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Hurray!  We had 7mm of rain last night -yeah I know, not much but right now some is better than none.  There was a bit of a breeze today which made for a slightly nicer day.  It’s actually down to 23C already in the house, should be beautiful in here by morning.

Crafting On and Yarn Along today, so here’s my progress on my Faroese shawl.

The colour is way off because I had to use the flash (curtains shut to keep out the heat and light).  Not sure how to get  picture so you can see the pattern, but it’s there.

Another Bookbub suggestion this week.  I’ve really been enjoying Tales from Bow Street.  It’s about the start of proper policing in in England.

This is the best picture I could get from soccer camp.  Parents are kept way back from the field, so ‘zoom’ it was. Can you find Ella?


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I didn’t get so much knitting done on holidays, but I did get this far on my new scarf:

Then I got home and turned it into this:

BTW, this is a much closer representation of the actual colour.  When we got home I was looking at it and finally decided I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ that pattern.  It’s a good pattern and I may make it again some time for an actual scarf, but what I need is an ‘around the house’ shawl.  Though now that we have the outdoor corn furnace I don’t ‘need’ house shawls quite so much as before.

So now, I’ve cast on 449 sts and have started this:

It’s the Stora Dimun shawl out of my Folk Shawls book.  I’ve had this book for a long time but this is the first shawl I’ve knit from it.  It’s a Faroese style shawl, which means it has extra shaping at the shoulders which make it sit better.  We’ll see.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been working on Grandma’s new sweater.  It’s worsted weight wool and I just can’t deal with it in this heat and humidity.  When the nice weather comes back I’m sure I’ll pull it out again.  Grandma’s finally taken off her sweat shirts, so she’s fine for a while -ha ha!

I may not have done much knitting on holiday, but I did get a nice bit of reading (I love my Kindle).  I finished A Room with a View.  Remember a while ago, the book Vanessa and Her Sister?  Well, E.M. Forster was a friend of theirs and played a part in that book.  Also, remember the ’85 movie?  I have always loved period films, and that one has two of my favourite actresses –Maggie Smith and Helena Bonham Carter.  I wish we had Netflix because I’d love to watch it again.  The other book I really enjoyed was Call the Nurse.  It’s the true story of a public health nurse living in the Hebrides in the 70’s.   There is a second one, but I’ll have to watch for it to come on sale for Kindle.

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Guide camp this past weekend so that means very little knitting.  In fact, I only got one round of knitting done on my socks.  We got very little sleep, one of the girls had a really hard time and was keeping everyone up.  Mom arrived at 12:30 and I think everyone was finally asleep by 1.  The cabin was really hot and some of the girls ended up in the living room.

I forgot to share this picture from the Summer Solstice.  I tried, but couldn’t get a good picture of all the fireflies.  Usually we only see one or two, but that night there were so many.

Came home to find some kitties hanging out at the barn window.

For Crafting On I’ll share another new dress

I need Mom to come over, I’m not happy with the way it fits.  The top is still a bit too big.  I love the pockets.

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Crafting On -19 June 2018

Crafting on this week is a new dress (I have a number of them done, but no one to take pictures).  I had to use a filter to get the dress the right colour.  It made my feet look dirty, but it’s just shadow.  This dress is a little different from my usual.  It’s a fabric I got from the Mennonite fabric store and it’s a soft, silky georgette (instead of the usual cotton).

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Crafting On today, Ginny says Yarn Along will be posted tomorrow.

Grey day here, I’m surprised at how accurate the colours are in the picture.  I finished up the Wonder Woman shawl this weekend, but didn’t get a chance to go to Ottawa to deliver.  Guess it’s back to Grandma’s sweater.

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I forgot to share a knitting project last week for Yarn Along/Crafting On.

When I ordered the yarn for the shawl I couldn’t resist a ball of the Knit Picks Dishie.  It really is the best dish cloth cotton and I get 2 cloths (plus about 1/2 extra).  I made a regular one and one of the new Triangle to Square ones, sometimes I like to be different.

Wonder Woman is nearly finished.  I need to get moving because I hope to be in Ottawa this weekend and I can drop it off.

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Crafting On/Yarn Along this week and I’m working on the shawl for my friend.  I’m really loving this new cotton yarn from Knit Picks.  It’s so soft.

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