Just a quick Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real post this week.

Have you seen the ‘Ever After High‘ dolls?  They are the children of all the fairy tale characters like Snow White, Mad Hatter, Cinderella, etc.  Unlike those awful ‘Monster High’ dolls I like these ones and think they are cute.  Of course there is a website too and Ella enjoys playing there.  Well, it turns out that Rapunzel had twin daughters and one is a long-haired red-head that Ella just fell in love with.  Wouldn’t you know it, but here in Canada they only sell Holly and Poppy O’Hair together for nearly $60?!!  Obviously, not buying that!  So I put a call out to all my friends back home in southern Ontario -thank goodness for Facebook.  My best friend (since I was 6) went on a family cruise over March break and guess what she found in West Virginia?

Holly O’Hair being sold by herself!!  Needless to say, my Pretty girl is so very, very Happy.


Oh look, Yarn Along on time this week!  Actually, I wrote this yesterday because I knew I’d be busy today.

Doing a bit of work on Ella’s sweater.  I had to add a bit to the fronts and then moved on to the sleeves.  I wanted to work both sleeves at the same time (like with socks) but the lace pattern doesn’t give me an easy break, so I’ll just work them separately.  For some reason my left wrist is sore this week.  I must have banged it or something.  That gave me the opportunity to do some reading.  I actually suggested this book to a blog-friend and I decided to read it again. Once Upon a Tomb: Stories from Canadian Graveyards is really cool.  I always love wandering through old cemeteries reading the old stones.  Some are so heart-breaking.  All give an insight into our past.

Speaking of my blog-friends, here’s a picture for Elizabeth.

Zim enjoying a snooze in the Chapters bag (with a book still inside).


How is spring looking where you live?  Saturday it SNOWED all day.  Fairly fine and wet and so didn’t pile up like down East, but not what I expected for the first full day of spring.  It’s all those people who wished for a warm March 1st.  We’re paying for it now because March is leaving like a lion.  Today is -18C feeling -25C with the windchill.  It’s hard to believe Lent is almost over and Easter is around the corner.

But before all that we have a busy week ahead.  Hopefully Dad and Colin will get out in the field this week and start combining the corn.  Just been waiting for the snow in the field to melt enough.  I will have to drive my MIL to Ottawa one day this week if Dad does get going with the corn.  Skating and Brownies are back on the schedule this week.  On Friday Ella has her first real appointment with the naturopath and hopefully that will be the start of some answers (and hopefully won’t cost too much).  We’ve also got the last day of skating with the home school bunch from Arnprior.  It’s a fair drive from our house so we’ve only gone about once a month (thanks Grandma, you’re the best).  But every time we go the just envelope Ella into the group like she’s a long-lost friend.

And of course, there’s always laundry, cleaning, dishes, school and feeding people…



German pancakes



chicken strips and French fries





tuna sandwich

ragout de porc -Julia Child



BBQ beef on buns (from freezer)


leftover pork

Sunday:  Palm Sunday

roasted garlic chicken

What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?

Today, my Mom is in Bowmanville.  Friday my great Uncle Gord died and today is the funeral.  I’m not sure how great Grandma is going to take it.  Here’s a picture of Uncle Gord and Grandma take at Grandma’s 70th birthday (they are 87/85 now), Aunt Jean is on the left.



It’s kind of funny.  On one of the blogs I read, they were talking about getting itty bitty eggs from their hens.  Well, guess what’s been turning up in our nesting boxes the last few days?

I had an even smaller one, but it broke when I was washing them.

Farm wives throughout history have always had to look for ways to make a little spending money.  Things haven’t changed.  Eggs have always been an easy way.  Another way is with hand work.

I have a merino/cashmere blend shawl for sale.  It’s a beautiful crescent/heart shape that clings well around the shoulders.

Here’s a close-up of the lace.  I’m asking only $50 plus shipping.  Email me for details and shipping costs.


My Pretty, Happy, Funny girl doing a St. Patrick’s day worksheet.  She got to the part where it said that people of Irish heritage not wearing green could get ‘punched’.  So she ran up stairs and changed her shirt.  When she came down I showed her it said ‘pinched’.  Then she promptly pinched me!


Yarn Along!

Just about done Ella’s afghan!!  I just need to fill in those top deep v’s with 3 of the quarter sized squares just like the bottom edge.  I’ve also got a couple of rows of ends to finish.  I can’t believe it’s only taken a year to do this, especially considering all the other things I’ve knit as well.

The Calico folks need more sleeping bags.  Knitting them made much more sense than fiddling around with crochet cotton.  Also, a few of the ladies still needed new dresses.  They just need their tiny little snaps sewn on, I think that’s everyone now.

Finally finished this shawl that I started a while ago.  I need to get it blocked and will show you the really finished product later.  I’m hoping to sell this one because I need to raise some funds to take Ella to the naturopathic doctor to figure out what food allergy is bothering her poor little tummy.  I thought it was lactose, but there seems to be something more.  The yarn is yummy, a merino and cashmere blend.

Fun reading got put on hold because one of Ella’s new school books for next year arrived. Handbook of Nature Study and I think we’ll be signing up for the Outdoor Nature Hour to encourage us to get outside with a purpose.  Though they must be somewhere much warmer than we are since we’re supposed to be looking for tree buds and wild flowers right now.  Ah, just looked at their Facebook page -northern California.  That explains everything.

I’m kind of in the knitting doldrums.  I have a bunch of stuff on the go (as usual) but nothing is grabbing my attention and saying ‘knit me’.

There seems to be a problem with my pictures.  I’m not sure if it’s a WordPress problem or a PhotoBucket problem.  I hope it fixes itself soon.  Just click on the links, you can see the projects on my Ravelry page.


Nothing too exciting planned this week  Colin’s family is Irish (mine is too if you look deep enough :) so we’ll have a little fun on Tuesday.  And of course Friday is the first day of spring!! Ella’s a little sad this week because both skating and Brownies are cancelled.


oatmeal pancakes

chicken Parmesan  forgot to get the chicken out, need to find something else

Tuesday: St. Patrick’s day

potato soup and Irish soda bread

bangers and mash or stew


wieners and beans




chicken Parmesan



sesame chicken and Shanghai noodles


goulash (new recipe)


leftover chicken Parmesan

What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?


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