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New project to share this week for Yarn Along.  We had that family party on Sunday and I always like to go to things like that prepared.  I don’t really ‘know‘ most of the people there so never know how much I’ll be involved in the conversations.  So I pulled out some yarn that Colin gave me for Christmas.  It’s a lap blanket by Mary Gildersleeve and it’s called Mary, Mary Quite Contrary (my favourite nursery rhyme about Mary Queen of Scots).  Like all of Mary’s patterns, this one is beautiful and so much fun to knit.  I’m not liking the 9mm needles, but that’s just me.

Splurged and picked up the new Victoria magazine.  I used to buy every issue, but they changed editors a few years ago and it’s changed (not for the better).  Now it looks more like any other ‘ladies’ magazine than what Victoria used to be.  I got this one because it’s about Wales.  My dad’s family (Rees) is originally from there and it’s always held a fascination (I LOVE ‘How Green was My Valley‘).

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Yarn Along

I have a feeling there isn’t going to be an official Yarn Along this week, but that’s because Ginny has had her adorable ‘little’ baby.  No wonder people thought my adorable 7lb 11oz Ella was a premie (she was, by 11 minutes).

So here’s my projects, just in case anyone was wondering:

yarn along 6 (1000x750)

Has anyone heard of the Write a Novel in a Month November challenge?  Well apparently there is a Knit a Sweater in a Month challenge too.  I was thinking of joining that challenge until I saw the math required.  So I might be doing this challenge in an unofficial manner.  And so long as you AREN’T COLIN, please follow the link and get the details.  The top pile of knitting is a test knit I’m doing for Mary Gildersleeve and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to show it yet.  So I’m just letting you see the colour.  I’ve had a bit of an issue with the third chart (my fault completely) so I’m took a bit of a sabbatical from it last week.

Right now I’m reading my Knitting Workshop book by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I’m using a pattern from it, but it’s so much fun to read it always sucks me in to sit and read too.

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