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Yeah, I know, I’m running late this week.  I don’t know why it’s so hard to load pictures from the camera to the computer.  I just don’t seem to get around to it on time.  I did have this post ready for yesterday, but Photobucket wasn’t working so I couldn’t post pictures.    Today’s post is going to be all about Ella.

You may remember a certain Miss has a birthday coming up this weekend.  So here’s here traditional pair of birthday socks.

I’ve liked this pattern for a while and thought they would be cute for Ella.  They are a thicker gauge which I like to do for Ella since she won’t get too much wear from them before she out-grows them.  But I’ve decided I’m not doing socks in Astra sized yarn any more.  My wrists just don’t like it.  Hopefully her feet will slow down (they have to some day) and I can make her proper ‘sock yarn’ socks.

I had extra yarn, so I’m whipping up another plain pair of socks for Ella too.  She’s got Guide camp coming up and needs warmer socks than she currently has.  I found a Toe-up sock formula online.  Toe-Up is always the way to go when you don’t know how far your yarn is going to go.

Did I show you the American Girl dress?  If she likes this one I’ll make another so both her ‘girls’ can have the same dress.

So, what has made my Pretty, Funny girl so very, very Happy?

Daddy finally found a local go-cart!  Ella was really pushing the size limit on her little riding tractor last summer.

Daddy’s putting the sides back on and building a roll cage.  He’s also putting in a floor so she doesn’t break a leg. He also needs to make some adjustments to slow it down A LOT.

He’s also going to have to adjust the pedals for now.  Ella and I can’t reach.

Daisy thinks she needs to chase it and bite at the tires.

One very happy girl with her early birthday present.

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Busy this week so I guess I’ll do a Yarn Along/Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real combo post.

I whipped up some snowflakes for Ella’s 2 skating coaches.  They haven’t been starched in this picture yet.  I love making snowflakes.

Decided to make another Christmas present after all.  I’ve seen this style of sock in a lot of the old pattern books I collect.  They are usually called bed socks.  Very fast, no heels like a tube sock.  I think it’s cool the way the pattern makes it look twisted.

Tuesday we gave up waiting for snow and headed out to the tree farm for our Christmas tree.  Cedar Hill is one of the few places that have their own fir trees.  Most tree places bring in firs.  It was a bit drizzly and windy.  Actually at times the wind was blowing the rain sideways and made it almost look like snow.

This is NOT what it should look like waiting for the tractor.

Got to have our annual picture.  I’m not getting taller, same can’t be said for Ella!

Look who needed measured too?

Waiting for our hot dogs and chili while sipping on our hot cocoa.

My Pretty girl -just because.

Stopped in Pakenham to check out their cool general store.  It’s been in operation since the 1840’s.  It’s very cool inside.  Not much has changed (except the products).  Upstairs is all sorts of decorative things.

Boy cranking your machine by hand would be a hard way to work.  Especially since I like to use two hands to guide the material.

Deliberately picked a little smaller and less full tree this year.  Tim’s still very much a kitten and we didn’t know how he would behave.  Ella decorated the tree this year.  We kept the bottom fairly bare so we wouldn’t tease Tim too much.

What does Tim think of it all?  Well most of the time he thinks it’s a great place for a cat nap.  Figaro loved to sleep at the back side of the Christmas tree too.

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I’ve been slow getting the pictures off the camera, so for this week’s Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real I’ll share Ella’s Guide enrollment.

My Pretty Happy girl being enrolled.

Proud Momma!

And my Funny Tim.  Sometimes he actually stops being a nut and behaves.  He’s such a sweetie!

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A few pictures to share for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.

Daddy brought in one of his reasonable sized pumpkins.  Wow did it have a lot of seeds.

Must have been about 4 inches thick.  It would have been a great pumpkin for making pie.


Lunch in the field with Daddy while they were combining Grandpa’s corn.  The moisture was perfect and the bushel weight heavy -so much better than last year.

50 Sandhill cranes just down the road from the Poff farm at the swamp.  We didn’t see many of them this summer.

These birds are big!  I wouldn’t want to corner one.

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 I meant to do this post for last week’s Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real but time got away from me.  So here it goes.

Colin and I had a road trip to the very Pretty town of Perth.

Wow, it’s such a pretty town.

Town hall.

The Anglican church.  We would have checked out the inside, but mass was still on.


