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Farmer Mischief

If Farm Girl Friday still existed, I’d save these for tomorrow.  But since there isn’t, might as well show you today.

The silver poplar (remember) was rubbing on the combine, so what’s a farmer to do:

Since there are no power lines nearby, you grab the chain saw and climb on top of the combine!

At least it’s a better idea than standing in the bucket of the front end loader, which was the other suggestion.

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Wow, December already!  How are your Advent/Christmas plans coming?  To be honest, our living room still looks a wreck.  Just can’t seem to get it cleaned up.   At least I’m done my Christmas and grocery shopping.  Now I can avoid the stores until the craziness is done.

We’ve had a bit of rain the last few days and Colin got the last of the carrots dug up.  I canned some carrots and potatoes.  I’ve never done this before, so I only did a few of each to make sure we like them.   I’m trying a new soup recipe today to use up a few more of the carrots.  Then it’s time to put the pressure canner away until after Christmas.

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Wow, another Farm Girl Friday Post!  This week we see the Farmer doing pre-harvest work.  Colin had noticed some weird sounds coming from the combine when it was in reverse.  He thinks the problem is in the transmission.  So, since he has nothing better to do (ha ha), he and Dad pulled the transmission out of the combine.

Colin forgot to get a picture of the actual transmission.  This is a picture of the hole where it was.  Let’s just say it’s a good thing I didn’t have video running while the extraction was happening.

Apparently we needed a picture for scale.  This is me beside the combine tire.

Had a ‘conversation’ on FB with a woman complaining about being behind farm equipment and how they shouldn’t be on a “major highway” (didn’t know a 2 lane secondary highway was considered ‘major’).  I walked away from the conversation (it was a friend of a friend) but I should have asked how we were supposed to magically get our equipment to the field since it’s only accessible from the highway.  People, you need to relax.  If you are that late you should have left earlier.  And to be honest, the equipment is likely only going to the next side road or drive way -it’s not like you are going to follow the combine all the way to Ottawa.

Our local Conservative Mennonite community is growing in leaps and bounds.  They have a good-sized school over on the Beachburg side of Muskrat Lake.  There are now so many families over here on the Cobden side that they are building a new school.

How much you want to bet it’s built WAY faster than a public school?  Even though it’s mostly the father’s building it in between their farm chores.

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Still a rather cool start to Farm Girl Friday, but it’s supposed to warm up quite a bit this weekend.  Off goes the furnace -till Fall hopefully this time.

Any ideas what this is?

It’s the bottom part of one of these!  Colin bought a new grain wagon (well new to us).  It was cheaper to buy the parts from 2 separate places.  He picked up the undercarriage the other day in Renfrew.  Yesterday he borrowed the flatbed trailer from BIL Glenn and headed (with Dad for company) to Winchester to pick up the box part.

Just slide the top on the bottom and voila -new wagon.

Finally got the tomatoes in the ground, they don’t like hanging out in the greenhouse once it starts getting too warm.  Well, if half a dozen weren’t dug out by the bleepity bleep skunk looking for the skim milk powder we put at the bottom of the holes (prevents blossom end rot on the tomatoes).  Luckily Colin had some fencing hanging around (that’s why farmers never throw away anything).  Live trap is out and ready for skunk removal.

Came home Tuesday afternoon and found Daisy doing this???  She didn’t even come over to the car, even though we’d been away all weekend.  Colin said she’s been there ALL day.  Any guess why?

Because the silly thing had ‘treed’ a little black squirrel.  Do you see the ears peaking over the top?  Colin had tried to drag Daisy in the house (so the squirrel could escape) but she acts like you are killing her if you hold onto her collar and she was desperate to get back.  I think she got distracted by supper long enough for the squirrel to make his escape.  And Ella worries about the coyotes -Daisy’s not letting anything in the yard!

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Last weekend Colin found some red Trillium (Wake Robins).

Ella’s fairy garden is coming along.  It’s funny how the flowers in Ella’s fairy garden bloom first this year.

The pink lily of the valley is back and seems to be spreading.

The yard smells so sweet these days.

The apple trees are so full of blossoms.

The lilacs are putting on quite a show this year too.

The pool’s up to 83F so Ella’s much happier now.  I still found it a little cold last night.

One last Happy is Colin is finally done planting.  He’s so tired.  He’s been running 14+ hour days for the last 2 1/2 months (cropping and seed cleaning).  He’s still rather busy getting all the equipment cleaned up, oiled, and ready to put away again.   He needs to sleep solid for about a week.

