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Just a quick post for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.  My girl makes me smile.

Ella and Zim playing LEGO Marvel.

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I know I posted this earlier in the week.  I really wanted to share it for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real but couldn’t wait to share.  So I’m going to link it up for PHFR too  :)

This past Sunday was Gaudete Sunday, the Sunday of Joy, the third Sunday of Advent.  The hangings at church were pink as was the Advent wreath candle.  We were able to go to Ottawa for church again.  It was a very special day for Ella.

My beautiful girl received her First Communion.

Father even had a fancy little pin to give her to remember the day (and a certificate to come later).

Not only that, but she was in her first Christmas pageant too.  When we turned up for Sunday School everyone was getting in their costumes.  I told Ella she would have to come sit in church with Grandma and me and our friends.  Kate, the great Sunday School teacher, said it was no problem.  She found Ella an angel costume (fit her like it was made for her) and Ella got to be part of the heavenly host.  Ella was rather nervous but did a great job.

I didn’t get a picture of the sheep.  They were so adorable.  They were only 2ish years old.

After church we went home with our friends to celebrate an early Christmas/Yule.  And guess what they gave me??

A pure-bred Siamese cat!  She’s about 1 1/2 years old and so well-mannered (so far).  Her people were moving so they were giving her away.  She looks so much like the Siamese I had when I finished university (and we just lost a couple of years ago).  Her name is Zim -apparently some anime character.  Rather dumb name if you ask me. But she answers to it, so I guess it will have to stay.  She has really taken to Ella.  This is what we found when we went to bed and checked in on Ella:


Guess the ‘no cat in bed’ rule didn’t last long.  Zim sure is cute though.

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A very Happy girl this week.  Ella is really loving her figure skating lessons.

That long-legged blur in the middle is my girl.  It’s so hard to get a picture when she’s skating.

My Pretty girl was so very Happy after class on Monday.  She earned another ribbon and that meant that she also received her first badge!  I’m so proud of my girl and of course, she’s so proud of herself too.

The house is starting to look Pretty too.  We’ve gotten out a few more of our Advent/Christmas decorations.

Things are very crowded at the stable this year.  I’ve just noticed that even the giraffes have come to visit our Lord.

Not Christmas without my German pyramids (didn’t get a picture of my other one).  I love the countdown candle I got in last year’s swap.  I still don’t think I’ll light it, it’s too pretty.

We got a bit of snow last night, just a couple of inches.  But Ella’s been outside for about an hour already.  We’re going for the tree soon, so I was hoping it would snow.  At least it’s not like the Christmas I was pregnant with Ella.  The snow as thigh deep (on me) and I was big I had to stay home.  You should have seen the tree Colin came home with!  It barely fit in the living room, it was so big around.

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Thank you for the kind comments about my new dresses.  They make me feel Happy and Pretty.

Every once in a while I let Ella play with a bowl of flour and water.  On Monday she made it into ‘pancake’ batter and asked to fry it up.  I let her and she actually ate it.  She thinks they were the best pancakes ever!  She even cleaned up the mess (and eventually the egg-shell).

My girl was very Happy to discover that Merry had arrived yesterday for her Advent visit.  Merry is an elf from the North Pole.  She and Ella hang out and play until Christmas eve when Merry goes home with Santa.  Merry keeps an eye on Ella and watches for any other Christmas suggestions for Santa.  Ella eagerly awaits Merry’s arrival every year and we always wonder what kind of mischief she will get into over night when no one is looking.

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There doesn’t seem to be a Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post this week.  But I’ve got some cute pictures to share any way.

My Pretty girl taking her stir of the Christmas pudding.

My very Happy girl earned two ribbons at skating on Monday.  One for agility and one for control.  Apparently if she gets the balance one she’ll get her first CanSkate badge.

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Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week comes to us from our visit to Toronto.  We were in the city for the 110th Santa Claus Parade.  It was a bit chilly but not bad -at least not until half way through when the wind shifted and it got cold.

We got our favourite spot -Bloor and Spadina, just down from the ROM.

Down Spadina Ave is the CN tower.  A few flakes were falling.  Nothing much but add to the atmosphere.

Hurray!  Uncle Stefan was able to come too this year.

I need to save this one for her wedding.

Toronto mounted police unit.  I was surprised, they were the only horses in the parade.  Grandma loves the dappled one.

Dinosaurs from the ROM.

Treehouse and Dora, a favourite with Ella especially now that they have made Dora older.

The big surprise was the Corner Gas folks.  That was such a great tv show.  One we could all watch and I didn’t have to worry with what they would come out with.  Also, even though it was set out west it was SO Cobden!!

Disney princesses!!

University of Western Ontario’s band.

A ‘float’ for Daddy.

The best seats for the parade.

Road Kill!!

Grandma’s just a ‘little’ bit cold.  Even Auntie Belinda had to borrow one of our extra scarves.

Ella’s very excited about the upcoming Penguins movie, so this float was quite popular.

And of course the LEGO float!

And of course, the star of the parade!!

And a view of Casa Loma on the way home.

Even though it was snowing we stopped for a short visit with Great Grandma.

A very Happy, Fun visit to southern Ontario.

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Pretty, Happy, Funny Real this week is Ella’s first week at skating.

She’s working on stopping here.

She’s not really sad in this picture.  The coach drew lines on the ice for them to follow while working on various skills.  Ella had so much fun.  Since she’s been skating since she was 2, they moved her up to the second level group.  Ella can’t wait for next week.

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