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Friday we headed out for Pakenham to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.  We love going to the Cedar Hill Christmas tree farm.  It’s the best place around.  Daddy always takes this picture to see if ‘Momma has grown’.  As we can see, I’m still the same.

We got a bit of snow on Wednesday (and Pakenham got a bit more than we did).  So conditions were beautiful.  Though the trees were really loaded with snow.

Patiently waiting for Daddy to cut down the tree.  The temperature was great, just a bit of a breeze.

Hauling the tree up to the pick-up spot.

Ella and her souvenir snowball.  I convinced her to leave it at the farm.

The farm was settled in the 1820’s.  This is the original farmhouse.  I love all the windows.

Sledding was a bit slow with the deep snow.

But after a few Daddy passes, they were flying.

Lunch -hot dogs (chili for Momma) and hot cocoa.  Perfect after all the snow fun.

Then back outside for a bit more fun.

This is Ella ‘stuck’ in the drainage pipe.

While watching the fun, I caught an almost perfect snowflake on my mitten:

Ready to head home…

All tuckered out.

Saturday after the tree had rested and melted.  Daddy put on the lights and garland and then Ella did everything else.  I think I literally put on 2-3 decorations.  She does such a nice job.

Oh yeah,

Merry has already been caught fooling around in the tree!

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We’ve had really spotty internet the last few days, so I haven’t been able to share our Christmas tree adventure.

This year we went to a new tree farm.  There is a ridiculous lack of tree farms in the upper end of the Valley.  So we headed towards Ottawa and checked out the Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm.  Boy did we pick a great spot.

tree 11

Of course, Daddy couldn’t resist getting a picture of Momma and Ella.

tree 10

I’m a little taller than normal because my boots have heels.  But that really is how tall Ella is getting.

tree 8

We hopped on the wagon and headed out.  This year we wanted to try a Fraser fir.  I’ve heard they won’t drop needles and were nice and strong (I have heavy old ornaments).  The trees were gorgeous.  Nicely trimmed but didn’t look like bottle brushes -I hate that.

tree 7

Someone missed coffee break on the way down (bad Momma) and had a bit of a meltdown because we were taking too long.  But it made a cute picture.

tree 6

We finally found the perfect tree.  Luckily we had Daddy along, he’s perfect for measuring tree height.  Daddy stands tall and reaches up, that’s just about right for our 9 ft ceiling.

tree 5

Heading back to the pick up location.  Standing around waiting isn’t Ella’s cup of tea, so she and I walked back to the main building.  Daddy had a bit of a sad time waiting for the tractor.  He kept thinking Mom would step out from around  the trees.  Mom loved finding the perfect tree.

train 3

Meanwhile, Ella was having a grand time on the sledding hill.  This is her first time sliding down a decent hill.  Before she’s only had the snow pile in the yard. She had so much fun, but thought there should be a tow truck for the return trip up hill.

tree 9

Then we headed inside for some lunch and hot cocoa. Prices were reasonable and the food was delicious.  And the staff really friendly.  Daddy wanted to bring the whole building home for a house .  In fact it was bigger than our entire house!

tree 1

Ella would have been happy if we could have stayed all day.  She loves playing on these large ‘square’ bales.  They also had a regular play area.

tree 2

We had a great time.

Christmas tree

Ella did a great job decorating the tree.  She had most of it done by the time I had all the special stuff unwrapped.  The tree isn’t really on a funny angle, our living room isn’t big enough for me to get a good picture.  Also, you can’t really see out silver star, but it’s there.  I’ve really got to get my wrapping done today.


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