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Farm Girl Friday

Sigh, you gotta love living in Ontario.  Wasn’t it last week that we were in the middle of a January thaw and Ella was outside without hat or scarf?

FGF -18 jan cold

Today we woke up to -25C and frozen door windows.  This time of year really reminds us that we need to put new doors on the ‘to do’ list.  Our doors are original to the house (1905) and are single pane glass.  Needless to say we never wonder where the drafts are coming from.  The ice (on the inside of the glass) does make a pretty picture “like leaves” as Ella said this morning.

Ella and Lula

A lovely friend gave Ella this beautiful chess set just before Christmas.  It has no markings on it or anything but it seems to be made of marble.  Ella loves playing chess, though I need to brush up on the rules to make sure we are doing it right.  Here she’s playing with Lula -and Lula almost won!

highland 1

I’m fairly certain I’ve vented here before about my frustration with Starz in Motion up in Petawawa and how they weren’t teaching Ella actual highland dances.  Ella was up there for 2 years and didn’t know ONE dance, all they learned was ‘choreography’ for the recital.  Luckily I found Pamela Reid in Renfrew and we love it there.  Ella already knows TWO highland dances and as you can see they are starting on the sword dance (which will be 1000 years old in 2026 -cool).  In fact, they are dancing at the Robbie Burns supper in Eganville tomorrow.

Colin and Ella

Daddy and Ella playing ‘Angry Birds’ on Ella’s new tablet.  Colin really doesn’t ‘get’ just how happy pictures like this make me.  He has some idea what things were like with my dad growing up.  But unless you were there and lived through it, it’s really hard to truly understand.

The Farm Girl is still trying to come up with ways to use eggs, so I came up with this recipe.  Boy was it yummy!

Egg and Potato Pie

FGF -18 jan pie

Grease a 10 inch deep dish pie plate (I like Pam with flour)


2 slices bread, cubed                             1/4 c butter

8 eggs, beaten                                            1/4 c milk

salt & pepper                                             1 clove garlic, minced

1 large cooked potato, large dice       3 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled

1 sm onion, finely chopped (I use dehydrated onions because they don’t upset Colin’s tummy)

1 c cheese, I used combo of mozzarella and Monterrey jack

Melt butter in a frying pan and fry up the bread cubes.  Remove cubes and saute the onions and garlic.  Combine everything and pour into pie plate.

Bake 350F for 30 minutes or until eggs are set as you like (we don’t like ours runny).

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