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I didn’t get to share the pictures from the trip in Toronto (well, more the ride home) so I’ll share them today for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real.

It turns out that Great Grandma was at the cottage the weekend we went to Grandpa Jim’s.  So we took the ‘other way’ home that runs right by and stopped for a visit.  The highway takes us right through the cute little town of Fenelon Falls (boy has that changed since we went to the cottage as kids).  Just as we were crossing the bridge we could see there were boats going through the lift lock.  We needed to stop for lunch any way, so we pulled over.

We literally crossed the bridge over the lock and parked, and this is how far down the water had gone.

Yeah, I don’t want to know how much this one coming in costs…

It was very cool to watch the lock in action.  And it was great that they have a walkway built under the busy highway so we could walk along and see everything from start to finish.

Next stop my uncle’s cottage!

This lake is actually back behind the farm where my Grandpa Johnson was born in Tory Hill.  Poor Tory Hill doesn’t exist any more.  When I was a kid, there was a gas station and a general store still there.  But they burnt down when I was a teen.  The old dance hall was still standing then too, but it’s also long gone.  My Grandpa’s house is still there, but no longer being farmed.

The lake is very cold and deep, but was such fun growing up.

It was the wrong time of day for fishing off the dock, but Ella gave it a try.

Ella’s first motor boat ride.  When we are at Joe and Carol’s in July Daddy always has to row.

My uncle has done a lot of work on the cottage the last few years (hurray flush toilet!!).  I really love what he did with the deck and stairs.

You have to watch your head when you sit on the deck.  Lots of hummingbirds.

Yeah, I know the ‘grandmas’ are wearing sweaters!  The rest of us were sweating and Ella was considering a dip in the lake even though she forgot to pack her bathing suit.

The cottage makes a good stop.  It’s about halfway and so there’s only 2 hours to go till we get home.

We had this guy in the tree out front the other day.  It’s a juvenile red tail hawk.  We’ve got lots of hawks around, but don’t usually have a juvenile hanging around.

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What would be nicer to share for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week than my beautiful garden.  It’s usually full and beautiful this time of year -sort of wild English country look.

The day lilies look great this year.

They are spreading nicely too.

There is always lots of talk, especially on Facebook, as to how terrible farmers are for using herbicides.  How they use Round Up and other herbicides just because they can and how they use too much and soak the earth.  This doesn’t take into consideration the cost of these herbicides.  They cost far too much for most farmers to use in a haphazard manner.  Also, Canadian must be licensed to use herbicides and have a very thick book which tells them how much to use.  Often it works out to just a few drops per leaf on a plant.  (see here if you want to see the math)  They are meant to work at the correct dosage, more doesn’t mean better.

But they never seem to consider the WHY of herbicides.

This is the Real happened to my beautiful garden this year because it got smothered out by weeds.

We finally got all that darn vetch ripped out.  Only a few violets and other flowers have survived.  Luckily this is just a flower garden.  You can imagine the damage out of control weeds can do to a field full of soybeans or wheat or corn??  Weeds can reduce a field’s output by tons per acre, which translates into thousands of dollars that the farm won’t make.

Another Real that makes me very UnHappy is the wretched wild parsnip is getting dangerously close to our house.  It’s up at the railroad tracks which are about 300 ft from the house.  It is NOT something you want to get on your skin.

Ella is a very Happy girl.  I found someone selling a beautiful American Girl doll for a very reasonable price.  Ella has been wishing for a sister for Olivia.  Caroline had been previously loved but was in great shape.  A quick trip to the AG salon at Chapters in Yorkdale had her hair all fixed up.

The Happy family.

One last Happy.  Ella was given a make your own marker set by Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan.

She’s loving coming up with colours.  And I’m happy that there is no mess involved  :)

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As you know, we had company last week.  It was Colin’s best friend from Ag college and his family.  Bev’s a little younger than me and the kids are 7 and 5.  So for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week I’ll share all the fun that we had.

It was really hot last week, so we actually hung out at the house (and in the pool) a lot.  They found this little snapping turtle in the ditch along the house.  Luckily Daisy wasn’t with them -not sure who would win that ‘discussion’.  They didn’t use anything for scale, but the turtle isn’t that big yet.

A great place to be on a stinking hot day is the Bonnechere Caves.  Ella loves taking people there, the kids had a great time.  I think the adults did too.

It was too early in the season to see any bats.  In the fall (around Thanksgiving) the bats come in to hibernate.  They look so cute hanging on the walls, and so soft and fuzzy.

The caves were under water when they were first discovered.  They keep them pumped out in the summer but let them flood again in the fall.  Apparently it helps preserve the rock to be wet.  It also provides a perfect home for the bats.

Checking out the Bonnechere river.

The water’s really low this year so it’s really moving with lots of rapids.

They have some amazing fossils too.

It was still early so we took everyone to the Shaw Woods to hopefully see the eagles.

It was really starting to get warm, but it wasn’t too bad under the trees.

Here’s the young ones at their nest.  Colin was surprised at how long they stay in the nest.

Colin and I went to the Woods a few days earlier and got this shot.

Both days there were so many chipmunks and little red squirrels.  It’s been a really good year for chipmunks.

And he wonders why Ella is goofy!

Did I mention that Ella picked up one heck of a cold when we were at Great Wolf Lodge?  It comes with one heck of a cough and really packs a punch.  Ella actually went home a day early when we were at the cottage.  She was much better last week, but as you can see from this picture it was wearing her out by the end of our walk.

We had some Pretty visitors at the back door the other day.  Zebra has started bringing her little kittens up to the house.  There are 3 little fuzzy balls of fluff.  They are so quiet which is unusual for barn kittens.

