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As you probably know, last weekend the Girls headed to Scarborough for a short visit with Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan.  We let the GPS find us some back roads and actually found some roads that we have never taken before.

Here’s a sight I never thought I’d see.  It’s a little community just outside of Fenelon Falls.   It’s a little place called Glenarm.  Even though I grew up in Bowmanville and was often in this area, I’ve never been here.  Recently an old order Amish community have made Glenarm their home.  I discovered this thanks to The Amish Cook website that I like to read.  I was unable to find the bakery, but I did find a lovely farm stand that was selling baked goods too.

It’s hard to see in this picture, but this farm is set up perfectly for us.  There are two large white houses beside each other and then the large sheds/farm stand that you see at the front.  The entire place is surrounded by beautiful, well-tended gardens.  That’s one of the first ways to notice an Amish/Mennonite home, gardens!  You can tell which houses are old order homes, they have the power lines removed.  Bet Ontario Hydro charges a pretty penny to do that.  The Zehrs were very friendly and we had a great chat over the vegetables and pies.  If you are in the area, the apple pie was delicious, almost better than mine.

Just outside of Kinmount we came across this sight. Two trees and a couple of fence posts just covered with shoes!  I’m not sure why people start doing that, but Ella sure got a kick out of it.

Saturday we took Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan to St. Jacobs.  We actually got there nice and early and the crowds weren’t too bad.  I picked up the perogies and sausage that I always like to buy.  But the best thing was I finally got to ‘meet’ one of my Bloggy friends.  Magdalena and her husband Nicholas made the trip up to the market too.  Magdalena can be found over at Anglican, Plain.  It was so nice to see them.  It’s too bad it was close to lunch because Ella was really getting fidgety.  I think we could have visited away the afternoon.  Too bad Magdalena doesn’t live closer.  I was happy to see how well Nicholas looked.  He had a bad stroke last year, but seems fairly well recovered.  I forgot how blunt straight-forward Mennonites are.  While sitting at the table visiting, 3 teenage Mennonite girls came over and asked us something in their German.  Well it’s been a very long time since Magdalena or I had spoken German (let alone the Mennonite dialect) so we didn’t have a clue what they were asking.  Finally the girl switched to very accented English and asked ‘are you Mennonite’.  Magdalena told her no, that we were ‘all Anglican’.   With that the girl said ‘oh’ and they walked away.  No small talk  🙂   I know I caused some conversation up here when Colin and I were first married too.

A trip to St. Jacobs isn’t complete if Momma doesn’t get to Floradale for fabric shopping.  There is a Mennonite general store in the village.  It has basically everything a home could need (and what’s not there is at the feed store).  Upstairs is Momma-heaven.  Row after row of bolts of material!!  The Mennonites in the area mostly wear polyester dresses, but the last two rows are beautiful floral cottons.  Their prices are very reasonable, especially considering how long they last.  Ella still wears dresses I made from material there that I made when she was 1 1/2-2.

Thought I would share this picture of my sister’s front lawn (in Scarborough),  Look closely and tell me what you see??

Yep, that’s corn growing in her front lawn.  The bird seed that the former owner fed the birds must have had fresh corn in it.  That’s unusual because corn usually has to be dried to get the moisture down low enough to store.

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