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A few things to share this week for Yarn Along.  First I’m happy to say our new neighbour came over to help Colin again with shoveling the barn roofs.  He is so tired this week with all the snow moving and fighting off a cold (I’m losing that battle -blech).

Last month for my A&S meeting with the SCA group I needed a project.  I needed something to last all day, that would look impressive enough, but wouldn’t take a massive amount of concentration so I could chat too.  So I started some petticoat lace.

The pattern is called Esquivel Lace and is from the book The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann (so much lace so little time).  It is based on a bobbin lace example from 1842.  It’s  very easy pattern to remember.  I need about 3 yds.

I have a friend who is obsessed with gnomes.  I happened upon a pattern for gnome mittens so of course I shared it with her.  No surprise, she loved them.  But she’s a newer knitter and doesn’t feel confident to do fair isle.  She is also an amazing photographer.  Remember when I won the free photo shoot?  Maureen is the one who did all the fabulous pictures.

I wanted to get some new pictures done of Ella but as usual cash is hard to find some days.  Luckily, Maureen loves to trade.  So I’m making her some gnome mittens and she’s going to take pictures of my beautiful girl.

I also finally got a picture of Ella wearing her new scarf, though not outside because she ‘didn’t need it’.

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A day late because we ran out of internet for the month.  Boy that was a long 2 days -ha ha.  We really need to find a better internet service provider.  I have discovered we can’t use any of the companies that have DSL over the phone lines.  Apparently, Bell hasn’t updated out phone lines and they can’t do it over the old lines.

Remember the ski-doo?  Well, Colin is finding it much too cold (even with a hat) so I whipped him up a balaclava (Elizabeth Zimmerman of course).

I made the ‘body’ of the hat a little longer.  He’s enjoying it today even just out in the yard because it’s -30 C with the windchill.

We are loving reading The Hobbit!

I forgot to tell you about a surprise present Colin got for us for Christmas.  He was really ticked because Home Hardware didn’t get any in until a few weeks ago.

 BUT it doesn’t come with the special sugar and that sugar was on back-order until TODAY!  Luckily the candy floss machine works with regular sugar (coloured and flavoured of course).


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Yarn Along -25 January 2017


Been busy this morning trying to find a new internet provider.  One that offers us more than 20G a month.  Even though we live 5 minutes outside of Cobden, right along the Trans Canada Highway; apparently we live is a weird little bubble of no internet.

Got one of Ella’s birthday socks finished last weekend while we were away.  Working on the second one now.  It’s always slower when you work them separately.

I tried to work on my fair isle shawl while we were away (a bit of sock burn-out) but I forgot the pattern (bad knitter!).  I’m working on the lace finish (using a different pattern), so I’m nearly done.

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Yarn Along -12 January 2017


I know I’ve said it before, but I really do thank God for our socialized medicine.  Ella’s had a cold and been coughing since we the day before we cut down the tree.  Initially the doctor said it was bronchitis, so we took it easy and hoped.  She’s still coughing and it’s keeping her (and me) up at night.  So over to the clinic we went yesterday.  This time we saw my usual Nurse Practitioner.  She had a good listen to Ella’s lungs and she’s got pneumonia starting.  Luckily we caught it really early.  Ella’s big enough to have the capsules, so getting the amoxicillin into her won’t be a problem.  I hope they kick in soon because her cough is getting worse.  We slept on the chesterfield last night, the ‘lazy-boy’ ends are perfect for keeping Ella upright but more comfortable than a pile of pillows.  She’s feeling rather sorry for herself (she’s not used to having a cold for more than a few days).  I picked her up a friend when I picked up the prescriptions (I’m on prednesone again to make my stupid cough stop) and that has helped.

Now for my Yarn Along post.

I whipped up a new face cloth with a funky Bernat cotton.  Looks good but turned Colin’s face (and my fingers) blue!  Glad I only bought the little ball to try.  Sure wish the dollar was better because the ‘dish cloth’ cotton at Knit Picks is so much nicer than anything I can buy around here.  Knitting continues on Ella’s infinity scarf too, but since it basically looks the same as last week (just wider) I won’t take a new picture.

I looked at the calendar the other day and had a mild case of panic.  Ella’s birthday is coming up fast and I haven’t started her birthday sock!  She wants knee socks again so I better get started.

I like to use sock calculators because it makes the socks fit better.  I’m making the top like my knee socks -with the casing for ties, it was a brilliant idea I found in an Icelandic knitting book.  Why fight with your socks when you can have a pretty tie at the top?  I’ve added a cable up the back of the sock just for some knitting interest.  I like the Jawoll brand (though could be a little softer) because it comes with reinforcement thread of the perfect colour for the heels.

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For Today:  5 January 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!!  I didn’t expect to take the whole Christmas holiday off from blogging, but I guess when you add up the bronchitis (Ella), chest cold (me), Christmas, Christmas in Bowmanville, and Ella’s sleepover fun the blogging just fell to the bottom of the list.


Outside my window:  sunny, snowy, and cold

The scene from yesterday.  Colin has the snow all plowed in the yard now.  But it sure looked pretty.

I am thinking:  that the colds have decided to make a second run through the house.  Ella’s cough is back and Colin’s throat is scratchy.  Boo!

I am thankful: that Colin didn’t fall off any of the roofs he was shoveling yesterday.  Also very glad we have the tractor for blowing all the snow.  It would have been terrible if we had to shovel the snow on the ground too.

I am wearing:  my purple dress with the tiered skirt and bare feet because the house is nice and warm.

I am creating: Ella needs a new scarf.  She loves the moebius style (I’ve made it since she was a baby because it was nearly impossible for her to take off).  The yarn I’m using doesn’t work for knitting that direction, so this time I’ll make it an infinity scarf.

I am reading or watching: not too much right now.  Too tired.  I’m home alone so I am getting to enjoy Holiday Inn.

I’m hoping: that we can all fight off this cold.  We need to get back to school and everything else.  We missed a lot of time in December because the student and teacher were wiped out with the cold the first time through.  We don’t need to start the new year sick.

In the garden: snow over my knees!

In my kitchen:  I should make some cookies today, but I don’t know if I will.

A favourite quote for the day:  “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other” Audrey Hepburn

One of my favourite things: Ella enjoying her Christmas presents (ignore my messy knitting corner).  Fuzzy purple pillow, foxy gloves, and Robin Hood.


Daddy and I also got Ella all set up for her archery.  She really loved it this summer at the SCA event.  Daddy has her all set up in the yard already.

No bull’s eyes yet, but she’s good at hitting the target.

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Wow, it’s been a busy week.

Off to get our tree last Tuesday.  Had to stop for our annual height chart picture.

Ella found a great tree.

Just a nice amount of snow this year -so much better than last year’s rain.

Ella loved the snugly bunnies in the cafe.  This one is named licorice.

Before we left they hit the hill a couple of times.  Ella thinks they need an escalator.

Ella did a great job decorating the tree (Daddy did lights and garland).  My job is unwrapping the ornaments.

The Elf mischief continues.  Who knows where we’ll find them every morning.  Luckily we caught Faith before she stared to nibble Ella’s gingerbread house.

And now for the reason you’re reading this, my knitting for Yarn Along this week:

Some Christmas socks for Colin.

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Some Christmas knitting to share this week.

Faux Isle fingerless gloves for Ella’s skating coach.

No extra reading going on this week.  Busy getting some custom sewing done and finishing up cleaning the house.

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