I have a new project to share for Yarn Along/Crafting On.   We just found out that one of Ella’s favourite teachers at swimming is having twins!  So I’m whipping up a couple of Baby Surprise Jackets (and likely bonnets).

I’m not a fan of putting babies in green.  But it was Grandma’s idea and she was buying, so I guess it’s green.

Remember back in 2014 when the hair dresser chopped all my hair off instead of just the 10 inches for the donation?  And then the happy day in 2017 when it was finally long again?  Well, here’s today’s picture.  It’s fresh from the shower, so this is the length before it shortens with the bit of curl I have now.  This length is called ‘classic’, basically ‘butt-length’.  I now have to be careful when sitting down.  I think I may let it keep growing and see how far I can get.


Buuuurrrrrrr!   It has been so cold this weekend.  Today (8:30 am) it’s -27C (-17F) and feels like -40C/F!  The water pipes in the barn were frozen this morning, so Colin was out there at 6 so we could have water in the house.  Right now he’s over at the neighbour’s (and Dad’s) moving snow.  We had a bit of snow yesterday, but it’s so light that it blew and drifted in terribly.

I didn’t try the new chow mien recipe last week.  I realized I didn’t have most of the ingredients -oops.  I also didn’t make the ‘mystery’ roast.  We got invited out to supper -hurray, no dishes!  This week I don’t have a full week of suppers.  Our weekend plans are really up in the air, so I’ll play those by ear.  If they get settled I’ll come back and fill in the week.


hamburger soup




steak souvlaki


leftover souvlaki


More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Yarn Along/Crafting On a little late. Somehow yesterday got away from me.  Oh well, this week’s progress isn’t that exciting.

Just about to the armpits on Mom’s sweater.  Though I’m beginning to worry about the amount of yarn left.  I’ll have to make it do because I like the firmness of the ‘material’.  I don’t want it any stretchier.

I got a couple of books for Christmas, but right now I’m reading a school related one.  It’s called Know and Tell and it walks you through the narration process.  It’s something we’ve been weak at over the years.

Menu Plan Monday actually on a Monday-ha ha!

The Danish goulash was really good.  I used home made ‘onion soup mix’ with a bit of turmeric, boy did that give the goulash a nice rich colour.  I didn’t make the pork chops, No Frills had a sale on ribs, so we had those.  The French chicken dish was OK, but I don’t think I’ll make it again.


leftover chicken




crock pot turkey, dressing, and roasted carrots


leftover turkey


chicken chow mein


mystery roast -it might be venison??


leftover roast

More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie

Yesterday we had a great home school field trip into the city.  We toured around Parliament Hill.  The ‘centre block’ is getting closed for at least a decade for repairs/renovations.  Unfortunately we found out too late, and most of the furniture has already been removed.  It was a good trip and the building is unbelievable beautiful.  I don’t have any pictures uploaded yet, but I’ll share when I do.

Meanwhile, what’s to eat this week…


smothered hamburgers


Danish goulash


shake and bake pork chops

stove-top stuffing

German potato salad 


leftover goulash




French style chicken and potatoes


As usual, more great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie.


Grandma’s Sweater

Quick update on the sweater.  Here’s what I did yesterday.

What do you think?

I’m not sure what this says for the rest of the year, but the first Yarn Along of 2019 is mostly ‘un-knitting’.

Grandma’s sweater went from basically done to a bunch of balls of yarn.  She’s been having trouble with her shoulder (physio finally, now that holidays are over) and she had such a struggle getting into the sweater.  I think the ‘hand’ of the sweater is too loose/soft/stretchy for her.  Also the sleeves didn’t fit her biceps well at all.  So I sucked it up and ripped it all out.  Now what?  Elizabeth Zimmerman to the rescue again (plus sale on yarn at Michael’s).  I’m making her a fair isle cardigan with Elizabeth’s magic percentage formula.  That lets me make a sweater at any gauge and any size.  I decided on a fair isle because I don’t think I have enough of the ‘black’ for a firmer sweater.  This way I bought some grey and variegated purple to do the pattern work.  I may add some at the bottom too.