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Happy New Year everyone!  We had a quiet New Year’s eve, in fact we were in bed by 11.

This week for Crafting On, I’ll share my yearly knitting round-up.  I finished my new scarf but it needs blocked before I take a picture.  Hopefully by next week.

pinwheel face cloth

ski-doo balaclava for Daddy

infinity scarf for Ella

face cloth and dish cloth

Cossette sweater for Belinda

Gnome mittens for Maureen

dress for Raven Queen

Ella’s birthday knee socks 

Wonder Woman shawl for Teresa’s friend

skirt guards for my bike

3 more face cloths

2 dish cloths -new pattern

Belinda’s sweater 

Grandma’s Christmas socks

swap scarf

hat, mitts, and scarf set for Anna’s grandson

Creeper fingerless gloves for Ella

new scarf for me


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Not too much knitting this week for Crafting On.  Though I did find a cool new dish cloth pattern.

They were fun and easy.  I did get a bit more work done on the body of the sweater.

I’ve been doing some Kindle reading this week.  I’m glad we got the Kindle for school work.  It all started with Children to a Degree, which is free right now on Kindle.  It’s about a young boy growing up in Germany and being part of the Hitler Youth.  It was so good I bought Loyal to a Degree and now I’m working on Trust to a Degree.  They have all been really good and show’s how the ‘common’ German really felt -even with the brainwashing of the HY.

Here’s the whirligig I got Colin at the Plowing Match:

“If it ain’t red, it ain’t in the shed”

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It’s kind of funny.  On one of the blogs I read, they were talking about getting itty bitty eggs from their hens.  Well, guess what’s been turning up in our nesting boxes the last few days?

I had an even smaller one, but it broke when I was washing them.

Farm wives throughout history have always had to look for ways to make a little spending money.  Things haven’t changed.  Eggs have always been an easy way.  Another way is with hand work.

I have a merino/cashmere blend shawl for sale.  It’s a beautiful crescent/heart shape that clings well around the shoulders.

Here’s a close-up of the lace.  I’m asking only $50 plus shipping.  Email me for details and shipping costs.

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The Knitted Year 2014

I know I say this every year, but it always looks like so much when it’s all written here:

Ella’s birthday socks

Hugs and Kisses fingerless gloves for Ella

2 assorted knitted face cloths

Colin’s socks 

owls for Ella’s birthday guests

TARDIS hat for Teresa’s fellow

Ella socks -wool for camp

felted mittens for Ella -2 pair

felted slippers for Colin

American Girl dress for Alex

Easter dress for Olivia

Fat Robin for Sheila

bunny pocket pet for Ella

stripey socks for me

grey knee socks for me

Polperro Gansey -sweater coat for Grandma (from Christmas)

Daddy’s socks

pineapple lace for my petticoat

more Christmas socks for Colin

poncho for Grandma

bathing suit for Olivia

Dr. Who Scarf socks for Michelle

more socks for Colin

afghan for Momma

slipper 1 and slipper 1 for Grandpa Jim

2 snow ladies for the swap

sock book mark for swap

petal shawl for swap

Goddess shawl for Teresa

cotton dish cloth for swap

2 cowls for a ‘pay-it-forward’

my cashmere scarf/stole

fingerless gloves -for swap

Christmas tree ball -for swap

Advent garland for swap –mitten, candle, Christmas light bulb, angel, 2 ornaments, star, Santa hat, wreath, gingerbread man, Christmas pudding, Christmas cracker, heart, basket, bells, icicle, candy cane, paper chain, stocking, sugar mouse, Christmas tree, house, Christmas bear, and a snowflake

Christmas stocking for Olivia

TARDIS socks -for Teresa

worsted socks -for Michelle

warm knee socks -for Momma

gnarled oak cardigan -for Belinda

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pretty, happy, funny, real

Hold on, hold on, hear me out before you start to throw things at me  🙂  Those of you who know me, know that I only let people complain about summer or winter.  I’m not really complaining about the winter.

  I am so very tired of being so very cold (as is Auntie Leila).  For it to snow, we would have to warm up a whole lot.  So our Real looks like this:

Ella has been stuck in the house for days.  It’s just been so cold and very windy I’ve been afraid to let her out to play.  Today is supposed to be better, so maybe I’ll bundle her up and send her out for a little while.

