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I was talking with one of my blog friends about cake recipes, in particular Angel Cake.  Most recipes use so many eggs!  Even with my barn-full of chickens I shy away from those recipes -so many extra yolks.  I have a very old recipe that actually uses only 4 egg whites and thought I’d share.

Angel Cake

2 c milk                               2 c flour

2 c wt. sugar                      2 T bk powder

pinch salt                          4 egg whites, stiffly beaten

Heat milk to boiling.  Sift dry ingredients 5 times (I haven’t skipped this step so I don’t know if it really makes a difference).  Add milk to dry ingredients and stir till smooth.  Fold in egg whites carefully.  Pour into ungreased angel pan.  Bake 375F for 40-45 min.  Invert pan to cool.

Another yummy cake is Brown Sugar Pound cake.  It stays so nice a moist.  I love to use my fancy bundt pans with this one, just make sure the pan is big enough or you’ll have a mess in your oven.   Sounds like I speak from experience, eh?

Brown Sugar Pound cake

1 c butter                      6 eggs

2 c br. sugar               1 c wt. sugar

2 2/3 c flour              2 t vanilla

1 c sour cream (I use fat-free)        1/4 t bk soda

Cream butter then beat in each egg, one at a time.  Dissolve the bk. soda in the sour cream.  Alternate with the dry ingredients.  Pour into a greased and floured bundt pan (if you can find it, the Pam with flour is perfect here).

Bake 275F for 20 min then 325F for 50 min.



2 T butter, melted

1 T water

1 t vanilla

6 T sugar

mix to make a runny glaze and pour over cooled cake

If you really want to make this cake yummy, use on my chocolate glaze  instead.

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