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We’ve been working on our Autumn nature table for a while now.  I had wanted to make teasel mice, I finally even tracked down some teasels but just didn’t get them finished.

Ella had great fun making the Four-Season vase for our nature table.  We used tissue paper that represented all the seasons, including some sparkly white.


Our table seemed a little bare, so I whipped up some friends for the hedgehog.


And here’s our finished table.  I’m waiting for a beautiful fall silk from Beneath the Rowan Tree but Ella couldn’t wait to show her little fuzzy friends.

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First Day of Autumn

Today is the first full day of fall. One of my favourite times of the year. The humidity is gone, there is a cool edge to the breeze, it’s sweater weather, the pollen/ragweed is gone, just everything to make Momma happy. I just saw the weather for today and we actually have windchill!!! It is 14C but feels like 11C. Wow, didn’t expect that. We actually might get frost tonight or tomorrow.

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