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Skating has started for another year.  Our local arena has ‘pre-school’ skating every Thursday morning, but really it’s open to any one.  We had to buy Ella new skates this year, her feet grew 2 sizes.   I was surprised how Ella just hopped on the ice and took off.  I thought she might have to get used to the ice again.

Ella was so happy to wear her new skating outfit.  Grandma finally finished knitting the skirt and sweater.  Ella is so pleased with herself and hopes her little friends from last year come back.  For some reason Ella is still skating with a stiff left knee.  She won’ t bend it for anything.  She wants to learn ‘tricks’ so that’s likely how I’ll get Ella to finally use that leg.  Can’t do waltz jumps with one leg  🙂

Since Ella can’t read, I’ll share with you another Christmas present that I have finished.   I hope the picture is a little clearer than it looks right now.  I’m not sure why it looks blurry uploaded??  Any way, I finished Ella’s stocking this afternoon.  It’s Falling Snow from the Ravelry website.  I’ve actually seen some pictures on Ravelry that show this stocking with names knitted in.  I may have to make this stocking again and add Ella’s name.  It was such an easy knit that it’s really tempting.   In which case, I’ll have to find a new home for this one, hmmm………..


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