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Day Six, we’re in the home stretch now.  Do I want to learn anything new or is there something I would like to try?

I actually have two things I’d like to try/learn some day.  The first is to attempt an Alice Starmore fair isle pattern.  More specifically, this pattern:

I’ve made one of her aran patterns, but I’m terrified to try the colour-work.  They look so complicated.  I don’t know that I would ever have the courage to cut my knitting apart!!


The second thing I would like to learn is how to spin.  I have always loved old spinning wheels.  In  fact, I nearly brought one home from Newfoundland when Mom and I were there doing family tree research in 2000 -we couldn’t fit it into the Cavalier with the luggage  🙂

The new wheels look so compact and architectural.  I’m sure I could fit one into this old house.  I do have a drop spindle somewhere in my sewing room.  I should dig it our and see if I can find someone to teach me.  Because heaven knows I need another obsession hobby.

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