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When we were in Toronto for the Easter weekend, Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan took us to the Evergreen Brick Works.  It’s a rather cool spot -though you do have to look past the ‘trendy’ people (ha ha).  The bricks made here have been used for many of the old landmark locations in Toronto.

A lot of the infrastructure remains in the various buildings.

This is one of the very long brick ovens.  There were 4 of these.  I can’t even imagine the heat in this building back when these ovens were going full blast.

This is what the site looked like ‘before’:

A great big open-pit!  Now it’s got lovely ponds and walking paths.

It is even home to a muskrat or two.

Always fun with Uncle Stefan

We love hanging out with Auntie Belinda too.

This food truck has a great message.  But once they opened and I saw the menu (and the prices) there was nothing on the menu that my Farmer would have eaten.  Speaking of farmers, there was a small farmers’ market going on in one of the buildings.  There was an ‘organic’ pork guy so I went over to have a look.  Wow, we would have gone out of business selling meat like that!!  The pork chop was so small and so fatty.  Between the giant bone and all the fat, I would have to cook two to try to feed Colin.  And the price…

One last funny picture Ella wants me to share with you:

Water fountain, for adult, child AND doggies!

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