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Colin and I used to be on the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op.  You would not believe the hours wasted at each and every board meeting while discussing ‘organics’.   Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in true organics and am all for educating people (most Board members weren’t farmers).  But these conversations never had anything to do with the agenda and only made the meetings drag on for 5+ hours -you can tell the others weren’t farmers, farmers don’t have that kind of time to waste ‘talking’.  But I digress…

At these board meetings there was a ‘farmer’ that the others considered the be all and end all when it came to ‘organics’.  He was always fear mongering and telling them that it was nearly impossible to find crop seeds that weren’t Genetically Modified.  This drove me crazy.  There are plenty of seed options out there if you bother to look.   Which is what brings me to the point of this post.

You will likely recall that Colin started another business last year in attempts to actually make a living farming.  He built a mobile seed cleaner and has been going around cleaning seeds for farmers.  This way they can keep their own seeds.  We’ve been doing this personally for years.  You can only do this with non-GMO seeds!

Well, here is Colin cleaning his 1 millionth pound of seeds!!  That means there are a lot of farmers out there growing non-GMO crops.  There are even more out there that do it without cleaning their seeds first.  Not bad when you consider the relatively small number of farmers there are in Renfrew County!

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