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It’s kind of funny.  On one of the blogs I read, they were talking about getting itty bitty eggs from their hens.  Well, guess what’s been turning up in our nesting boxes the last few days?

I had an even smaller one, but it broke when I was washing them.

Farm wives throughout history have always had to look for ways to make a little spending money.  Things haven’t changed.  Eggs have always been an easy way.  Another way is with hand work.

I have a merino/cashmere blend shawl for sale.  It’s a beautiful crescent/heart shape that clings well around the shoulders.

Here’s a close-up of the lace.  I’m asking only $50 plus shipping.  Email me for details and shipping costs.

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You may have noticed the project pictures on the side of our blog.  Well, I have given up on Etsy (no traffic) and have opened my own online store.  It’s called Bella Ella Creations.  Right now I have a few knitted things listed, but plan to add lots more.  Stop by and have a look around.

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New Etsy Shop

I’ve taken the leap into the Etsy world and opened a shop.  That’s where you’ll find the listing for the Danish shawl and any other hand work I’m selling.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

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