What would be nicer to share for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week than my beautiful garden.  It’s usually full and beautiful this time of year -sort of wild English country look.

The day lilies look great this year.

They are spreading nicely too.

There is always lots of talk, especially on Facebook, as to how terrible farmers are for using herbicides.  How they use Round Up and other herbicides just because they can and how they use too much and soak the earth.  This doesn’t take into consideration the cost of these herbicides.  They cost far too much for most farmers to use in a haphazard manner.  Also, Canadian must be licensed to use herbicides and have a very thick book which tells them how much to use.  Often it works out to just a few drops per leaf on a plant.  (see here if you want to see the math)  They are meant to work at the correct dosage, more doesn’t mean better.

But they never seem to consider the WHY of herbicides.

This is the Real happened to my beautiful garden this year because it got smothered out by weeds.

We finally got all that darn vetch ripped out.  Only a few violets and other flowers have survived.  Luckily this is just a flower garden.  You can imagine the damage out of control weeds can do to a field full of soybeans or wheat or corn??  Weeds can reduce a field’s output by tons per acre, which translates into thousands of dollars that the farm won’t make.

Another Real that makes me very UnHappy is the wretched wild parsnip is getting dangerously close to our house.  It’s up at the railroad tracks which are about 300 ft from the house.  It is NOT something you want to get on your skin.

Ella is a very Happy girl.  I found someone selling a beautiful American Girl doll for a very reasonable price.  Ella has been wishing for a sister for Olivia.  Caroline had been previously loved but was in great shape.  A quick trip to the AG salon at Chapters in Yorkdale had her hair all fixed up.

The Happy family.

One last Happy.  Ella was given a make your own marker set by Auntie Belinda and Uncle Stefan.

She’s loving coming up with colours.  And I’m happy that there is no mess involved  :)


The heat and humidity continue and I haven’t knitted a thing.  That’s how you can tell it’s far too hot (also a gauge of when I’m sick).  So for Yarn Along this week I’ll share some virtual knitting (aka mostly dream knitting).

I love this, cables and fair isle!

Another beautiful dress.  This one is based on a very beautiful shawl that I would love to make at some time.

I actually have the wool for this one, but don’t know whether I should make it.  I think it might be overpowering on someone my size/height.

I’m actually considering making this one for me.  Though I have Ella and Grandma sweaters to make first.  I really like the fit of it, but I would change the front to close normally instead of overlap.

I really like this one.  I haven’t made a Faroese shawl yet.  They are shaped differently than regular ones and are supposed to stay on your shoulders much better.  I’m thinking of using my Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizzard, Sock in TARDIS.

Has it been cool enough where you live??


Is it just me or is it almost impossible to menu plan when it’s too hot and disgusting to even sit and menu plan?  It’s so hard to think of what we might want to eat 3 weeks from now when it’s too hot to want to eat right now.  Ugh!

“A heart overflowing with motherly affection lovingly and graciously provides the necessities of life for her precious family- nourishing food, clean clothing, and a safe home. Although we may not get too excited about running our home on a schedule or cooking another meal or doing another load of laundry, a heart filled with motherly affection does just that. It puts self aside and loves the people in her home by caring for their physical needs”.


McDonald’s while we tried not to melt doing groceries

hamburgers, corn on the cob and green beans



chicken wings -new recipe


Hawaiian pizza

BBQ pork ribs


leftover tacos

leftover wings


leftover pizza



leftover ribs


hot dogs and hamburgers

What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?


Wow, Yarn Along, I didn’t even realize it was Wednesday!  My days are so mixed up with all the holidays.  I didn’t do too much knitting last weekend.  I got a few inches done on Mom’s scarf.

Pulled out a book from when I was young, Endless Steppe.  It’s still a good read.  Esther and her family are arrested when the Russians take over her Polish town because they are ‘capitalists’.  They are sent to Siberia.  This book is about her years there and how they survive.  In the end it turns out to be a blessing.