Wow!  I’m ready to move in.   It backs onto the prettiest little park with a creek running through it.

I don’t understand why you would build right ON the creek?  I would think that would be rather difficult in 1820?  And no, this wasn’t a mill and it’s not the only building like this.

Codes Mill -back when even a factory could be beautiful.

Yeah, that’s a lot of cheese.

Shaw’s of Perth has been in this location since 1840!  That’s amazing.

How cool is this car wash?  Sign says a wash is only 75 cents!

Look who was hanging out watching the world go by.

Another creek running through town.  And another building right ON the water.

How do you know this is small town Ontario?  Feed mill right in the middle of town!

And now, why did this trip to Perth make me so very Happy?  Besides a lovely Sunday spent with my sweetie of course.

Colin found an almost new corn furnace on Kijiji.  The guy only used it for back-up in January/February so it hasn’t seen much use.  Hurray!  I’ll be able to breathe this winter!  The guy is supposed to be coming on Friday to install it -which is good because Colin isn’t going to want to use too much more oil and I don’t want him to put on the corn stove at all.

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Happy, happy Momma on this first Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real of October.  The house is cool enough to need a bit of oil and there was a light frost on the truck windshield this morning.  THE GOOD WEATHER HAS FINALLY RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been so hot and humid this summer I’m very glad to see Fall finally arrive.  I’m usually tired of sneezing by this time of year and counting the days to the first good frost.

We got to see the very Pretty start of the super moon/eclipse that went on the other day.

But then the clouds rolled in and a very UnHappy girl had to go to bed.

10 pm they rolled back out again and we woke up a very Happy girl to check out the eclipse.  It wasn’t very red but it was very cool to see.  We don’t get to see them very often around here.

And since it’s ‘Throw Back Thursday’ on Facebook, I couldn’t help sharing this old one of my Funny pair:

Remember on the post about the Renfrew County Plowing Match and the picture of the old haybinder?  Well I found the family picture I mentioned:

One more Funny:

“Oh, you said ‘don’t‘ play on the clean towels?  Sorry Momma”

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Yes, I know, I’m late with this one too.  One of these days I’ll have a few minutes to put together a post to show what I’ve been up to lately.

Pretty, Funny:  My pretty and funny girl was using the camera and so (of course) I found some Ella selfies.

My camera is bigger and a little more awkward, I think that’s why it’s not the usual funny face.

to make my girl Happy I said I’d share some pictures of her flower gnomes.

Here they are playing by the river with the peg people her pen pal Sophia made.  We really need to work on Ella’s printing/writing this year.  She just doesn’t enjoy doing it.  She’d be much happier if pen pals were on the phone  :)

Happy:  I was very happy to have a chance to chat with one of my blogging friends in person (well on the phone) for the first time.  We’ve tried to meet in person, but her trips up this way are so full it’s not been possible -yet!

Very Happy to have the bushel of peaches dealt with!  Fruit relish on Thursday and canned today.  Also made a peach crisp and a handful left for eating fresh.  One of Colin’s Mennonite friends brings them up fresh from the St. Jacob’s farmers’ market -SO much better than those hard rocks the grocery stores up here sell.  These are seconds (cheaper) so you lose a few to bruising.  But then again I always find a bad one in the expensive baskets from the store too.

Funny:  this week’s funny is for all of us who love books and Elizabeth in particular since she was a librarian.

Real:  I forgot to take a picture of this week’s real.  But I will share it with you anyway since I know some of my friends think everything I cook turns out perfectly.  As you recall I had a slow roasted pork roast on the menu this week?  Well, according to the recipe I put it on the BBQ at 1:30 for supper at 5.  I went out to check on it at 4:30 and it was raw and cold!  Apparently the gas went out 5 minutes after I closed the lid.  Colin was in the yard so I had him change the tank (always have a back-up) and started the roast over (and changed supper plans).  I was supposed to take the roast off at 8 when it would be done.  You will notice I said ‘supposed’?  Well 8 am THE NEXT MORNING I remembered there was a roast on the BBQ!!!!  Out I went expecting to find a lump of charcoal.  Can you imaging that the roast was actually still edible!?  Just a very little bit of the outside needed trimmed.  I guess that’s the beauty of really low heat (>300F) and a pork shoulder roast (lots of marble).  Used a bit more gas than necessary but still was delicious.  Maybe next time I’ll set the timer  :)

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