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Day four wants to know ‘where is it now’:

Today’s theme is to talk about the fate of one of my knitting projects.  I’m sure there will be lots of stories about projects that took forever to knit and were given to the recipient only to be quickly ‘lost’ or ‘misused’, but this isn’t one of those.

I made this baby sweater when I was in high school (told you I’ve been knitting forever).  I’ve always liked to make baby sweaters in between larger projects.  It’s about as close to instant gratification that a knitter can have.  This yarn for this sweater likely came from Eaton’s, probably Lady Fair -most of it did back then.  The pattern is an old Bee Hive.  If I could get into my sewing room I’d show you the cover.  Most of the sweaters I made were given away.  I’ve often wished I kept more.  This sweater I kept because I love the pattern and the yarn is so fine.  It took a while to finish.  I’m so glad I kept it, it looked so beautiful on Ella and it seemed to fit forever.  I even made a second one out of Kroy which lasted even longer.  Now neither sweater fits and both have been put away for Ella’s babies.

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