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Last month McDonald’s had their annual Monopoly game.  I won a 3 month subscription to Texture, which is a magazine reading service.  I downloaded a bunch of magazines to take to camp.  I now remember why I stopped buying magazines.  They aren’t interesting any more and are just full of things to buy.  Very disappointing.  I used to enjoy picking up the odd magazine.

For Crafting On this week you’ll think I didn’t do any work.

I ripped out my work from last week.  The 2.75 mm needles were making the ‘fabric’ too stiff and I didn’t like it at all.  So I’ve gone up to a 4 mm.  My scarf is about the same size as it was last week but much nicer.


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Started a new project.  I need some new purse knitting.  This pattern was written for worsted sized yarn but I thought I’d try it with sock yarn.  I repeated the lace and cable pattern to make it wide enough.

I don’t think it looks so busy in person.

I haven’t been reading any ‘books’ this week.  I have been enjoying some really old cook books.  I have found a way to send the digital copy to my kindle.  There are lots and lots on Pinterest, like this and this.


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Man, I don’t know where yesterday went.  By the time I realized it was Tuesday/Crafting On day I was heading out the door for archery class.  Oh well, here’s my knitting for this week:

I finished up Grandma’s Christmas socks.  Now I have to get a new purse knitting project started.

Did I tell you that I started a sweater for me?  My sister and BIL gave me the yarn and the pattern last year for Christmas.  It’s a really nice pattern, though I can’t seem to memorize the ‘pattern’ part.  I can do a line at a time, but not the whole thing -which slows down the knitting.

I used a different filter on the picture and, for a change, this is almost the right colour.  As usual the yarn is from Knit Picks, in solstice heather (basically navy).

I’m working through Partners to a Degree but the story line has really slowed down and it’s not as enjoyable as the other books were.  I’ll finish it because that’s what I do, but it’s not demanding my attention like a really good book will.  I have a new Kindle book (when it was on sale for $2.25) called Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckly .  It looks really good and will probably be my next read.  Maybe that’s what I’ll do to entertain myself on Saturday in between everything.

Guess that’s it for now.  The bread machine is squawking at me to deal with the dough.  I have to go and lug down all the bedroll supplies for Guides tonight. I don’t know why they can’t remember how to make bedrolls?  We were taught once and then expected to have it done right at every camp thereafter.

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Ella had a great time trick or treating last night.  It was a little chilly, but luckily Grandma had a couple of my old cloaks.  One house was even handing out hot chocolate for the Moms!

For Crafting On I finished up the Christmas sweater.  Finally got the colour right in the picture.  Funny how outside light always works best.

We didn’t have any pumpkins this year -they didn’t like swimming in the spring.  So Daddy improvised.

They carved up the big 47 lb watermelon.  Colin doesn’t think it’s ripe enough but he’s going to give it a try because it sure looks and smells ripe.

Doing her best ‘undead’ impression.

The folks over in Beachburg are so generous.

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Thanksgiving over at the in-laws yesterday.  Supper was good and I didn’t have to do any dishes.

Colin was hoping for a combine day, but the fog, mist, overcast didn’t burn off until just before supper.  Foggy again this morning.  We need some clear days.

I finished the project I can’t share.  It’s much better with the changes I made.  The Christmas sweater is coming along nicely.  It’s going to be really tight with the yarn.  Going up a size really made a difference on yardage requirements.

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Not too much knitting this week for Crafting On.  Though I did find a cool new dish cloth pattern.

They were fun and easy.  I did get a bit more work done on the body of the sweater.

I’ve been doing some Kindle reading this week.  I’m glad we got the Kindle for school work.  It all started with Children to a Degree, which is free right now on Kindle.  It’s about a young boy growing up in Germany and being part of the Hitler Youth.  It was so good I bought Loyal to a Degree and now I’m working on Trust to a Degree.  They have all been really good and show’s how the ‘common’ German really felt -even with the brainwashing of the HY.

Here’s the whirligig I got Colin at the Plowing Match:

“If it ain’t red, it ain’t in the shed”

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A day late for Crafting On, but you’ll see why soon.

The sharp-eyed among you will see there is something different with my purse knitting too:

Do you notice anything different with my sister’s Christmas sweater?

Yep. I had to rip the whole thing out and start over.  My gauge was a bit off because I was using worsted instead of aran.  By the time I was able to get a really good, accurate gauge measurement I realized it had to come out and start over.  Move up a size and starting over.

Yep, my knee socks have become ‘regular’ socks for my Mom for Christmas.  I just wasn’t ‘digging’ the patterning of the yarn when made into knee socks.  Oh well, Mom loves knitted socks, and these are washable so she won’t shrink them like she did the part cashmere ones.

I found some fun, Little House on the Prairie type books to read.  I read a bunch of the books that tell us about the ‘Rose‘ years.  They start just after “The First Four Years”.  Last night I started the ‘Martha‘ years, it’s about Laura’s great-grandma back in Scotland.

Now, why is my post late?  Last week Mom fell (tripped over the dog because she didn’t let Ella hold the leash).  I didn’t mention it because she was OK (cracked little finger on left hand, but OK).  When she got home from taking us to Ella’s “not back to school” picnic there was a message to go to the hospital for a splint because she cracked her right thumb.   So we head to Renfrew and drop Grandma at the hospital.  Ella and I went to the library (free wifi) to kill time since waiting in the ER for a cracked thumb could take a while.

We eventually got kicked out of the library at 8 (the ladies wanted to go home).  We moved over to the Tim Horton’s/Wendy’s and used their wifi (and had a snack).

5 hours later, we swung by the hospital to pick up Grandma:

Yeah, 2 half casts!!!  Thank the good Lord that Ella is 11 and home schooled.  I left Ella at Grandma’s to take care of things for a few days until Grandma can figure out what she can and can’t do.  She has to go back next week and have everything looked at and then maybe changed.  Hopefully that means something more useful.  If her hands weren’t so messed up with arthritis/fused she would likely have been just bruised but fine.

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