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Well, we certainly got our first big snow of 2014!  I’m not sure how much we got last night (including freezing rain).  Must be about 8 inches, maybe more.

It’s hard to get a picture to show you all how much snow is piling up around here.

Colin has spent the entire day shoveling roofs.

This is the shortest roof Colin has to clear.

I forgot to share Colin’s finished sweater.  It fits him great.  The sleeves are a little long, but I can just tack up the cuff part and they are perfect.  Now I have to sew in all the ends.

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Yarn Along

Lots to share this week for yarn along.

The test knit shawlette is finally done!  It wasn’t hard to knit, but for some reason I kept having a brain cramp when working the 3rd chart.  It’s called Lacy Maple Leaf and this colourway reminds me of autumn up here in the Ottawa Valley.

This item is coming along nicely.  I’m to the boring part, round and round in knitting.  No more fun.  I’m trying not to panic about the number of balls left.  I did the math, must trust the math  🙂

And I loved the Scandinavian shawl so much that I started one for myself.  It’s hard to wear sweaters around here because I’m always washing dishes or eggs or something and sleeves get in the way.  A tie-shawl makes as much sense today as it did for the fisherman’s wives.  You might recognize the yarn, Mom gave it to me last year for Christmas.  It was made into a February Lady’s sweater, but I didn’t like it.  It seemed too thick even though it’s the right size.

Our Advent reading has started.  These are the books we’ve enjoyed so far:

Berenstain Bears: Get Ready for Christmas

Berenstain Bears: Joy of Giving

The Gift of the Christmas Cookie

Shall I Knit You a Hat?

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Yarn Along

I have a feeling there isn’t going to be an official Yarn Along this week, but that’s because Ginny has had her adorable ‘little’ baby.  No wonder people thought my adorable 7lb 11oz Ella was a premie (she was, by 11 minutes).

So here’s my projects, just in case anyone was wondering:

yarn along 6 (1000x750)

Has anyone heard of the Write a Novel in a Month November challenge?  Well apparently there is a Knit a Sweater in a Month challenge too.  I was thinking of joining that challenge until I saw the math required.  So I might be doing this challenge in an unofficial manner.  And so long as you AREN’T COLIN, please follow the link and get the details.  The top pile of knitting is a test knit I’m doing for Mary Gildersleeve and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to show it yet.  So I’m just letting you see the colour.  I’ve had a bit of an issue with the third chart (my fault completely) so I’m took a bit of a sabbatical from it last week.

Right now I’m reading my Knitting Workshop book by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I’m using a pattern from it, but it’s so much fun to read it always sucks me in to sit and read too.

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I’ve got a case startitis, I can’t seem to stop starting new projects.  I’ve got a new dress for Olivia on my needles.  I’m working on a sleeve of my February Lady Sweater and I’ve cast on for some new Ice Harbor Compass mittens for me.

yarn along -16 Jan

I also ordered some new sock year, it’s called Heart and also from Knit Picks.  It was on sale so since I was ordering the Chroma for my mittens…

Just light reading this week, my new Piecework magazine arrived.

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Yarn Along this week and I’ve got some knitting time coming up, so I’ve started a new project to get me through.  I’m making a February Lady Sweater for my friend Jacinda.  It’s a really nice shade of green, it’s called Rosemary.  It’s nice and soft too.

Not reading much, though I might throw The Hobbit into my knitting bag in case I get tired of knitting (it happens).  Today I am enjoying the new issue of Piecework and the new Knit Picks catalogue. Knit Picks has a new wool in, I’m putting it on my Christmas list.  It would make a beautiful (and warm) winter shawl.  I love the ‘Petal’ colourway.

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This week’s Yarn Along finds me still working on the never-ending sleeves for Grandma’s February Lady Sweater.  I really wish this sweater would get finished.  I’ve been commissioned to make another for a friend and would like to make at least one project in between sweaters.

I have a new book to share this week.  I got some money from my in-laws for my birthday and have been waiting to spend it.  I ordered Folk Socks and a circular knitting book.  I’m returning the circular book because it was too basic (that means I get to order another one).  There is some great information in the Folk Sock book and some pretty patterns too.

Hopefully next week I’ll have a new project to share.

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I forgot to mention yesterday that I’m thinking of starting a Knit Along.  My friend Meagan and I are going to make February Lady sweaters and wondered if any of you ladies would be interested in joining us.

It’s knit from worsted sized yarn so it’s a fairly quick knit and a fairly easy pattern.  I love that it’s top down, so you stop the sleeves and the body when they fit you -not the ‘perfect’ standard size.

Leave me a quick comment if you’d like to join us and I’ll try to figure out how to make a ‘linky’ thing.

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You may have noticed I don’t read too much.  I just don’t seem to find the time to get lost in a book any more.  I get so involved in my reading that I have a hard time listening to what is going on (which is probably why I loved reading so much when I was young, but I digress).  So I don’t usually read while Ella’s up.  I’m still reading All Wound Up, it’s such a funny book.  I just finished the chapter about the water balloon fight -you’ve got to read this book!

I’ve got the mittens all finished and they are ready to felt.  Ella’s leggings are coming along nicely.  Just finishing off the bum.  They are actually a little long, but I can fold up the ankles and they will last the season and maybe next year too (if I’m really lucky).  Even with her long legs, these take no time to knit.  I’m actually almost out of knitting projects.  I might have to give in to the startitis I feel coming on and get some new projects ready to go.

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Yarn Along this week is still Grandma’s 10-stitch blanket.  I thought I was finished but found 3 more balls of yarn.  I now have one ball left.  Looks like an ‘in-progress’ gift this year.  Oh well, I’ll have it done by new year’s  🙂

Grandma had to go to Ottawa yesterday to get a final Christmas present.  She stopped by Chapters and picked up a great Hanukkah book for Ella.  It’s just  right for a child Ella’s age.  It gives that facts without going into too much details.  She’s getting so sensitive lately, I never know how much to tell her.  Like on the 28th, the Massacre of the Innocents.  I think we may just forget that day this year, I don’t want to spend a week of Ella not sleeping.

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Yarn Along with Ginny is something for my little weed  🙂

I’ve started Ella’s new pair of longies/leggings.  They come from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac.  EZ gives instructions for baby size to adult size.  All you need to know is your gauge and the size of the legs you want to cover.   I’m using a new yarn from Sirdar called Crofter.  I like the way it’s knitting up.

I love Trisha Romance pictures.  She has a Christmas book too called A Star for Christmas.   It’s a really nice story and I just want to climb into the pictures.

Today’s Handmade Holiday item is for Ella.  I got the pattern from Beneath the Rowan Tree.  I made it a bit bigger than the pattern.   I needle-felted the finishing touches.  I love needle-felting!  There will be some gnome/fairy type person to go with it.




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