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I don’t think I ever remember a thanksgiving weekend this warm.  Last year was nice but this year was nearly humid.  It was certainly toasty with the oven on yesterday.  I’m not sure why people make such a big deal about roasting turkey.  After it is stuffed, just put in the oven till the meat thermometer says it’s done.  If you put enough butter on the skin, you really don’t even have to baste it.

This has to be a first in my life, Thanksgiving supper on the verandah!  The temperature was beautiful and the sun stayed up long enough.  There were a few bugs, but at least the bees stayed away until after dessert.

So here’s the centrepiece.  I think it turned out quite well.  Colin got my big bushel gourd cut and stained and it makes a great display bowl.


During supper we had unexpected guests.  A flock of snow geese flew by and landed in the neighbour’s field.  It was amazing how close Colin was able to get in the truck.  Right up to the fence line.  I’ve never seen snow geese before.


What’s Ella thankful for?  Her second tooth fell out and the tooth fairy is coming again.  Momma’s thankful she doesn’t have to see it pointing sideways anymore  🙂

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