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For Today:  25 April 2019


Looking out my window:  the river is in the field again, I think it’s actually gone down a bit

I am thinking: we need some sunshine, not the rain they are calling for tomorrow

I am thankful: the water has gone down near the house and in the basement

One of my favorite things:  Ella and Colin

I am creating: Ella’s fingerless gloves are the last thing I finished
I am wearing: my denim sundress with a t-shirt
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to:  we’re finishing up Robinson Crusoe
I am hoping: for 2 weeks of sunshine so Colin can start cropping on time
In my kitchen: made the Dutch oven chicken pot pie again this week, still rave reviews from the picky people, will have to put this recipe in my book
In the school room: we are loving our new curriculum.  I wish we had found A Gentle Feast back when we first started our Charlotte Mason journey

In my garden: more snowdrops, lots of crocuses, and the blue bells are almost open

Board room: some dresses on my Pinterest page
A moment from my day

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For Today

Looking out my window
things are starting to look dry.  The crops are really wanting a nice, gentle rain -soon.
I am thinking
that I’m not too impressed that it’s going to get really hot again today.  I’ve enjoyed the last 2 days of reasonable summer weather.
I am thankful

for the folks at the Baptist church in Pembroke.  They welcome Ella to their soccer camp and don’t care that she’s not a member.

One of my favorite things

laundry hanging on the clothes line blowing in the breeze.  The breeze is the important part of that sentence because it helps my dresses dry without any wrinkles.
I am creating/I am wearing
Another new sundress.  This is the same material as the jumper dress from the other week.  It’s the same pattern as most of my dresses.  The only difference is I didn’t use the elastic in the front neckline.  I used self-bias tape.  As usual, the opening is on the side, but I used hidden buttons instead of a zipper.  Two pockets of course.  
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to
I’ve been reading some of the books that have been sitting around on my Kindle.  Most recently it’s “Our Holocaust“.  Unlike most holocaust books, this one is written by the child of survivors as he tries to piece together what happened to the people in his family.
I am hoping
mostly, just for a nice, gentle rain this afternoon (after soccer camp)
In my kitchen
I was informed that there were no cookies left in the house.  So first thing this morning I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  Hopefully I can get them put away before they are all eaten.
In the school room
on hold until soccer camp is finished.
In my garden
see ‘out my window’
A moment from my day
not from today, but Ella and I had a girls’ day out on Saturday.  We hit up the library for some unlimited internet fun, lunch at A&W, and then the theatre for Jurassic World.  Top it all off with some Greek to go for supper.

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For Today: 7 May 2018

Looking out my window:  cropping season is starting
I am thinking: time to get off the computer and get school started, though Ella has to get dressed first
I am thankful: for all the love I got on my birthday
One of my favorite things: my girl
I am creating: a new sweater for Grandma, you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see the picture
I am wearing: black dress with tiny floral/leaf, I don’t think you guys have seen it before, but I couldn’t get a good picture
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to: Colin got me “A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War”  for Christmas and I’m just getting started, it’s good so far.
We also saw the newest Avengers’ movie (Infinity War).  I usually enjoy those (though I like the individual Thor/Iron Man/Guardians of the Galaxy movies better).  I really didn’t like this one at all.  In fact, if you have sensitive people (who have been fine with the others…) be warned, this movie has a very, very sad, dark ending.  I’ve never seen a theatre in stunned silence after a superhero movie.  It left Ella sobbing and Momma in tears.   You’ve been warned.
I am hoping: the weather is wrong and we aren’t getting so much rain in the next week
I am learning: last week in school we learned that the Mason Dixon line was named after the two astronomers who settled the border line between Pennsylvania and Maryland.  I’ve always heard about it but never knew why.
In my kitchen:  Colin says he’ll be home for lunch today, so I’ll make pizza.  Need to check the freezer for bread supply
In the school room: still in Colonial Canada, my favourite
In my garden: hurray, my bluebells (squill) have flowered
Board room: I need to make something to wear while biking.  I need to get at it soon.
Ladies’ Plain Ride-astride skirt. A skirt with a split up the middle for easy man-style of riding horses. Revolutionary! Mid to late 1910s,
A moment from my day: gotta check on the chickies and see how much they have grown (I’ll show you later)
Look how big they are getting!

