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Another Christmas present to share this week.

I finally got Grandma’s shawl blocked.  It’s much finer looking than the one in the pattern, but I like it a lot.  I did change the edging, I just didn’t like the way the original one was working.  But that’s the beauty of knitting, you don’t have to follow ALL the directions for it to turn out.  I used a ball of the Misti Alpaca hand paint sock wool.  I know what you are thinking “but it has alpaca”, it’ll be ok because Grandma lives in a turtle neck and sweatshirt from September to July.  This shawl will never actually touch skin  🙂

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A word of warning, if you are one of my immediate family members STOP reading this post right now.  Come back tomorrow  🙂

I’ve been busy for a while now planning and knitting this year’s Christmas presents.  I love making hand made presents.

Hats for the guys.  Fair Isle one for Colin’s nephew Jared.  Cable one for Grandpa Jack and the watch cap one for Uncle Glenn.

Felted oven mitts for Grandma Isobel and Auntie Lizzy.  I love making felted things.  It’s so much fun to put this giant ‘thing’ into the washing machine and have it come out something else.

For the amazing Uncle Stefan I made Tardis Socks!  He is a huge Dr. Who fan and will love these.

Another felted project.  This bag is for Auntie Belinda.  I used Briggs & Little instead of the usual Paton’s Classic Wool.  It felted beautifully, but be warned.  A lot of colour came out in the water.  Luckily it was the only thing in the machine at the time.

I can’t seem to find the picture of niece Brittany’s purse, so here’s the Ravelry link.  Don’t worry about having an account, I’ve discovered how to share stuff there without you guys needing an account.  I still have to line the purse, but that will take no time.

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