And here’s the Real.  When I left for camp the vetch and other weeds were just starting to poke through the leaves.  I came home to find this:

It took me an hour and half this morning to save my lily of the valley that’s hidden in this picture.  So now I have one clean little corner in my poor garden.

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Thanks for all the kind words on last week’s Farm Girl Friday.

A couple times this week we’ve headed to the field to have a picnic lunch with Daddy.  He’s planting corn today, it’s a little dry and dusty.  It’s 29C (84F) and very sunny so it’s like driving a greenhouse back and forth across the field!

Remembered to bring the camera to the barn…

It’s easy to see the difference between the layers and the meat birds.  It’s amazing how much bigger the meat birds are.  And of course they have to bunch up and look crowded when I’m there to take a picture -ha ha!

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No one seems to be doing Farm Girl Friday any more.  Oh well, here’s my post any way.

Spring has sprung!

Colin and Dad are busy planting the spring wheat.  It’s rather dry out there and we could use about 3/4 inch of rain (gentle rain!).  At least with all the sunny, dry weather Colin’s not having to work too hard and actually comes in for supper most nights.

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Not sure why this didn’t post on Friday, but here it is.


Oh look, a Farm Girl Friday post!  Must mean spring is coming.

This is what our neighbourhood looked like on Tuesday (before we were buried in snow).  Colin was over a few side-roads doing a big cleaning job.  He likes cleaning for these guys because it’s a family and neighbours who pool their cleaning.  So Colin has one big job instead of half a dozen smaller/little jobs.  Since it takes about 45 minutes to set up and take down the cleaner, it’s much nicer to make it one big job.

This set up is a bit different than usual.  Often Colin pulls up to grain bin and the seed loads from there.  That wasn’t the case at this farm.  The new bins have unloading augers that are too big for the cleaner and risk breaking the beans (won’t grow if you break them).  So they ran the auger at full capacity into a holding wagon.  The fuller the auger the less damage to the beans.

From the holding wagon (left), Colin was able to use his loading auger to move the beans to the cleaner.  From there the soybeans are then loaded into the ‘weigh-wagon’.  When the right weight was reached for each farmer, the soybeans were loaded into their personal grain wagons.  It was a very long day -almost 12 hours.  Colin cleaned 35 ton of soybeans and 3 ton of oats.

Farm Girly has had some fun this week too.  Figure skating has come to the end for this year (so early compared to at home).  They had a big carnival and Grandpa and Grandma Lorraine came.  Grandma Hattie was there of course too (she drives us every week).  Daddy was even able to come.

The Future Star kids did their competition routine.  Taylor wasn’t there so Ella got put in the centre of the pinwheel since she’s the next biggest (in muscle mass not height).

She made a great cheer leader!

My very happy Farm Girly has finished her CanSkate program in only 2 years!  She got such lovely comments from her coach in her report card too.

I forgot to share this one on Wednesday:

Last Saturday was Cookie Day in Renfrew.  Wow, what a miserable day!  On the way to Renfrew we hit a wall of snow and could barely see the vehicles in front of us.  Luckily we were almost to Renfrew or we should have turned around.  The snow stopped, mostly, after 10.  Then the water started dripping off the roof.  We took the tablecloth off soon and had to use it to mop up puddles.  Then the snowballs/pellets started.  The lovely folks at Metro let us come inside the doors for the rest of the day.

You know the most common comment/question when people hear you homeschool?  “What about socialization?!!”  Well guess what?  If it wasn’t for my ‘poor’ home schooled child we would have sold 0 cases of cookies.  We had a Brownie and Spark member ‘helping’.  Ella was the only one to actually stop people and ask them to buy cookies.   We were there for 4 hours and we sold a whopping 10 cases of cookies (12 boxes in each case).

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Can’t let a Farm Girl Friday go by without sharing the Farmer’s birthday picture.

Cake iced by Ella.  I always forget how hard it is to ice a chiffon cake with a buttercream icing.

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Still no regular Farm Girl Friday post, but I’ll post any way.

Before Christmas everyone was so happy it was so mild and “green”.  They all said how happy they would be if this weather lasted all winter.  I really don’t understand.  Why would anyone want 6ish months of brown, dead and mud when we can have this:

It was really foggy last night which makes it even prettier since the fog freezes to the branches.

Colin’s dad’s place across the highway.

Even makes my place look pretty.

Too bad it’s been raining most of the day today, though the ground is still white.  We’re supposed to drop to -14C tomorrow so hopefully it will snow again.  Snow makes a lot less mess than mud.

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