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For Today:  5 January 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!!  I didn’t expect to take the whole Christmas holiday off from blogging, but I guess when you add up the bronchitis (Ella), chest cold (me), Christmas, Christmas in Bowmanville, and Ella’s sleepover fun the blogging just fell to the bottom of the list.


Outside my window:  sunny, snowy, and cold

The scene from yesterday.  Colin has the snow all plowed in the yard now.  But it sure looked pretty.

I am thinking:  that the colds have decided to make a second run through the house.  Ella’s cough is back and Colin’s throat is scratchy.  Boo!

I am thankful: that Colin didn’t fall off any of the roofs he was shoveling yesterday.  Also very glad we have the tractor for blowing all the snow.  It would have been terrible if we had to shovel the snow on the ground too.

I am wearing:  my purple dress with the tiered skirt and bare feet because the house is nice and warm.

I am creating: Ella needs a new scarf.  She loves the moebius style (I’ve made it since she was a baby because it was nearly impossible for her to take off).  The yarn I’m using doesn’t work for knitting that direction, so this time I’ll make it an infinity scarf.

I am reading or watching: not too much right now.  Too tired.  I’m home alone so I am getting to enjoy Holiday Inn.

I’m hoping: that we can all fight off this cold.  We need to get back to school and everything else.  We missed a lot of time in December because the student and teacher were wiped out with the cold the first time through.  We don’t need to start the new year sick.

In the garden: snow over my knees!

In my kitchen:  I should make some cookies today, but I don’t know if I will.

A favourite quote for the day:  “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other” Audrey Hepburn

One of my favourite things: Ella enjoying her Christmas presents (ignore my messy knitting corner).  Fuzzy purple pillow, foxy gloves, and Robin Hood.


Daddy and I also got Ella all set up for her archery.  She really loved it this summer at the SCA event.  Daddy has her all set up in the yard already.

No bull’s eyes yet, but she’s good at hitting the target.

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For Today: 27 Jun 2016
Looking out my window:  can’t see out my windows because we’ve got the heavy black-out curtains pulled up tight to try to keep the heat out (gee this is starting to sound like last week’s post)
I am thinking:  running over the lists in my head of what I need to do before Thursday

I am thankful:  for our pool

One of my favorite things:  time with Ella

I am wearing:  my burgundy sundress -same style as last week but in burgundy with bunches of pink flowers
I am creating:  some much-needed face cloths and still trying to finish my apron
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to:   Ella playing Minecraft.  I’m letting her have a video game day (doesn’t really mean all day but more than her usual time).  It’s just too hot to do much else.
I am hoping:  to get everything packed by tomorrow
In my kitchen:  absolutely nothing!  I’m on a baking strike until the heat breaks
In the school room:  done until August.  Will likely do some math every day or so just to keep it fresh in her mind.
In my garden:  everything is struggling.  We really need some more gentle rains.  It’s so very dry.  Thank goodness for Colin and all his watering.
Post script:  just because these Viking Kittens make me laugh

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For Today: 20 Jun 2016
Looking out my window:  watching Ella and Daddy doing loops on her go-cart
I am thinking:  I hope it cools off tonight, I really hate this heat and humidity

I am thankful:  for our pool

One of my favorite things:  air conditioning -though I only get it in the truck or at the grocery store

I am wearing:  my blue-green sundress 
I am creating:  some new dresses for Ella and a new apron for me
I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to:  They Died With Their Boots On” with Errol Flynn
I am hoping:  that this heat breaks for tonight (seems to be a theme going on)
In my kitchen:  as little as possible that makes heat
In the school room:  looking at what’s up for next year.  Thinking about Teaching Textbooks for math, any one try them?
In my garden:  just back from the nursery in Pembroke with some flowers for Ella’s garden.  Our house is just too dark to start seeds.
Board room:  my new Pinterest board

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For Today: 3 May 2016


Looking out my window:  bright and sunny
I am thinking:  where did April go??

