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Our last week for sharing our Handmade Holiday items.  I’m not quite done, but Grandma doesn’t mind nearly finished presents.  I thought I was finished Grandma’s blanket but then I found 3 more balls.  Even with knit night on Friday, I don’t think I’m getting it done in time.  I’ve also got 2 embroidered tea towels to finish for Ella, those will be done in time.

I finally got the mittens felted for Gregory.   The Ice Harbor Compass mittens are a great pattern.  They knit up quickly and I think would be a good first project for someone wanted to attempt fair isle.

With leftovers from the mittens I made 2 felted mice.  One is for my sister’s cat Millie, the other (the one that looks like a Belted Galloway) is for Ella.  They are felted but still need to be stuffed.  I didn’t know how expensive catnip was!

At the back are the peg people I made for Ella‘s knitted fairy house.  I got the pattern here.  They are finished according to the pattern and in the Waldorf tradition, but Ella’s going to want faces.  She doesn’t like toys and things without faces.  I’ll let her help me pick colours after Christmas.

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Yarn Along with Ginny is something for my little weed  🙂

I’ve started Ella’s new pair of longies/leggings.  They come from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s Almanac.  EZ gives instructions for baby size to adult size.  All you need to know is your gauge and the size of the legs you want to cover.   I’m using a new yarn from Sirdar called Crofter.  I like the way it’s knitting up.

I love Trisha Romance pictures.  She has a Christmas book too called A Star for Christmas.   It’s a really nice story and I just want to climb into the pictures.

Today’s Handmade Holiday item is for Ella.  I got the pattern from Beneath the Rowan Tree.  I made it a bit bigger than the pattern.   I needle-felted the finishing touches.  I love needle-felting!  There will be some gnome/fairy type person to go with it.




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A few more things to share for Handmade Holiday this week.  I am pleased to announce that this item is just about done.  Again, Colin, do NOT follow the link.  I need to de-fur it because one of the bleep, bleep cats decided it made a good bed one night.  Luckily no irreparable damage.

This isn’t a gift, but I’ve been busy making mini mittens.  I saw this great idea for a mitten garland in one of my friend’s craft magazines.  Of course, it showed plain mittens, but we all know I couldn’t do that  😛

Still have a few more things to finish, so hopefully they will be done for next week’s Handmade Holiday.

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I finished up some fingerless mitts for my Stepmother.  I have a canvas bag with an Ella picture, but it just didn’t seem enough.  I whipped these up in no time.  I used Marble, an acrylic so they are easy care too.

Here’s another present.  I love the yarn I used, it’s so soft Ella can wear it with ease.  Colin do NOT follow this link.

I’m trying to get a few new dresses made.  I also have a few more Christmas things to make/finish.  So what did I do last night?  I started my new mittens  🙂

I wonder what the others are doing for Handmade Holiday?


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