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Halloween party at Guides last night.  I made some caramel apples.  Really easy and doesn’t need store-bought caramels.


Caramel Apples

makes 12

1 cup butter                                            1 cup corn syrup

2 1/4 cup brown sugar                         1 can condensed milk

2 tsp vanilla

Put everything (except vanilla) in a large pot.  Stir to dissolve the sugar.  Boil without stirring until it measures 248F on a candy thermometer.

Let cool 2 minutes.  Add vanilla.  Dip apples and place on a lined cookie sheet.

I found a really good sticks to use for the apples.  They sell them at the dollar store and call them skewers.  They worked great and were much cheaper than ‘official’ candy apple sticks.




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A couple of recipes to share today.  The first one is a result of a pet peeve of mine.  If we’re friends on FB you already know where this is going.  This time of year you see all over the place the ‘homemade’ caramel apple recipes that start “unwrap caramels”.  I’m sorry, but that’s not homemade caramel apples.  It’s not like it’s hard to make homemade caramel apples, so here we go:


1 c butter                         2 1/4 c brown sugar

1 c corn syrup                 1 can condensed milk

2 tsp vanilla

Put everything (but vanilla) in a large saucepan (I did change pans as this one isn’t big enough).

Bring to a boil.  Don’t stir and let boil until 248F on a candy thermometer.

Cool for 2 minutes and add vanilla (it will bubble a lot).  Dip apples and put on a buttered pan.


Second recipe is a good way to use up leftover roast beef.  We’re not crazy on leftovers, so I will often find ways to make the leftovers ‘new’.  You could make this with raw meat too.

CORNISH PASTIES -makes 8 depending on size

2 lbs leftover roast beef, bite size

leftover gravy, don’t reheat

4 good-sized potatoes, diced

2-3 carrots, diced


Roll pastry out into 8-9 inch circles (depending on the size you want).  Place a serving of beef, potatoes, and carrots on pastry.  Top with a couple of tablespoons of gravy.  Close up circle into pasty shape.

Bake 400F for 10 minutes and then lower oven to 350F for 35-40 minutes

These freeze and reheat well too.

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