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Don’t really have much of Yarn Along post this week.  I seem to be working on bits and pieces of a million different things and nothing much to show for a week’s worth of work.

I’ve decided Grandma needs another present.  So I’ve started a fine lace scarf.  She likes to have something around her neck but it has to be fine because she’s like me and doesn’t have that much neck and doesn’t want anything tight.

The patterns are coming from my new The Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting: Stitches, Techniques, and Projects for Lighter-than-Air Shawls & More
book.  The main body part is called cat’s paws.  I haven’t decided if I’m making it a Moebius or a scarf.

I also just realized I need to make one more present for an unnamed person.  So here’s the pieces I’ve been working on:

We’ve also been keeping up with the elf mischief.  We never know where we’re going to find Merry in the mornings.

Merry and Boulder goofing around.

Merry doesn’t even behave at Grandma’s house.  Her she’s checking out Ella’s picture with Santa this year.

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