Two little stripy ones and the black one.

Look at this face!

And since it’s Thursday, here’s a Throw Back Thursday picture that makes me Happy.

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This week’s Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real is mostly Happy and Fun.  Though I’ll throw in a Real at the end.

We headed off to the cottage last week.  It was a little cool for the Canada Day holiday, but the weather was beautiful.  Ella’s first fish of the holiday.

Getting started on their sand castles.

A carnivorous clam.

Momma’s first fish.  I went on to catch 2 nice large mouth bass and a pike, but that was a drizzly day so we left the camera at the cottage.

One of Ella’s bass (she caught 4 bass on top of the 20+ perch).  Ella loved her new fishing pole.  She learned really quickly how to cast and was soon putting it in the right spot.  Anyone who knows Grandma’s family would know just how proud MY Grandpa Johnson would be to see the little fisherman Ella is becoming.  In fact, my cousin Brad was making a career being a fishing guide in BC before the economy tanked.  He’s one of those guys who can catch fish in a bucket of water.

Daddy caught a handful of nice bass and a pike.

Ella even helped Daddy land one of the big ones.

Chillaxing on the one cool, drizzly day.  Trying to beat Daddy at Battleship.

Our home away from home.

Yum, beavertails!

We always have so much fun at Joe and Carol’s.

Here’s a real.  Remember last year when First Choice chopped off all my hair?

Here we are a year later (I should have turned on the light so it looked more similar).  Luckily my hair grows fairly quick.

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Look what we found out in the ‘junk room’ (back room attached to the old summer kitchen)…

Little wee Midnight had a couple of kittens a couple of weeks ago.  Which, of course, makes us very Happy.

They are so cute and snugly.  I think one is a boy and the other a girl.  It’s hard to tell at this age since the ‘fluffy bits’ are so tiny.

 Ella was busy at Grandma’s house this weekend.  Look what she did…

Grandma says neighbours are slowing down and actually stopping at the foot of the driveway to have a good look.  Ella is very proud of herself, which is like Happy.

Real is just the same old same old.  I need to do laundry, I need to do baking and it’s going to get stinking hot today  :)

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Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.  Let’s start with funny:

Saw this on FB earlier this week and thought it was funny (and so true).  My friend April (my height) and I always say we’d look like supermodels if we were 6 ft.  We’re just short for our weight.  And this proves it!

Reality is that weight has always been an issue for me (well, at least since high school).  When I’m walking lots (eg., home from the bus stop after working in Toronto all day) and not drinking Coke (because my caffeine allergy is acting up), I look great.  I’m about 120 lbs in this picture and feel so Happy and Pretty.  And yes, I’m really that pale -I used to be a strawberry blonde like Ella.

What I didn’t know at the time was I have PCOS.  And one of the main side effects/symptoms is gaining weight so easily.  Which is why I was such a tiny little thing when I was young and started having trouble in high school.  Though I figure skated enough to keep in under control then.

The new Real is not so Happy and certainly doesn’t feel Pretty (though Colin still thinks I am -lucky me!).  This is me 12 years later.  A c-section and hysterectomy and 195 lbs.  I need to make some changes.  I’ve promised Ella I’ll give up Coke, not to lose weight but to be healthier.  I know, you are supposed to ‘do it for yourself and not others’.  But I don’t think that kind of thinking works when you’ve been emotionally abused as a child.  When you grow up with no self-worth it’s hard to feel worth the effort.  But I will do anything for Ella and Colin!

So here it goes.  If I tell all you guys maybe I’ll have to stick to it  :)  I’ve actually already lost 5 lbs!  I’m also going to see the naturopath and get tested for food allergies.  Ella’s allergies have to come from some where, right?  And hopefully if I get the food allergies under control the headaches will go away.  That would be a big help with cutting out the Coke because I find nothing works better than a Tylenol 3 and a Coke to get my headache under control.  I just wish we had somewhere nice to walk.  Can’t walk on the fields, too rough and planted.  The old railroad tracks are blocked off (until they decide to make a trail).  And I’m not sure of the safety of the side road.  They often drive 100+ km along there (marked as 80).

Here’s another Pretty:

The Lily-of-the-Valley have finally flowered.  They sure were late this year.  At least I was able to find a nice little bouquet for our nature table.

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Feeling kind of nostalgic this week for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real so I’m going to do a Throwback Thursday kind of post.

Ella ‘knitting’ with her crayons.  She went through a phase a couple years ago where she said she hated knitting and would never knit.  I had tried teaching her but because she couldn’t do it like me she was frustrated.  I am Happy to say that she has recently picked up her needles again and seems to be getting it.  I love in this picture how she’s holding her crayons nearly exactly like I do my needles.

My very Happy girl.  This is the Christmas that Momma and Daddy got her Olivia and Santa got her the Calico Critters house.  And of course Ella loved the matching nightgowns too.

Funny.  And people wonder why Ella’s so tall.  It’s hard to believe that now (2 years later), Ella is nearly at my nose.  I don’t know how that child grows so much every year.

Funny, Ella and her faces.  And who couldn’t love a chocolate face?

Pretty -my beautiful girl Easter morning a couple years ago.  We are lucky to have a semi-professional photographer at St. Barnabas.  He caught Ella in this glorious sunbeam.

The Real is that cropping season is in full swing.  Daddy works very long days and sometimes doesn’t get in until Ella’s heading to bed.  When he is in, he’s often tired and cranky.  But we are Happy for the nice weather so we can have a picnic lunch with Daddy out in the fields.


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