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So many things to share today.  First of all it is our one year Blogiversary!!  I can’t believe this blog has been up and running for a whole year.  It’s been very helpful for the farm.  We’ve had a number of new customers who found us through the blog.  Very exciting.

I don’t know what it is about Ella’s sweater.  Maybe the gauge or maybe it’s the pattern I can’t seem to memorize, but I just don’t seem to want to knit on it.   I know I need to get it done but there are so many other interesting things to knit.  So I started a pair of socks.  They are toe-up, two at a time and have a cable running up the middle.  I’m making them with Berroco Vintage.  It has some wool in it but doesn’t feel like wool.  The person I’m making them for ‘doesn’t like’ wool.   I know we’re supposed to be reading something for the Yarn Along, I just can’t seem to find the time this week.  I’m also trying to tidy up my corner of the living room.  The piles of books are getting taller than the piles of knitting  🙂

Ella and I were busy baking this morning.  I made some of our every day bread. I tossed in a couple eggs (still swimming in eggs) and I had leftover potato water to use too.  Since I had some mashed potatoes that needed using I made scones too.  Ella and I will enjoy that for our afternoon ‘tea’.



makes one scone round (8 scones)

1 3/4 c flour                                 1/4 c wt. sugar

1 T bk powder                              1/4 c butter

1/2 c mashed potatoes (lump free and warmed)

1 egg                                                1/3 c currants or raisins

1/2 c milk

Mix all the dry ingredients.  Add the mashed potatoes and mix in well, I sometimes use my pastry blender.  Cut in the butter, fairly fine.  Stir in the currants and then the milk/egg.  Sometimes I need to add a bit more flour, you don’t want it too soft but it doesn’t need kneading either.  Shape into a 7 inch circle on a lined cookie sheet.  Cut into 8 wedges and sprinkle with coarse sugar.

Bake 400F for 25-30 minutes.

In honour of our blogiversary I’m doing a giveaway.  I’m going to make one of these lovely little dollies.  She’s not made yet, so you get a choice of dolly or Christmas elf.  So leave us a comment and Ella will make the random drawing Friday at noon (our time).  Good luck!


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