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Look what we found out in the ‘junk room’ (back room attached to the old summer kitchen)…

Little wee Midnight had a couple of kittens a couple of weeks ago.  Which, of course, makes us very Happy.

They are so cute and snugly.  I think one is a boy and the other a girl.  It’s hard to tell at this age since the ‘fluffy bits’ are so tiny.

 Ella was busy at Grandma’s house this weekend.  Look what she did…

Grandma says neighbours are slowing down and actually stopping at the foot of the driveway to have a good look.  Ella is very proud of herself, which is like Happy.

Real is just the same old same old.  I need to do laundry, I need to do baking and it’s going to get stinking hot today  :)

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Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week.  Let’s start with funny:

Saw this on FB earlier this week and thought it was funny (and so true).  My friend April (my height) and I always say we’d look like supermodels if we were 6 ft.  We’re just short for our weight.  And this proves it!

Reality is that weight has always been an issue for me (well, at least since high school).  When I’m walking lots (eg., home from the bus stop after working in Toronto all day) and not drinking Coke (because my caffeine allergy is acting up), I look great.  I’m about 120 lbs in this picture and feel so Happy and Pretty.  And yes, I’m really that pale -I used to be a strawberry blonde like Ella.

What I didn’t know at the time was I have PCOS.  And one of the main side effects/symptoms is gaining weight so easily.  Which is why I was such a tiny little thing when I was young and started having trouble in high school.  Though I figure skated enough to keep in under control then.

The new Real is not so Happy and certainly doesn’t feel Pretty (though Colin still thinks I am -lucky me!).  This is me 12 years later.  A c-section and hysterectomy and 195 lbs.  I need to make some changes.  I’ve promised Ella I’ll give up Coke, not to lose weight but to be healthier.  I know, you are supposed to ‘do it for yourself and not others’.  But I don’t think that kind of thinking works when you’ve been emotionally abused as a child.  When you grow up with no self-worth it’s hard to feel worth the effort.  But I will do anything for Ella and Colin!

So here it goes.  If I tell all you guys maybe I’ll have to stick to it  :)  I’ve actually already lost 5 lbs!  I’m also going to see the naturopath and get tested for food allergies.  Ella’s allergies have to come from some where, right?  And hopefully if I get the food allergies under control the headaches will go away.  That would be a big help with cutting out the Coke because I find nothing works better than a Tylenol 3 and a Coke to get my headache under control.  I just wish we had somewhere nice to walk.  Can’t walk on the fields, too rough and planted.  The old railroad tracks are blocked off (until they decide to make a trail).  And I’m not sure of the safety of the side road.  They often drive 100+ km along there (marked as 80).

Here’s another Pretty:

The Lily-of-the-Valley have finally flowered.  They sure were late this year.  At least I was able to find a nice little bouquet for our nature table.

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Feeling kind of nostalgic this week for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real so I’m going to do a Throwback Thursday kind of post.

Ella ‘knitting’ with her crayons.  She went through a phase a couple years ago where she said she hated knitting and would never knit.  I had tried teaching her but because she couldn’t do it like me she was frustrated.  I am Happy to say that she has recently picked up her needles again and seems to be getting it.  I love in this picture how she’s holding her crayons nearly exactly like I do my needles.

My very Happy girl.  This is the Christmas that Momma and Daddy got her Olivia and Santa got her the Calico Critters house.  And of course Ella loved the matching nightgowns too.

Funny.  And people wonder why Ella’s so tall.  It’s hard to believe that now (2 years later), Ella is nearly at my nose.  I don’t know how that child grows so much every year.

Funny, Ella and her faces.  And who couldn’t love a chocolate face?

Pretty -my beautiful girl Easter morning a couple years ago.  We are lucky to have a semi-professional photographer at St. Barnabas.  He caught Ella in this glorious sunbeam.

The Real is that cropping season is in full swing.  Daddy works very long days and sometimes doesn’t get in until Ella’s heading to bed.  When he is in, he’s often tired and cranky.  But we are Happy for the nice weather so we can have a picnic lunch with Daddy out in the fields.


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My girl is very Happy that we’ve got the screen house up now.  Any day now the mosquitoes will be out and looking for blood.  With 60 acres of swamp along the river we have more than our fair share of the little blood suckers.

My Pretty girl taking a selfie with her ‘house guest’.

My Funny girl making us an afternoon ‘snack’.

The Real is we got Ella’s blood work results yesterday.  She is allergic to dairy, eggs, citrus and possibly beef.  Great, what are we supposed to eat now??  At least wheat was OK.  Trying to make my grocery list and I can’t think of a thing for lunches.  Seems most of our lunches are cheese or egg based.

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It’s hard to keep my Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post to a reasonable size this week.  Uncle Stefan and Auntie Belinda took us to the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto on Saturday.  Ella has been wanting to go to the aquarium since before it was built.

It was hard to look up at the CN Tower on Saturday.  The clouds were moving so quickly it made you dizzy to look up at the still tower.

Not hard to get Ella to smile today.

The displays were just amazing.

I like the silhouettes of the big sharks and rays.

This tunnel was the coolest display.

The sea-horse were really hard to get.  This area was darker than the others for some reason.

The jelly fish were really cool.  Did you know that under ultra violet light the females are pink (the four lobes in the middle).

“Petting” horseshoe crabs.  Very cool.

Ella, Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan.

My favourite picture from the weekend.  Heading over to the Roundhouse (and Steam Whistle Brewery) and the playground.

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I didn’t know whether to make this a Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post or a Farm Girl Friday.  So I guess we’ll call it both  :)

The end of March our ready to lay hens arrived.  They aren’t used to me, so they pile up in the corner when I go in the pen.  They’ll get used to me and Colin soon.

The hens last year were too young.  It took nearly 6 weeks for them to lay.  Not exactly ‘ready to lay’, though we didn’t get charged any less!

But I’m Happy to say that the hens got off to a great start and I had half a dozen later that afternoon.  I’m really happy now because the hens are almost up to regular ‘large’ sized eggs.

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I should have taken a picture today for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real, but it would have made a better as an  April Fool’s picture.  We woke this morning to a white world again!!  We got a couple of inches of snow over night.  They even cancelled the buses for today.  Luckily it has mostly melted since it’s a gorgeous +16C.  I’m ready for spring.  I even picked up an 84 (+20 bonus) pack of Reactine  :)

I DO have some pictures of my Pretty, Happy girl to share.

All dressed up and waiting for her turn at the carnival for skating.  The ‘costume’ was a bright skirt and white top, good thing we had this practice skirt left from Highland.

A pretty good pin wheel considering they literally had one night of practice for the carnival.

And I think her favourite part, free skate with all the big girls.

Momma is happy to have her Monday nights back, but Ella will miss all the fun.  I wish arenas around here would keep their ice in longer than March.

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