Uneventful drive home from Scarborough yesterday.  It has been such a busy month, I’m ready to play hermit for a week or more.  I’ve had a great time but I’m tired of entertaining, I’m tired of all the running to get ready from one event to another, I’m tired of being social -I’m just not an extrovert.  I wish Colin and I could just run away somewhere for a few days where I could just sit/knit/swim/read/nothing.

At least it cooled off last night and it’s not so humid today.


pork chops, green beans and tomatoes -all from home


chicken fingers and fries -I’m being bad and going to the chip truck in Cobden



bbq’d pizza -Ella’s been asking for this for a while



leftover pizza

honey garlic chicken and fried rice


tuna sandwiches



leftover chicken



What’s cooking at I’m an Organizing Junkie?


As you know, we had company last week.  It was Colin’s best friend from Ag college and his family.  Bev’s a little younger than me and the kids are 7 and 5.  So for Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real this week I’ll share all the fun that we had.

It was really hot last week, so we actually hung out at the house (and in the pool) a lot.  They found this little snapping turtle in the ditch along the house.  Luckily Daisy wasn’t with them -not sure who would win that ‘discussion’.  They didn’t use anything for scale, but the turtle isn’t that big yet.

A great place to be on a stinking hot day is the Bonnechere Caves.  Ella loves taking people there, the kids had a great time.  I think the adults did too.

It was too early in the season to see any bats.  In the fall (around Thanksgiving) the bats come in to hibernate.  They look so cute hanging on the walls, and so soft and fuzzy.

The caves were under water when they were first discovered.  They keep them pumped out in the summer but let them flood again in the fall.  Apparently it helps preserve the rock to be wet.  It also provides a perfect home for the bats.

Checking out the Bonnechere river.

The water’s really low this year so it’s really moving with lots of rapids.

They have some amazing fossils too.

It was still early so we took everyone to the Shaw Woods to hopefully see the eagles.

It was really starting to get warm, but it wasn’t too bad under the trees.

Here’s the young ones at their nest.  Colin was surprised at how long they stay in the nest.

Colin and I went to the Woods a few days earlier and got this shot.

Both days there were so many chipmunks and little red squirrels.  It’s been a really good year for chipmunks.

And he wonders why Ella is goofy!

Did I mention that Ella picked up one heck of a cold when we were at Great Wolf Lodge?  It comes with one heck of a cough and really packs a punch.  Ella actually went home a day early when we were at the cottage.  She was much better last week, but as you can see from this picture it was wearing her out by the end of our walk.

We had some Pretty visitors at the back door the other day.  Zebra has started bringing her little kittens up to the house.  There are 3 little fuzzy balls of fluff.  They are so quiet which is unusual for barn kittens.

Two little stripy ones and the black one.

Look at this face!

And since it’s Thursday, here’s a Throw Back Thursday picture that makes me Happy.


Yarn Along again  :)

Finished the sweater for Ella’s friend at Bulk Barn.  I was aiming for 6 mo. size.  I think it worked out.  It’s weird seeing this pattern so big.  It’s supposed to be knit with baby yarn and tiny needles, but most people don’t have ‘baby’ sized babies any more.  Wish I could easily find a picture of Ella wearing her’s.

A bit more work on my socks too, but I’m not sure it’s obvious.

We’re heading to Scarborough for the weekend -well The Girls are going.  My best friend (since we were 6) is having a 50th wedding anniversary party for her parents back at home in Bowmanville.  Mrs. T was like a second mom.  She was a stay-at-home mom (or just Mom as we called them in the 70’s) but unlike mine, she didn’t do daycare or anything.  So Mrs. T was always the one to come along on school trips.  Not really looking forward to being in the City this weekend because the Pan Am Games nonsense is still going on.  We’ll likely mostly hang out at my sister’s to avoid the traffic and crowds.


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