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Ella’s Castle

Since we were in Toronto, I thought it would be a great time to visit Casa Loma.  I’ve been there many times over the years and thought Ella was a good age for a first visit.  Ella loves princesses.  Beauty and the Beast is one of her favourites.

It was rather hot last weekend and the castle isn’t air-conditioned.  I’m not sure why the staff didn’t have windows open.  I’m sure when the Pellats lived there they had plenty of ventilation.

As you can see, Ella was quite taken with the outdoor fountain.  I had visions of fishing Ella out, luckily there was a wide edge.

A nice man saw me taking a picture here in the stables and offered to take a picture of all of us.  He joked and said his wife had him well-trained.

Uncle Stefan was home again when we finished, so he took us to a park near their home.  Uncle Stefan brought along his remote control race car (yes, Uncle Stefan is a big kid 🙂  )  He let Ella do some driving, but she was having trouble not running into things.  So Ella decided to run and chase the car.  The car is actually faster than Ella!  They had nice play equipment at the park too and some shade for Momma and Auntie Belinda.

Heading home Monday.  Ella says turn around and shows me Dasha.  Ella says ‘Dasha looks like a real movie star’.

It wouldn’t be a vacation post if I didn’t include a sleeping Ella.  This time it’s Ella and Dasha having a snooze.  Good thing too, she was starting to drive us nuts with the “are we nearly home yet”.

This picture doesn’t really do this hill justice.  It is a huge hill coming down from Foymount and heading into Cormac.  Foymount is actually the highest populated point in Ontario.  On clear nights we can see the tower lights at Foymount from our bedroom window, even though it is about 35 miles away.

After a long day of driving this is a happy sight – home!!

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