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Day three is about Organizing our Stash:

How is my stash organized?  Ha!  That’s a good question.  Is un-organized an organizational system -like un-homeschooling?  Or is it a lack of organization?  When Colin and I married, nearly 8 years ago, I had to pack up my stash and move here to the farm.  I sort of sorted my stash into boxes marked ‘Baby’ ‘Socks’ and ‘Other’.  Not really much of a system.  The last few years I’ve discovered two really nice yarn shops, one fairly close and the other one back in Bowmanville.  Both of these stores have been working hard at expanding my stash  🙂  I love all the new sock yarns and rarely leave these stores without some.  Unfortunately, since having Ella, my stash organization (or non-organization) has taken a turn for the worse.  My Bowmanville LYS always sells her yarn in lovely brown paper bags (with handles).  The bags have become my new ‘organizing’ method, i.e., dump wool in bag.

And no, I’m not posting a picture  🙂

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