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Yarn Along!

Just about done Ella’s afghan!!  I just need to fill in those top deep v’s with 3 of the quarter sized squares just like the bottom edge.  I’ve also got a couple of rows of ends to finish.  I can’t believe it’s only taken a year to do this, especially considering all the other things I’ve knit as well.

The Calico folks need more sleeping bags.  Knitting them made much more sense than fiddling around with crochet cotton.  Also, a few of the ladies still needed new dresses.  They just need their tiny little snaps sewn on, I think that’s everyone now.

Finally finished this shawl that I started a while ago.  I need to get it blocked and will show you the really finished product later.  I’m hoping to sell this one because I need to raise some funds to take Ella to the naturopathic doctor to figure out what food allergy is bothering her poor little tummy.  I thought it was lactose, but there seems to be something more.  The yarn is yummy, a merino and cashmere blend.

Fun reading got put on hold because one of Ella’s new school books for next year arrived. Handbook of Nature Study and I think we’ll be signing up for the Outdoor Nature Hour to encourage us to get outside with a purpose.  Though they must be somewhere much warmer than we are since we’re supposed to be looking for tree buds and wild flowers right now.  Ah, just looked at their Facebook page -northern California.  That explains everything.

I’m kind of in the knitting doldrums.  I have a bunch of stuff on the go (as usual) but nothing is grabbing my attention and saying ‘knit me’.

There seems to be a problem with my pictures.  I’m not sure if it’s a WordPress problem or a PhotoBucket problem.  I hope it fixes itself soon.  Just click on the links, you can see the projects on my Ravelry page.

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Home from Toronto so I have lots of knitting and yarn to share for Yarn Along this week.  I really need to find time for reading, but Ella’s so chatty all the time, it’s hard.

First stop of course is Tina’s shop in Bowmanville.  Soper Creek Yarn is my favourite yarn shop.  Tina carries a large selection of beautiful yarns but at reasonable prices.  And she always seems to have sale baskets.  In fact the Regia was on sale.  I’m going to use it for these socks.  I can’t wait to use the Katia.  But I don’t know what pattern to make.  I’ve never used the Berroco Comfort DK before, but if it knits up as nicely as it feels, this may become my new favourite DK.  It is so soft.  Oh yeah, on top of it all I had a gift certificate and all this only cost me $15.

So here’s my knitting for the weekend.  I finally finished the socks for my BIL for Christmas.  The other 2 socks are for me!  The blue ones are the Vintage from Tina’s  and the grey ones are Vintage leftovers.  Momma’s going to have warm toes this winter  🙂  On Saturday Belinda and Stefan took me out shopping and we found a yarn shop just around the corner from their house.  I picked up another ball of Vintage.  I’ve never seen Vintage in variegated before.  These will be another pair of socks for me.

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