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Sorry for kind of falling off the face of the earth last week ¬†ūüôā ¬†It was such a whirlwind of getting ready for the trip to Scarborough, my girlfriend came over for knitting Thursday afternoon and of course making sure Daddy had enough food -wouldn’t want him to starve with 3 freezers full of food.

I’ll share in another post all our Scarborough fun. ¬†Here’s Yarn Along for this week:

Did I tell you I had started a small shawl for wearing with my new winter coat (which I need to start sewing soon)? ¬†Well I decided I didn’t like it and started a different pattern. ¬†I’m still not sure I love it, but we’ll see.

Purse knitting -socks for Grandma in the usual pattern.

Some mice toys for my swap partner’s cats and one for Timmy too. ¬†Just need to be felted and stuffed.

I love making these book marks. ¬†They are perfectly formed socks, turned heels and everything! ¬†We’re not reading this book, I just used it for scale.

Fingerless gloves in a great wool from Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes. ¬†It’s a bit itchy for me but most people love it.

A matching cowl. ¬†I just need to cast off. ¬†I forgot to bring a bigger pair of needles to Scarborough, so it had to wait till we came home. ¬†This cowl buttons so I’ll have to check the button jar. ¬†It also could use a bit of blocking.

And of course, a trip to Scarborough wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Tina’s great store in Bowmanville. ¬†I love going to Soper Creek Yarn, she has such a great selection and Tina¬†doesn’t mind if Ella talks her ear off.

Mrs. Prickly liked her trip to the yarn shop too.  I was actually on a mission at the yarn shop.  We need more mittens this winter so I need feltable wool.  Guess what Tina had on sale?

I have some cream wool to use with this one.

Not sure what colour to use with this one?

Will likely use black with this one?

And then this one fell into my shopping bag:

I bought two balls (one makes a pair of socks) because I want to use these for knee socks.  I love Jawoll because they come with a little spool of reinforcing thread inside.

A very productive trip to Scarborough.

Oh yeah, I brought along a book but didn’t get it out. Door in the Hedge¬†another book by Robin Mckinley. ¬†It’s been a very long time since I read this one. ¬†I don’t even really remember what it’s about. ¬†But considering it’s survived every book purge since the 80’s -it’s a good one.

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Yarn Along today is Auntie Belinda’s sweater.

Yarn Along -5 June (1000x750)

Just one sleeve left to go.

I’m re-reading¬†The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making. ¬†Time to stop being lazy and get back to making more things from scratch. ¬†Look at this bag of cookies from President’s Choice:

cookies 1 (1000x750)

See how much extra plastic there is to hold out the bag?  There are literally 18 cookies!  Thank goodness they were on sale.

By the way, I finally finished my book from a while ago. Rms Titanic: Gilded Lives Fatal Voyage was a really good book.

Oh yeah, remember me mentioning the yarn at the Knitters’ Frolic that I didn’t buy? ¬†Well Colin felt bad because he forgot to get me a birthday present, so he said I could order some from Indigodragonfly. ¬†He bought me 2 skeins and I bought me a third (just to have a lot of pattern options). ¬†Well, my skeins of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Sock in Tardis are ready!

yarn (1000x779)

Aren’t they gorgeous?! ¬†I can’t wait for them to arrive.

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Home from Toronto so I have lots of knitting and yarn to share for Yarn Along this week. ¬†I really need to find time for reading, but Ella’s so chatty all the time, it’s hard.

First stop of course is Tina’s shop in Bowmanville. ¬†Soper Creek Yarn is my favourite yarn shop. ¬†Tina carries a large selection of beautiful yarns but at reasonable prices. ¬†And she always seems to have sale baskets. ¬†In fact the Regia was on sale. ¬†I’m going to use it for these socks. ¬†I can’t wait to use the Katia. ¬†But I don’t know what pattern to make. ¬†I’ve never used the Berroco Comfort DK before, but if it knits up as nicely as it feels, this may become my new favourite DK. ¬†It is so soft. ¬†Oh yeah, on top of it all I had a gift certificate and all this only cost me $15.

So here’s my knitting for the weekend. ¬†I finally finished the socks for my BIL for Christmas. ¬†The other 2 socks are for me! ¬†The blue ones are the Vintage from Tina’s ¬†and the grey ones are Vintage leftovers. ¬†Momma’s going to have warm toes this winter ¬†ūüôā ¬†On Saturday Belinda and Stefan took me out shopping and we found a yarn shop just around the corner from their house. ¬†I picked up another ball of Vintage. ¬†I’ve never seen Vintage in¬†variegated¬†before. ¬†These will be another pair of socks for me.

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Busy Yarn Along post this week.

Yep, that’s right, I’m working on my Dad’s toque again!¬† I finished the last one and Colin said it felt big.¬† Since my Dad doesn’t have any hair I didn’t think it would fit.¬† So I started again.

My KAL sweater is coming along nicely.¬† I actually ran out of knitting to do on it this weekend because I forgot to bring my double-pointed needles.¬† I’m not sure what I’m thinking about this sweater though.¬† I like the pattern but it’s not knitting up to the size it’s supposed to.¬† And yes, I did a gauge swatch (always do).¬†¬† It fits Ella perfectly right now, depending on what she’s wearing and so long as she doesn’t grow.¬† I’m not sure what to do.¬† I also don’t like how the stocking stitch part rolls.

