13 Years?!!!!

Today the Farmer and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.  Wow, it’s so hard to believe it’s been 13 years already.  I also don’t know how we managed to get married in August.  Every year since the wedding has found us in the middle of the wheat harvest.  Not sure how Colin was able to take off for a week for our honeymoon – must have been an early wheat year.  And now of course, Colin is also getting busy with his seed cleaner doing winter wheat.

Me and my Godfather.  We surprised Colin by being right on time.

The wedding party.  My sister Belinda (with her blonde hair -hurray!).  Colin’s best friend (and fellow (former) pig farmer) Keith and our adorable flower girl, Colin’s niece Brittany.  I made all the dresses.

Our first dance,

Found this on Facebook the other day and shared it with Bev and Keith (it was their 10th anniversary last week).   Bev and I agree that this article is so true and could be written by farm wives everywhere.

How to Spend 10 Years Married to a Farmer

1) Be patient – When he tells you to pick him up at the Lone Tree Quarter and you go to the quarter of land that has the only tree on it and he tells you that he meant the quarter of land that had one tree on it when his grandfather was farming…well, that’s just how farmers think.

2) Be flexible – When he says that he’ll be in the house in 20 minutes for supper and you get everything ready and then two hours later he walks in the door saying that some salesman had stopped and that he didn’t buy anything, but time just got away from him…well, maybe he should be the flexible one. That way he can duck when you throw the plate at him.

3) Be willing to laugh – When he comes in the house, mad that he can’t find the nuts/bolts/tools/whatever he had taken apart and had set “right there” in the shop and he needs an extra set of eyes and then when you go to help you realize that your 3-year-old had “helped” Dad by putting all the parts in the handle of the floor jack…well, that’s just plain funny. Even if he doesn’t think so. At least not right away.

4) Be willing to change your view of norm – Walking into church 10 minutes early, enjoying the prelude music and visiting with a few people is no longer a normal part of life. Walking into church 10 minutes late, realizing your 4-year-old is still wearing his “rubby” boots and wondering if anyone else notices the smell of cow in the air, is.

5) Remember that he relates to new situations by connecting them to ones he knows – For instance, when you’re having a child and the doctor says he may need to assist in the delivery and he says something like, “But where do you hook the chains?” Well, he’s just trying to relate. Or if your children are born weighing in at 9 pounds 6 ounces, 10 pounds 9 ounces, 9 pounds 2 ounces and 9 pounds 13 ounces, and he calls the Select Sires rep to try to figure out what his Calving Ease score would be, but isn’t feeling too bad because he’s not breeding heifers any more anyway…well, he’s just trying to relate.

6) Throw out the calendar – Yes, it may be your anniversary, your birthday, Thanksgiving, what have you may…but since the weather is perfect for ______ (fill in blank) you may need to celebrate tomorrow or next week…or maybe three shindigs in one. Happy Anni-birth-giving!

7) Keep your temper – When he calls at noon, as you’re feeding four children, giving one a bath after eating, preparing a Sunday school lesson, trying to get some laundry done, washing dishes, breaking up a food fight and trying to find the wild cat that someone let in the house and he asks you if you’re “doing anything” – well, just count to ten…slowly…then backwards. Breathe. It’s OK.

8) Remember that cows and children are different…sometimes  – When he comes in the house covered in manure from head to toe, yet the smell of baby poop makes him gag…well, isn’t that just sweet?

9) Be willing to love – Love whatever life throws at you…and with a farmer it will be a lot. Take each new challenge and turn it into something fun and memorable. You can’t change the weather, the conditions, the fields, so you may as well look at it with a light heart.

10) Thank God for each day – I know I do. It’s not always easy, and it’s not always light-hearted, but even the tough times can be good learning experiences

Source: Wag’n Tales



I canned vegetable soup for the first time yesterday.  Everything was from the garden except the potatoes (too early yet).  Looks yummy.   Still have some tomatoes to do something with.  Not really enough and they are split and really ugly-looking.  I want to can some stewed tomatoes but that requires nicely ripe and unsplit.  I might make sauce with these and run out to the Mennonites at Douglas and pick up a bunch for canning.

