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We’ve been working on our Autumn nature table for a while now.  I had wanted to make teasel mice, I finally even tracked down some teasels but just didn’t get them finished.

Ella had great fun making the Four-Season vase for our nature table.  We used tissue paper that represented all the seasons, including some sparkly white.


Our table seemed a little bare, so I whipped up some friends for the hedgehog.


And here’s our finished table.  I’m waiting for a beautiful fall silk from Beneath the Rowan Tree but Ella couldn’t wait to show her little fuzzy friends.

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Best Laid Plans

I have been doing a lot of research lately and really like a lot of the Waldorf ideas.  I got a couple really interesting books from Amazon with lots of great things to do.  I was really hoping to start our year with the celebration of Michaelmas.   But we all know what they say about the best laid plans.  We are so busy this week that I wasn’t able to get anything done that I wanted.  Guess I’ll have to move on to our next festival celebration.

This isn’t the table display I intended, but they are gourds Ella bought this weekend.  When things dry up around here, I’ll get some colourful leaves to fill in the empty spaces around the tray.

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