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The End of an Era

Order week started at the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op yesterday and for the first time in 3 years we aren’t involved.  It all feels very strange.  We’ve been thinking about this for a long time and it wasn’t a decision that was made lightly.   We’ve had to make some changes that are the best for our farm and our family.

We’ve decided to stop selling our pork through the OVFC.  When we added up all the cost, i.e., the 10% fee (gross) that goes to the Co-op, costs to deliver to Pembroke, cost to raise the pork, it just didn’t make cents sense anymore.  For example take our bacon, price is $4.20 therefore OVFC gets $0.42 on every pound we sell, minus the cost of smoking the bacon, minus the cost of the pig and minus the extra packaging required for OVFC delivery.  When all was said and done we netted about $0.01 per pound and that’s not taking anything for my time.  On top of all that is the extra time that it takes to run a second supply of pork and all the extra weighing and sorting and labeling.  On OVFC delivery weeks poor Ella ends up basically ignored for two days while Grandma and I weigh and sort and label and try to keep everything organized.

We appreciate our customers who have said we should increase the price to cover the commission.  But this would require us to run 2 price lists and would cause even more work because we would have to have a separate freezer with pork labeled with OVFC prices.  Also, increasing the price would increase the amount paid to the OVFC.  It becomes a vicious circle.  I may continue to sell my preserves and hand work as they have a bigger profit margin than food stuffs.

But do not fear!!!  We are NOT going out of business.  We will still be selling our natural pork from both our farm locations.  We also will be returning to the Petawawa Farmers’ Market.  The folks in Deep River are talking about a special once a month Farmers’ Market where we would love to go as well.  Also, we’ll be at various Taste of the Valley events this summer/fall.

There is a bonus to coming to see us in person -same great quality meat but even more affordable as there is NO COMMISSION.  Our customers don’t have to pay the extra 5% as charged by OVFC.

So please, come out to the farm or see us at the Market, we love meeting our customers face to face.  We’re open daily 9-8 but don’t forget we are a working farm, so if you are making a special trip or coming from a distance please call and I’ll make sure someone is home for you.

Don’t forget that you can get natural, cage-free eggs from the farm stand location too.  Our chickens are fed home-grown corn.   If you’ve only ever bought store eggs, you won’t believe the taste difference in truly fresh eggs.


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