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Today’s challenge for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is to ‘spill your knitting bag’.  So here it goes:

This was the bag I took to my sister’s in Scarborough.  So I’ve got two pairs of socks on the go (don’t want to run out of knitting on holidays).  I love Ziploc baggies.  They are great for keeping project separate/together.  Especially my Bulgarian knee socks since they have a bunch of colours.  I’ve got the notebook where I worked out the math for my knee socks (I have figure skater calves, so most patterns don’t fit).  I brought my TARDIS socks for the times when you need mindless knitting.  And as you can see, they are hand painted merino just like I discussed on Monday.  My knitting bag isn’t complete without my hand work hussif.

What’s in my hussif?  Well, since I don’t like not having what I need, it has a bit of everything:

My notebook for patterns and ideas.  My adorable embroidery scissors.  I love these little scissors.  Pretty stitch holders that I got during a Christmas swap once.  Hard ruler, I like this for measuring gauge.  I got this one from another Christmas swap and it’s great.  Unlike the ones I find here, it’s actually got the old Canadian/English needle sizes as well as American and metric.  I have a lot of old needles so it’s helpful.  Long (120″) measuring tape is fairly self-explanatory.  And finally there’s my needle book.  It’s just a little felt ‘book’ with a couple ‘pages’ of fabric.  This holds my darning needles and some knitting straight pins/safety pins.  I’ve also got a small stitch holder (by the notebook) in case I need it.

I need to make a few more hussifs so I can have one in every knitting bag.

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