Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week starts with some birthday fun from yesterday:

Look what I bought us for my birthday!  A proper step-through ladies’ bike for me and a bigger mountain bike for Ella.  Mine was on back-order and arrived just in time for my birthday.

For some reason, when I was riding it yesterday all I could keep thinking of was the scene where the witchy neigbour is riding her bike in the tornado in Wizard of Oz??

It’s a 7-speed, enough bike for me.  Too bad the cables are in the way and I can’t put on a basket.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Happy birthday post without my Pretty girl:

A little bit of helmet head, but I love my girl!

We’ve got more Happy Fun here on the farm:

The day old chicks arrived last week.  I think the light coloured ones are the meat birds and the darker ones are the laying hens.  And yes, I know this space is a little crowded.  The barns are still rather cold and with baby chicks warmth is more important than space.

Judging by how much they have grown since this picture, the light ones are the meat birds.

I guess the Real for this week is how horribly out of shape I am.  Considering the trips Belinda and I used take ‘back in the day’.  I wish we had decent side roads up here.  At home the roads are laid out in a grid.  It was very easy to go on big looping bike trips (and they were all fairly well paved).  Here roads just go anywhere and Snake River Line is so bad Colin often takes the highway with the big equipment instead.



Back to knitting for Yarn Along this week.

Got Belinda’s sweater out of hibernation.  It’s not a hard pattern but I had to rip it out a few times.  Didn’t help that I wrote down 16.6 INCHES instead of CENTIMETERS.  I’ve got the fronts and the backs to the right length and now I’m knitting it all together.  You may have noticed I’m using 2 balls.  That’s how you keep variegated yarn from pooling too badly.

At Chapters the other day I picked up a new book for me, How To Be a Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Everyday Life.  I haven’t read much but I love Ruth Goodman.  If you are looking for  good show to watch check out Ruth’s Victorian Farm, Tudor Monastery Farm, Edwardian Farm, or Wartime Farm.  To be honest I haven’t seen Wartime Farm because we don’t have unlimited internet, but I’m sure it’s as good as the others.

I may have mentioned that one of the reasons for going to Toronto this weekend (besides Grandma’s birthday) was because the Knitters’ Frolic was on.  It’s only 10 minutes from my sister’s house in Scarborough.  I wasn’t really supposed to buy any yarn since we have another Comic-Con coming up in June.  But really, did we think I was going to the yarn market at the Knitters’ Frolic and NOT bring something home??

The pretty lilac lace weight is from a little company out of Montreal called Sweet Paprika.  It’s a little pinker in real lighting but I still love it.  I also bought the Shetland lace pattern to use with the yarn.  I couldn’t resist the Turtlepurl sock yarn.  The way she dyes the yarn the stripes knit up perfectly in both socks.   If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that’s important.

For Today: 3 May 2016


Looking out my window:  bright and sunny
I am thinking:  where did April go??

I am thankful:  God kept us safe this weekend!  A couple close car accidents that were avoided.

One of my favorite things:  finding all the new sprouts in the garden as the days get warmer

I am wearing:  my blue tone on tone dress with the micro flowers
I am creating: still working on the embroidery for my bag
I am reading:  picked up some new books at Chapters on the way home from Scarborough.  Picked up The Adventures of Robin Hood and Underground To Canada: Puffin Classics Edition for Ella for next school year.
I am hoping:  Ella’s play date goes well today.  While the girls are playing I’m giving a bread baking lesson.
In my kitchen:  nothing today but I’m making brownies for the play date.
Closing notes: today is sister in law and brother in law’s 19th wedding anniversary!!  It would also have been my Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s 69th wedding anniversary.  This picture is from their 40th (my 16th birthday).  We had a big party and it was great.  


This Monday we are on the trek back home.  Don’t know what Daddy’s eating today but we’re likely having restaurant food.  Maybe we’ll detour through Renfrew and pick up some KFC so I won’t have to cook tonight.  Likely be a quiet week with more laundry.


???  Menchies (Peterborough) if we are lucky or Kawartha Dairy (Bancroft)-2 dairy places that are safe for Ella



pork chops -hopefully on the BBQ



McDonald’s since the Guides are helping out for McHappy day



oven-baked hamburger dinner (new)


tuna sandwiches

French fries


beef barley soup (new)


slow cooker pork cacciatore (new)

What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?


What a Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real I have to share with you this week!

As expected, God knew what he was doing when he didn’t let us by the $28,ooo new car.  Look what we found at the local Chevy dealer…

A 2015 Chevy Cruise that was a rental return!!  Only $15,000 and 20,000 km.  And we’ve got full warranty until 2020.  Considering full warranty was the main reason for wanting a new car it’s a win-win.  It’s nicely loaded -power doors and windows, USB connections (my iPod), a plug-in the back for Ella’s electronics, back-up camera and hands-free phone.  Our wish list had power seats and heated seats, but we didn’t get either.  Luckily, the handle for moving the seat is at the front right corner (driver’s side) and it’s easy for Grandma to reach (unlike the Camry we looked at) and move.  The Cruise is  a little smaller than the Cavalier we had in the 90’s but it’s got a fairly decent trunk.

Needless to say we’ve got one Happy Grandma!

I’m Happy to see the buds on my lilacs.  That means Pretty flowers will be here soon.

Here’s a Funny for you.  Tim having a snooze in his ‘kitty hammock’ with Mr. and Mrs. Prickly.  Herbert and Rose attended school in the morning and then needed a nap.

You don’t get to see the Real.  It’s the giant list of things that need to be done before we leave tomorrow morning.  It’s even longer because we have a play-date on Tuesday (if Ella does her share of the list).


No yarn involved this week for Yarn Along.  I’ve been working on the embroidery for the bag I showed you last week.  I always forget how much I like embroidering.

Over half done as you can see.  Do you think I should make the ‘F’ on the monogram solid?

Getting ready to head to Toronto so I need to get my knitting in order too.

BBQ Pork Ribs

Mmm, BBQ’d pork ribs!!  And super easy too.

Sprinkle your ribs with your choice of rub.  I use my Montreal Steak Spice mix.  Not hot, just flavourful.  Let it sit 20 minutes or so while you heat up only half of the BBQ.

Montreal Steak Spice

10 t salt

1 T black pepper

4 t onion powder

4 t garlic powder

2 t thyme

2 t rosemary (hoping to find ground)

I mix this and keep it in jar for use on all sorts of meat.

Put the racks of ribs on the ‘cold’ side of the BBQ, meat side down for now.  Turn the other burners down very low -you are aiming for 300F (at the most).  Turn ribs every 30 minutes until they are cooked.  Should take 2-3 hours depending on how much meat you’ve used (crowding takes longer).

Once the ribs are cooked, turn up/on all the burners.  Sauce ribs and grill until you are happy with them.


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