I am thankful:  God kept us safe this weekend!  A couple close car accidents that were avoided.

One of my favorite things:  finding all the new sprouts in the garden as the days get warmer

I am wearing:  my blue tone on tone dress with the micro flowers
I am creating: still working on the embroidery for my bag
I am reading:  picked up some new books at Chapters on the way home from Scarborough.  Picked up The Adventures of Robin Hood and Underground To Canada: Puffin Classics Edition for Ella for next school year.
I am hoping:  Ella’s play date goes well today.  While the girls are playing I’m giving a bread baking lesson.
In my kitchen:  nothing today but I’m making brownies for the play date.
Closing notes: today is sister in law and brother in law’s 19th wedding anniversary!!  It would also have been my Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s 69th wedding anniversary.  This picture is from their 40th (my 16th birthday).  We had a big party and it was great.  

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For Today 18 April 2016
Outside my window… grey and clouds but at least it’s 13C (55.4F)
I am thinking…  I need a pay raise, being Colin’s secretary is a full-time job some days
I am thankful…  for my girl, she’s so much fun to be around
I am wearing…  my tiered black dress with the little white flowers and an apron
I am creating…  a bag like this one, but I’m leaving off the faggotting and doing hand embroidery
I am wondering…  how to get Ella doing school earlier


I am hoping…  to get out in the garden soon and get the leaves off
I am learning…  to slow down with some of Ella’s schooling.  Even though she reads as well as I do, we need to take it slow with spelling.
In my garden…  there are lots of sprouts: daffodils, tulips and bluebells
In my kitchen…  fresh peanut butter cookies for Daddy

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For Today…  23 November 2015
Outside my window…feels like winter today.  It’s only -8 C (17.6F) this morning.  But since it’s only 7:30 it will likely warm up.
I am thinking… about Christmas and working on my shopping list.  I want to get it finished before the stores get crazy.
I am thankful… that Colin got all the corn combined and we won’t have to worry about it all winter.  Now just to wait and hope prices go up so that we can sell our stored corn at a profit.
I am wearing… my nightgown  🙂
I am creating… need to get working on a skirt for my Guide uniform.
I am going… no where, it’s an ‘at home’ day today.
I am wondering…if I have time to knit a present before Christmas??

I am reading… school books.  After being off a while being sick, we need to get back to school.

I am hoping… it snows soon.  Ella really wants to play in the snow.  And since Daddy’s done, it’s OK to hope for snow.
In my kitchen…Christmas pudding -or will be soon.  Yesterday was Stir-Up Sunday.  Ella was at Grandma’s yesterday, so we’re doing it this morning.
In the homeschool room… cooking and then back at the ‘regular’ stuff.
One of my favorite things… getting ready to start my Christmas baking.  Already been to Bulk Barn so I’m all set!
I’m not this good.  I wouldn’t even try to do fair isle work while walking and carrying buckets.  But I love this picture.

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For Today…  16 November 2015
Outside my window…bright and sunny today.  It’s nearly 8C (46F).  Not exactly warm, but you can’t complain in the middle of November in Ontario.  Colin and Dad are busy up the highway at our last corn field.
I am thinking… I need to get off the computer and get to the housework.
I am thankful… that we’ll be able to get the corn off before winter this year.  It’s always a risk to leave it out over winter.
I am wearing… my black tiered dress.
I am creating… I need to make a skirt for my Guide leader uniform.
I am going… town and then up to the field with lunch.
I am wondering…what the clinic will say about Ella’s cold.  I sure hope it’s still ‘nothing’.

I am reading… the Guide program book to make plans for the rest of the year.  I need to make sure our 3rd year girl finishes her program.

I am hoping… Colin can come home before it gets too dark.
In my kitchen…maybe cookies later today.
In the homeschool room… need to get back to school.  With both of us being sick we’ve been off for a while.  Hard to read lessons when you can’t stop coughing.
One of my favorite things… Ella LOVED  “The Hobbit”.  We ended up watching all 3 of the movies.

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