Still fighting with the weather and the soy beans.  Colin is out there this afternoon trying again -fingers crossed.

My best friend from my stock broker days is going through some really tough times.  She lives about 3 hours away (everything seems to be 3 hours away from here).  She needed cheering up, so Ella and I hopped in the car and headed to Frankford to visit Tammy and her hubby Ray.

They took us to see the local hockey team, the Trenton Golden Hawks.  The Hawks played Stouffville Spirit (and won!).  We left before the end because Ella was getting tired.  It was my first hockey game.

Tammy has a stuffed friend named George who goes everywhere with her.  He wanted to help with my knitting.  I got about 2 inches done on Grandma’s Christmas socks while at the game.  I started my sweater that I got for Christmas (my sister gave me the ‘ingredients’) but it was such a fabulous visit that I didn’t even take it out of my bag.

The weekend was much too short.  I don’t think Tammy realizes how much I miss her.  It’s very lonely for that kind of companionship up here some days.  We had a good drive home and got home ahead of the crazy wind and rain.  I dropped Ella off at Grandma’s for a couple of days and Colin took me out for supper.  Look what I found in the parking lot:

Isn’t that the cutest?!

Oh yes, look what I found when I got home?  Besides the dishes and eggs washed:

When I left the light above the sink was an ugly, florescent bar light that was broken and didn’t work.  I now have a LED light that is positional and dimmable.  Being able to dim it is handy because we leave this light on all night.  Some of us don’t like the dark.  I know it really doesn’t go with the decor, but options are limited when you have no wiring to connect with and you are attaching to a cupboard.

Almost have both sleeves finished.  Looks like I’ll have enough yarn to take out the bottom and make it better, so it won’t roll.  Pretty sure I’m winning this came of yarn chicken.

On a very happy note:

Grandma’s casts are finally off -and it only took a couple of hours at the hospital.  She’s still not supposed to drive for a week or so and no long drives for a month.  The doctor also suggests she wear her wrist braces for a while because her wrists will be week.  She seems to be able to move all her fingers, that was my big worry after being immobile for 6+ weeks.



pork pie (going to use my Bavarian beef pie recipe)



McDonalds because Grandma wants her hair done



leftover pork pie



?? Ella’s got a Halloween party so who knows



More great ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie.








Soybean Season Begins…

Today’s the start of soybean season.  They haven’t been back to empty any wagons so I don’t know how it’s going, but fingers crossed.

Thanksgiving over at the in-laws yesterday.  Supper was good and I didn’t have to do any dishes.

Colin was hoping for a combine day, but the fog, mist, overcast didn’t burn off until just before supper.  Foggy again this morning.  We need some clear days.

I finished the project I can’t share.  It’s much better with the changes I made.  The Christmas sweater is coming along nicely.  It’s going to be really tight with the yarn.  Going up a size really made a difference on yardage requirements.

I actually can’t share my knitting with you guys this week.  I signed up for a Christmas swap on Ravelry and my partner might be snooping around here.  Unfortunately, I’m not completely happy with the way it turned out, so I’m starting over again.  I hope my partner likes it.  It’s a little bigger than she’s probably expecting, but it takes less knitting than say a pair of socks  🙂  I’ll be happy to share the project with you guys in December.

I haven’t been doing much reading this week (been busy knitting), but I have started the 4th book of the ‘To a Degree’ series.  It’s called Partners to a Degree, it’s a little slower than the others but it will hopefully pick up soon.

I’ve discovered Colin’s magic number for lighting the outdoor corn furnace 64F/17.7C.   I’m glad the outdoor furnace is so much easier to turn on and off.  If we still had the corn stove in the basement Colin would never have put on the heat this weekend.  Supposed to get hot again this week, so I’ll enjoy the cool now.



leftover chicken casserole


chicken casserole






baked parmesan pork chops new

The rest of the week I’ll decide later, depending on what the weather decides to do.




More ideas at I’m an Organizing Junkie

As per usual, the hot and stinking weather really puts a crimp in my knitting output.

I know the colours are a bit weird, but the living room is dark trying to keep cool.  Finished one of Grandma’s socks. And worked a few more inches on the sweater.  I picked up a book at our local gas station.  It was pretty good, I finished it in 2 days.  It’s called ‘The Runaway Family‘.  I’m not sure if I told you about the ‘Sisters of St.Croix‘ but it’s the same author.

That’s all for Crafting On today.  Hope you are staying cool.

After the summer we’ve had, who would have thought we’d be under a heat warning (all weekend too).  The desk weather station hit 43C (109F) on the weekend.  But it’s not the first hot September and I doubt it will be the last.  In fact, it has been fabulous for the crops.

Between the heat (which continues until Wednesday), Colin combining, and running Grandma and Ella around we don’t have much of an actual ‘plan’ this week.  I cooked the beef roast much later in the week last week, so we’ve got bits of that to use up.  Probably some hamburgers too.  If Friday continues looking quiet, I’ll roast a chicken.  I should be able to use the oven by then.

What’s it doing where you are?