Crafting On/Yarn Along this week and I’m working on the shawl for my friend.  I’m really loving this new cotton yarn from Knit Picks.  It’s so soft.


I was really busy yesterday and didn’t get around to making my menu.  This is hopefully the last week without planned lunches.  Cropping has gone really well and Colin is almost done!

Archery tonight.  Now that summer is here, the club has an outdoor range they use (and can use daily).  Hopefully this week someone else comes.  Ella doesn’t like being there by herself, she misses the socialization.


honey garlic chicken wings


leftover venison


leftover wings


spaghetti and meatballs


chicken croquettes (from freezer)


sesame chicken and chow mien (PW recipe)



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Wild Game

A while ago we were given some game by the hunters we let use our property.  I’ve finally gotten brave and tried using it.  I got this recipe from Dan, one of the hunters.


Crock Pot Venison

1 roast (I think it’s a shoulder/blade roast)


2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 can cream of chicken and tomato

1 package onion soup

pour everything over the roast and cook on high for 4 hours.  So delicious!


Spring is coming fast and furious here in the Ottawa Valley.  I’m always torn over the tulips.  I’d love to bring them in the house but I don’t have a lot and they are some of the first colour in the garden.  I usually end up leaving them in the garden.

I have no trouble bringing in violets.  The garden will soon be a lovely blanket of purple.  As you can see the quack grass has started already too.

My Lily of the Valley is doing great this year (though slow).  It’s really spreading well.  Just have to keep the Vetch under control.

Crafting On and Yarn Along today.  Not too much knitting this week.  I’ve been doing a bit of sewing/mending and that’s interrupted my knitting time.

Working on the ‘lace’ part of Grandma’s sweater.  Instead of lace, I’m using a diamond pattern like on the sweater I made Ella that Grandma liked.

I’m working on a new project.  It’s a shawl for a very dear friend.   I’m trying a new yarn from Knit Picks.  It’s mostly cotton but so soft!

We had a good weekend.  Sunday was the Ottawa Comic-Con.  We took Ella’s friend Sarah.  It was Sarah’s first time.  She’s dressed as Fiona from Adventure Time. She had a great time and got recognized a bunch.  She even had her picture take!  That makes for such a fun Comic-Con.

Comic-Con was so much fun that both the girls passed out on the drive home.  Made for a very peaceful drive -ha ha!

The cropping continues, hurray, though Colin would be happy for some gentle rain on the weekend.  Lunches will still be on an ‘as it comes’ basis, which usually means lots of sandwiches.


garlic roast chicken


hot chicken


chicken a la king


supper in town because I have to meet someone before swimming




leftover chicken a la king


crock pot venison roast

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A new project to share for Crafting On and Yarn Along.

Starting a new sweater for Grandma.  She can always use more sweaters.  I’m using the February Lady Sweater as a base.  I’ve made her one following the instructions.  This time I’m adding a cable to the sleeves and am going to change the pattern on the bottom section.  This is fairly close in colour, though in person it is more black.  The colour is called Asphalt Heather, so it’s not a true black.