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This is a little early in the holiday season for visiting Santa, but we had the opportunity to be in Ottawa today.  We went to church first.  I love when we get the chance to go to St. Barnabas in Ottawa.  It’s just like my church in Toronto and the people there are so nice.

Ella is so funny when it comes to Santa.  Usually she is wary of men with facial hair -despite the fact that every uncle/great-uncle she has have some form of facial hair.  She wouldn’t even give peace to the guy behind us at church.  But with Santa she has no issues.  She hopped up on his knee and was chatting with him like they were old friends.  We go to the Bayshore shopping centre and they are nice enough to let us take our own pictures.  Ella even got a colouring book.

Since we were in Ottawa, I stopped by Yarn Forward and picked up some wool.  This is the last Christmas present I’m starting.  Really, I mean it this time  🙂

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