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One sure-fire way to make Ella happy and to be sure she will actually eat her supper is to make chicken quarters in my air fryer.  Very simple too.  I use this spice mix for just about any piece of meat that I’m frying.


Spice Mix

10 tsp salt                          3 tsp black pepper

4 tsp onion powder           4 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp thyme                       2 tsp rosemary


Sprinkle the chicken pieces with the spice mix.  Put in the pre-heated air fryer (350F) for 40 minutes.  Turn half way.  How easy is that?

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Well, that crazy heat didn’t break until this past weekend.  It was so nice to have a couple of days where we could leave the windows open and not feel like we were living in a cave.  Needless to say, our meals last week weren’t worth writing down for you guys.  I thought I’d share a recipe today instead.  This is Ella’s new favourite dish from my air fryer.  Obviously, our big 8-9 lb chickens won’t fit in the air fryer.  So, I need to watch for when the store has those little ‘fryer’ chickens on sale.  This rub makes the chicken taste like those little pre-cooked ones you can buy from the store.  I ‘borrowed’ this picture off the internet because I couldn’t find the picture of my chicken (I know I took it on my phone…) I’ll replace this picture when I make the chicken again.

Rotisserie Chicken


4 tsp salt                             1 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp paprika                       1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp thyme                         1 tsp pepper


Rub all over chicken.  You can do this the night before, but I never have the chicken thawed in time.

Pre-heat the air fryer.  I just hit the ‘pre-heat’ button or you could pre-heat to 350F.  Put the chicken in the air fryer, breast side down.  Cook 350F for 40 min.  Flip the chicken over half way.  Check for doneness.

Obviously, this recipe can be done in the oven too.  Just cook the chicken at 325F for about 25 min a pound.

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