I had a bit of a spring cleaning urge this weekend.  So I sent Ella to Grandma’s.  I had to do this because to clean the craft room I have to pull everything out and stuff it somewhere else (Ella’s room).

Finally I have all my yarn sorted by size and in one room.  All the plastic boxes (on the dresser) and a couple of the paper boxes -wow.  I’ve also got my other craft supplies (embroidery/tatting/etc) in labeled boxes.  This is as much of the room as I can share right now, but you have no idea what an improvement it is, which makes me so very Happy.  Now to tackle the fabric boxes…

Cleaning you never know what you will find.  I knew I had a drop spindle somewhere.  I found it and it is now in a labeled box.

Speaking of long forgotten things…  I found 2.3 m of this knitted lace.  I have NO IDEA what I was making it for??  Now what to do with it.  I don’t like to cut knitted lace, it’s not as easy to cut as crocheted.

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The Knitting Year in Review

It always amazes me at the start of every year when I look at this list.

Ivy in Autumn fingerless gloves for Sheila

Goose Girl tea cozy for Uncle Stefan’s mom

Cable Sweater for Olivia

Ella’s Hobby Horse -bad Momma it took me forever to finish for no good reason

Some mug cozies for my SIL Elizabeth –take out size

owls coffee cozy

 hugs and kisses coffee cozy

felted Ice Harbor Compass mittens for me

hugs and kisses cozy for Belinda

dress for Olivia

another dress for Olivia

Ella’s birthday socks

catnip mouse for pay-it-forward

more fingerless gloves

fingerless gloves for the pay-it-forward

hat for Olivia

wool socks for Momma

colourful socks for Ella

more Momma socks

slippers for Olivia

fingerless gloves for Ella

take out cup cozies

Ukrainian Easter eggs

miniature snail for Ella

Icelandic shawl for me

Bee Skep tea cozy for Karen and Great-Grandma

Parlor cat for Ella with the yarn she dyed

more socks for Momma

crochet Barbie dress for Ella

New Look Barbie dress

cool circular jacket for Barbie

wavy moss hat -test knit on Ravelry

AG pineapple skirt -test crochet on Ravelry

hunting toque for Brittany and Elizabeth

AG cami top -test crochet on Ravelry

AG Party Dress

doily dish cloth

dress for Miss Maggie Rabbit -Ella’s pen pal Sophia

ripped out the toque for Brittany  and made her a headband -she’s at the form over function stage still  🙂

test argyle socks for Ella’s highland dance

another dish doily cloth for the Advent 2013 swap

test circular argyle 

cotton face cloth

market bag -Advent swap

pencil dolly -Advent swap

apple cozy -Advent swap

apple -Advent swap (can’t mail fruit to the US)

baby Bunny in a basket -Advent swap

summer in the vineyard shawl -Advent swap

Morgana the witch 

snowman -Advent swap

fingerless gloves for Elizabeth

fingerless gloves for Brittany

toque for Glenn

fingerless gloves for Glenn

Stepmother scarf/shawl for Loraine

crazy lace cardigan for Belinda

socks for Grandma Hattie

fingerless gloves for Lorraine

Scandinavian style shawl for Pamela (dance teacher)

lacy maple leaf shawlette -test knit

fingerless gloves for Belinda

mini snowman for Sophia and Teresa

snow lady for Grandma

Weeping Angel for Uncle Stefan

Hand to Hand cable sweater for Colin

Danish tie-shawl for Julie

Danish tie-shawl for me

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I Love Yarn Day 2013!!

You don’t have to follow this blog long to realize I couldn’t let today pass without celebrating:

I Love Yarn Day 2013

I love to go to the yarn shop, especially Yarn Forward in Kanata.  I don’t always buy things, but I love to go and squish the balls of yarn.

Knitting Group Photographic Print

And of course, the most fun of yarn is knitting!

Woman Knitting Among Lunchtime Loungers Relaxing at Base of Statue at New York Public Library Premium Photographic Print

Knitting, any time, any place!!

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