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Wow, last day this was rather fun.  I’ll have to see what the topics are for next year.


What is my typical crafting time?  Anytime, anywhere.  When I was at Western I always had a knitting project in my backpack.  Some days it was hard to fit in the history textbooks  🙂  These days I always have a handful of projects on the go so I can always have a project to suit the occasion.  For example, we’ve had a lot of road/bridge construction in the County for the last few years, so I’ve taken to carrying a pair of socks to work on while stopped waiting .  I also bring knitting to appointments, like on Monday.  Knitting made OVFC board meetings a lot less boring too.  The car is the best place to get knitting done and I’m lucky since I rarely have to do the driving.  I also do a lot of knitting in the evening watching tv with Colin.  For the last year I’ve actually had ‘official’ knitting time.  I join the Knit Wits in Eganville for an evening full of knitting and chatting.  They are a great group of ladies, mostly youngish mothers like me.  If our husbands knew how little we talked about them, there would be many bruised egos all over Renfrew County  🙂  We’ve even got the next generation started.  One of the girls brings her little girls knitting.  Ella wants to come too, but that will only be a once in a while event.  Momma needs some grown-up time -besides, when would I have time to make Christmas surprises?

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