And now for the stash augmentation part of this post.  Over the weekend I was able to hit 3 really nice yarn shops.  All of them child-free!!!

First stop of course was Tina‘s in Bowmanville.¬† The purple James Brett Marble is for the 5 Hour baby sweater. (I’m not actually starting it now, but that way I can share the pattern) ¬†¬† Baby’s coming in March but Momma’s not finding out so I have to knit pink and blue.

Next stop was The Purple Purl in the old Toronto neighbourhood Leslieville.¬† It’s a cute little store and just around the corner from a big park.¬† We left Ella and Uncle Stefan at the park and went shopping.¬† This wool is for my felted mittens.¬† I usually try to buy the same brand when felting, but the girl at the store thinks they will play well together¬† ūüôā¬† This is also where I picked up the Coastal Knits book.¬† What beautiful sweaters.¬† My sister and I want to make nearly every one (well me make her wear).

Last stop was at Creative Yarns, basically around the corner from Auntie Belinda’s house.¬† I was able to get the yarn I need for the Knitivity book (which I am not starting before Christmas).¬† The top 3 sock yarns are for the wise men, the off white is for sheep and the grey is for my donkey.¬† I picked up the other colours from House of Crafts in Pembroke (Kroy sock).¬† There should be enough wise man yarn leftover to make Grandma some more socks.

Ok, I know this isn’t yarn but it’s adding to my fabric stash ūüôā¬† The blue is more periwinkle in person and will be an everyday dress for Ella.¬† The wine and the Christmas material is for a Christmas dress for Ella.¬† It is also a prime example of why I’m not creative, I just follow instructions well.¬† It took me 15 minutes to come up with this fabric combination, even though the pattern shows wild and crazy!

I love the Fabricland in Scarborough.¬† It’s actually across the road from Creative Yarns and unlike the Fabricland in Pembroke they actually sell dress weight wool/suiting.¬† They had a gorgeous flannel wool, just what I have been looking for, unfortunately it was a terrible yellow/green.

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Playing a bit of catch-up today.¬† I wasn’t home in time to post my Yarn Along yesterday so here we go:

Everyone other than COLIN can follow this link to see what I’ve been working on at the farmers’ markets.¬† I am very pleased with how it’s turning out.¬† I can’t say enough good things about Berroco Vintage yarn.

This week’s Yarn Along are the happy additions to my yarn stash.¬† I’m in a bit of a yarn vacuum up here (at least reasonable prices), so whenever I’m back ‘home’ I always try to stop by Tina’s yarn shop.¬† I was in luck and every yarn I bought was on sale.¬† The Snuggly and the Regia were only $3 a ball!¬† I splurged and got myself a new lace book.¬† I need to make a new summer shawl and none of the patterns I could find were tickling my fancy.¬†¬†¬† The book is Victorian Lace Today and it’s gorgeous.¬† I want to knit nearly every project.¬† I’m going to make the Alpine Knit Scarf/stole.¬† The yarn is an alpaca/silk blend and should be beautiful.¬† Tina had a shawl made up in store with this yarn and it was lovely.

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I thought I’d show you all my haul from the weekend¬† ūüôā¬† As usual, we got to Bowmanville in time to go to my favourite yarn shop, Soper Creek Yarn.¬† Tina always has a great selection of wool and most at very reasonable prices.¬† I always stock up when we are down south.

We’ll start at the top right.¬† That red (which is a nicer red in person) and the pattern behind it are for a nice little shrug for Ella.¬† The yarn is a wool blend.¬† Next come two different colours of Kroy for socks, the blue is likely for my MIL.¬† Next comes the beautiful yarn that ‘Colin’ got me for our anniversary.¬† It is alpaca/merino/silk/nylon and just gorgeous.¬† I’m going to make myself a sontag.¬† It’s like a shawl that buttons on, it’s from the civil war era.

The last two things didn’t come from Tina’s.¬†¬† Do any of you know who the Yarn Harlot is?¬† She a knitting writer and has a blog too.¬† Well she’s mentioned going to a yarn store called Lettuce Knit.¬† We went there on Saturday, it’s in the Kensington Market area of Toronto.¬† It’s a very historic part of Toronto, filled with very interesting people.¬† Ella picked out the variegated pink merino.¬† I don’t know what I’ll make with it, it’s rather fine, but I will think of something.¬† I also bought the commemorative edition of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters’ Almanac.¬† It’s one of my favourite books.¬† They have redone the example pictures and they are in colour this time.¬† There is even a bonus pattern.¬† My favourite baby sweater pattern (February sweater) has been made into a ladies sweater.¬† I can’t wait to get started on that.

Lots of knitting fun ahead of me.

Speaking of anniversary presents….¬† I finally got Colin’s sweater finished.¬† I won’t tell you how long ago I started this sweater, but I finished it for our 7th anniversary (wool).¬† It fits Colin really well and looks great.¬† Now he just has to remember to wear it once in a while¬† -ha ha!

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