Daybook -5 October 2015



For Today…  5 October 2015
Outside my window… it’s dark, I’m really late getting this week’s “Day book” done
I am thinking… why did they move Big Bang Theory to 7:30 on Mondays?  What a weird time/day for one of the biggest shows going.
I am thankful… for the outdoor corn furnace Colin bought on the weekend!!
I am wearing... my flannel nightgown
I am creating... presents for my Advent swap partner
I am going… to do a bunch of baking tomorrow and hopefully some housework
I am wondering... how the new Guides will ever be ready for enrollment

I am reading… still reading Lark Rise to Candleford, getting close to done  :(

I am hoping... to get Ella’s costume done soon
In my garden… the weeds have one and everything is dying
In my kitchen…  bread, cookies and cupcakes for Wednesday
In the homeschool room…  trying to do 5 days in 4 since we are heading to Toronto on Friday
A favorite quote for today…   this was on the calendar when I turned the page
One of my favorite things… long walks in the woods


Woo Hoo!!  Fall!  Time to get back to using my oven and making lots of yummy things.  I’m doing badly at my elimination diet.  I have to try harder to cut out beef and peanuts so we can test them back again properly.  I definitely can’t be drinking milk  :(  When I did the ‘milk day’ test, I got so congested and my cough came back again and lasted a few days.  So I guess it’s ‘bye-bye’ to milk.  Though I’m not going to give up cooking/baking with it.  I’ll just have to watch how I react to little bits of dairy.  Since Ella doesn’t like sauce any way, it won’t affect her.


pizza (and since it’s whey that I’m crazy allergic too I’m not giving up cheese either)

leftover pork cacciatore



BBQ franks (new Mennonite recipe to try)



pork chops



chicken and dumplings


The girls are heading to Scarborough to deliver Girl Guide cookies and spend Thanksgiving with Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan.  I’m hoping the weather will be good on Saturday so we can go to Black Creek Pioneer Village.  Ella hasn’t been there yet.

As usual Daddy will be  left with a freezer full of food but will likely eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches all weekend.

What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?



Happy, happy Momma on this first Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real of October.  The house is cool enough to need a bit of oil and there was a light frost on the truck windshield this morning.  THE GOOD WEATHER HAS FINALLY RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been so hot and humid this summer I’m very glad to see Fall finally arrive.  I’m usually tired of sneezing by this time of year and counting the days to the first good frost.

We got to see the very Pretty start of the super moon/eclipse that went on the other day.

But then the clouds rolled in and a very UnHappy girl had to go to bed.

10 pm they rolled back out again and we woke up a very Happy girl to check out the eclipse.  It wasn’t very red but it was very cool to see.  We don’t get to see them very often around here.

And since it’s ‘Throw Back Thursday’ on Facebook, I couldn’t help sharing this old one of my Funny pair:

Remember on the post about the Renfrew County Plowing Match and the picture of the old haybinder?  Well I found the family picture I mentioned:

One more Funny:

“Oh, you said ‘don’t‘ play on the clean towels?  Sorry Momma”



Yarn Along this week is the start of the Advent Swap knitting.

I like this Pinwheel pattern.  Makes a nice dish cloth or face cloth and the I love the cotton from Knit Picks (top one is a Bernat).

I haven’t read too much of Lark Rise to Candleford.  Been busy working on Ella’s Halloween costume.

Not enjoying working with the tulle, but she wanted to be a 50’s diner girl.



Man, today was a hard day to get anything done.  I’m not sure why, just one of those days.



leftover chicken


chicken sandwiches

fish & chips






chicken a la king


tuna sandwiches

chicken burgers


kartoffel suppe (Mennonite potato soup)

pork cacciatore



What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?


It’s the ‘ultimate’ Farm Girl Friday experience this week.  The Farmer and I and his Dad and Step-mother headed down to the International Plowing Match. This year it was in a little place called Finch.  So small they didn’t even have a yarn shop  :(

I don’t go to the IPM very often.  They can get rather boring.  Especially if they are held too close to home and Colin bumps into too many ‘neighbours’ and spends the entire time talking about local stuff.  This year he only met 1 person he knew!  There was lots to see:

So, who knows what this is?   It’s a litter cart.  You use it for cleaning manure out of the barn.  You fill it full and then it runs along the track out to the pile.  Colin just remembers having it in our barns.  It was replaced by the barn cleaner (chain-type contraption built into the floor that drags all the ‘stuff’ out) in 1976.

Colin also remembers seeing these running up and down the railway tracks in front of our house.  Poor guys always looked so cold in the winter.  Now they have regular street trucks that have an attachment for running on the tracks.

There were no yarn displays (as I was promised) but I did find this fun display of sewing machine pedals.  I’m very happy to have an electric machine -especially since my foot barely reaches the ‘gas’ pedal.

How about these?  Any guesses?  They are the cast iron doors off grain wagons.  You open these and the grain pours out the side of your wagon and into the auger and into the bin.

Some half-scale tractors.  Ella would have so much fun ripping around the yard on one of these.  The red one on the right is a Cockshutt which I find kind of cool because that’s the brand of combine Colin was using when we were married and you don’t see too many of them around.

Speaking of combines:

Here’s a precursor to the corn ones.  It’s a corn picker unit that goes onto the front of your tractor.

This show was really making Colin feel old.  Look what we found in the ‘antique’ section.  This tractor is only 2 years older than the Hydro 100 that we still use.

Checking out the brand-spanking new tractor like a neighbour just bought.  Note Colin hiding his face?  Even though it’s the right colour, it’s the wrong brand (i.e., not an International).  Sigh, farmers and their tractor brands, I swear it’s worse than guys and their cars.

This is an old model T.  Colin couldn’t get over how minimal it was under the hood, basically spark plugs and a horn.  Nothing like our truck today.

There was a nice sized crowd.  Not crazy busy like back ‘in the day’.  But I don’t like it that busy any way.  When we got there we went our way and the ‘folks’ went their’s.  We each had our cells but when it came time to find Dad and Lorraine, his phone wouldn’t work.  We joked that we should go sit in the ‘missing persons’ tent.  I didn’t know how we were ever going to find them.  Between Dad was wearing a plaid shirt and from the back Lorraine looks like all the other older ladies (why do they all get the same short hair cut??  I’m not doing that) I thought we’d never find them.  Luckily we had just started looking and I turned around and there they were.

We were there nearly 4 hours and were ready to head home (lots of walking on an uneven hay field).  Oh, just in case you wonder why I wear 80 spf sunscreen, this is what happens when I don’t:


Hurray!  Something new to share for Yarn Along this week.

Since we had a lot of driving to do yesterday, I started a new project.  I didn’t get too much done because I ended up not knitting on the trip down.  I’m working on a small shawl to go with my new winter coat (that I need to start working on soon).  I don’t like coats done up tight around my neck (or anything much near my neck), so I love to have a scarf to tuck in the opening.  I’m using the Sweet Dreams pattern again and this time I’m starting the lace as soon as possible because I want the scarf/shawl to be a light as possible.  The darn socks are taking ‘forever’ to finish but are really, really almost done.  And I made up a couple more of the felt cookies for Ella’s babies.

Still reading Lark Rise to Candleford.  It’s so good.  Has anyone watched the tv series?  Is it any good?


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