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Last weekend we headed to Scarborough to visit with Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan.  We also went downtown to see the Santa Claus parade.  This year we decided to stake out a place at Bloor and Spadina, just down the street from the start of the parade.

We arrived about 10 o’clock.  As you can see we had beautiful weather.  We actually got a little sunburnt from all the sunshine.  Best day ever for the parade.  Ella was happy, the first bunch of clowns that came by were handing out little stuffed beavers and she got one.

Lots of great floats.  I think this was one of Ella’s favourites.  She loves gingerbread houses -Auntie Belinda loves Tim Horton’s

I think there were more bands this year than other years.  Including the marching band from the University of Western Ontario!!

It was really cool when we got to meet ‘Pinball’ Clemens.  I’m not a football fan, but even I know who he is  🙂

And since it’s the 100th Grey Cup this year, the Cup had its own special ‘float’.

We can’t forget the star of the show.  Santa was a giant hit as always.

And of course, there are always the people who try to spoil things.  We were all in place at 10 o’clock for the 12:30 parade.  That way we could get ‘front-row’ seats for the kids.  Well these people turned up about 12:20 and stood around ON the street waiting.  ‘Waiting for what’ you ask?  They were waiting for the police to come along telling them to get off the road.  Then they had the nerve to just move to the curb and sit in front of everyone who had already been there for 1 1/2 hours!  Really, the nerve of some people.  Luckily they didn’t try it with us.

We had a great time and certainly couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.  Too bad Daddy and Uncle Stefan couldn’t have come too.

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We took Ella to Scarborough last weekend.  Grandma, Ella, Auntie Belinda, Uncle Stefan (who came back from US shopping early) and I headed downtown to attend the 106th (I think) Toronto Santa Claus Parade.   We had a great location -right out front of Auntie Belinda’s office building (corner of Yonge and Adelaide).  Auntie Belinda had picked up a security pass so that we could have easy access to a bathroom.  This was Ella’s first Toronto parade.  I’ve been a few times (we lived in TO till I was 3).

It was rather cold and very windy, but luckily we didn’t get rained or snowed on.  We had so much fun!!  Uncle Stefan spoiled Ella by buying her reindeer antlers, jingle bells, candy floss, and hot co co (as Ella says).  He bought Momma a coke too  🙂  It was funny seeing the kids playing in the middle of Yonge Street.  Usually you are taking your life into your hands crossing the street without the light.

The start of the parade was a pipe band of course.  Ella jumped up and was dancing along.  I think she danced with every band.  It was very cute, you could tell her feet wanted to do her highland steps, but she just doesn’t know them yet!

The floats were great.  So much better in person than on tv.  Ella was disappointed because they don’t throw candy like at the Cobden parade.

Here’s another site I didn’t expect to see on Yonge street.  A John Deere tractor!!  Daddy was disappointed there wasn’t an International one too.


The parade was very long, but really really fun.  The crowd was good.  Lots of people but not too many people.  Ella had great fun.  The family beside us had 4 girls.  They let Ella play with their sidewalk chalk.  Ella has always wanted to use sidewalk chalk, but we don’t have any pavement or cement.  Not even Grandma’s house in Beachburg.

Ella’s elf friend Merry arrived last night.  She was so excited.  Now she’s going to try to be extra good  🙂

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