sweater.  Though I think I’ll wait to sew in the ends until Belinda tries it on and is happy.  This still isn’t quite the right colour, but at it’s closer than the other pictures.

I also need to get buttons, but I will definitely wait until we’re back in the city and I can get to the better Fabricland.

I’m not sure what to start on next.

I know the Crafting On group don’t really talk about books, but look what I found at Coles/Indigo the other day:

Big, thick, hard cover, $30 a book, history books.  Not only were they marked down, but they were 30% off on top of that.  The Robinson Crusoe is for school next year, it was $5.99 and 30% too.  Now I need to find some reading time.

I forgot to share our birthday pictures from the last couple weeks.

Ella and Grandma.  Hard to believe Mom is 69 this year.  It was her birthday on April 27.

Las Thursday was my birthday.  It’s hard to believe I’m 46 either.  I really don’t feel that old.

Not sure why these pictures are so grainy looking.  Usually my phone does a better job than that.

Menu Plan Monday again.  Nothing too interesting last week, just watching the water levels around here going up and up.  There are houses so far under water that they are likely completely wrecked.  We drove over by Golden Lake/Deacon and it’s unbelievable the amount of water everywhere.  We’ve got about 20 acres under water but at least it’s not up to our house.  Though if the seeds don’t get in that means no income to live on (crop insurance only applies if the seeds get in the ground), so I really hope the rain stops soon (at least until late June).

Ella’s last day of swimming lessons this week.  Hopefully she passes this time.  Even if she doesn’t I think I’ll register her for level 6 any way.  I’ve watched the ‘6’ kids and they don’t swim any better than Ella and don’t do anything she hasn’t learned already.

I really hope we can get some spring soon.  We’ve had flurries yesterday and today.  And today, the snow is actually piling up in places.  Seriously Mother Nature, it’s the 8th of May!  How much you want to bet it’s going to go from 3C (37F) to 30C (86F) and humid -blah!


grilled cheese

Hamburger Helper -Ella’s favourite beef and noodles


leftover HH

chicken tikka masala & roasted vegetable couscous -new recipe



leftover chicken


Caesar salad

chicken stirfry -new recipe



pork tenderloin (actual recipe not decided yet)


beef barley soup  -new recipe

Sunday:   COMIC-CON!!!! in Ottawa

leftover tenderloin

What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?

Look!  I’m getting my Keep Calm Craft On post done on time.

Belinda’s sweater is really coming along.  AND I learned a new way to cast off -tubular.  It was easy and it doesn’t seem to want to curl, which is a real bonus for a top-down sweater.

This is Ella’s favourite.

What a miserable first day of May!  It has rained all day long.  We were luckier than Ottawa, they really took a beating.  In the end we got about 2 1/2 inches of rain.  The river had been receding, but I think it’s just as far up in the field as it was 2 weeks ago.

We got our pictures from Maureen at Gal Capone Photography.  They all look so great, it’s going to be hard to choose which ones to print and frame.



hamburger with home-made buns



crock pot chicken and dumplings


nacho’s -Ella request


Thursday:   Momma’s birthday!!!

French onion soup

leftover chicken



steak -my birthday supper


smothered pork chops and Turkish pilaf -new recipes


oven-fried chicken

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