Combine season has started, so meals may not happen as planned.  I don’t usually make a big supper for just Ella and I.  Colin never wants one when he’s been boiling in the combine all day either.


tomato sandwich (lunch meat for the non-tomato folks)

BBQ chicken legs



brown chicken fricassee


chicken Caesar salad

chicken fajitas





honey garlic chicken salad

bacon and eggs




roast chicken

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I don’t know where August is going.  Even Ella was surprised that it’s almost done.

Speaking of done, here’s our new bath mat . Used up basically the entire ball, but then our bathroom floor space is limited.  Really easy and a quick knit.

I got lots of knitting done on my scarf during our road trip on Monday.

I’m working on the last little bit of the patterned edge.  The knitting went really quickly once I started on the short rows of the body -that and we were driving for about 6 hours on Monday.  I’ll show you again once it gets blocked, but that will have to wait for the humidity to leave (though today is beautiful).

Still reading “The White Princess“.  It’s still good.  Ella’s very happy.  Her new (new to her) book arrived yesterday.  I love the ‘buy used’ option at Amazon.  “The Enchanted Doll’s House Wedding” lived up to expectations and arrived in perfect condition.  Ella will spend hours reading and pouring over the pictures.


This week finds us thanking God for the lovely rain we had this weekend.  Just enough and just in time.  It’s amazing how much happier the crops look already.  Sounds like we are back into the oven this week, though we might get some of that rain that has Louisiana swimming this week (please God, we don’t need that much).


road trip with the Farmer to get machine parts -restaurant food



baked honey garlic chicken



breaded pork chops



leftover chicken


tuna sandwich

leftover pork chops


short ribs -some how



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A new project to share for Yarn Along this week.   I just don’t seem to want to knit any of the projects I really should be knitting.  So I started something new!

After almost 13 years of marriage, all our towels and such in the bathroom are getting rather shabby.  I’ve slowly been replacing the facecloths.  Last week I decided to make a new bath mat.  I’ve used the Ten-Stitch Twist pattern.  It’s by the same lady as the Ten-Stitch blanket I made for Mom a few years ago.  This pattern is super easy.  Of course, I can’t have just a plain edge, so I’m attaching the basic Russian lace edging.

I’m still reading The White Princess.  Not that I’ve had much reading time.



What a great weekend!   We had enough breeze that it kept the humidity away.  I was actually able to keep the house windows open AND have sunlight!  I get tired of stale air and dark rooms all summer (the only way to keep the house cool-ish).

Colin and Dad went to the big tractor pull over in Beachburg this weekend.  It’s very expensive to get in, so I always stay home.  Colin also says it’s very loud and red-neck so I wouldn’t fit in very well.  They went early this year to try and avoid all the drunk teenagers.

Colin said there weren’t many highway or farm tractors pulling this year, just lots of lawn mowers.


grilled cheese

slow roasted pork on the BBQ (leftovers lasted longer than expected last week so we didn’t make this yesterday)



sloppy Joes (Pioneer Woman)


leftover sloppy Joes

pork pie (new recipe)


pork sandwiches

BBQ’d chicken legs



leftover pork pie





steak on the BBQ

More ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Ella wanted to do a cooking show for you, so here is a tutorial for making chocolate frogs.  A very good choice during this endless hot and humid weather.

Here’s your ingredients:

2 c white sugar                                               1/2 c cocoa

1/2 c milk (we used almond)                      1/2 c butter

1 t vanilla                                                         3/4 c peanut butter (we only have chunky)

3 1/2 c quick oats

In a large pot (ignore my dirty stove, I’ve been canning) combine the sugar, cocoa, milk, and butter.

Slowly bring to a boil making sure the butter is all melted and the sugar dissolved.

Boil for 2 minutes.

Turn off the heat.  Add peanut butter and vanilla.  Stir till it melts.  Add in the oats and mix well.

Scoop the cookies onto cookie sheet liners or wax paper.  Let them sit until cool (or at least firm).  This makes about 3 dozen depending on the size you make the cookies.


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